1 Ways to Reach Giridih to Kochi by train

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Distance between Giridih & Kochi

The distance from Giridih to Kochi is approximately 2457kms. Take a look at the 1 routes available to reach Kochi from Giridih

  • 1.

  • Reach Giridih to Kochi by bus and train

  • 42 h 51 m

  • Rs. 2538

2 h 31 m
Rs. 1764

Step 1: Take a Bus from Giridih to reach Adra

Travelling in a bus is one of the ways to reach Adra from Giridih. The total journey between Giridih & Adra takes around 2 h 31 m in a bus. The bus ticket price for the journey is approximately Rs.1764.
40 h 20 m
Rs. 774

Step 2: Take a Train from Adra to reach Kochi

You can reach Kochi from Adra by travelling in a train. Adra to Kochi train takes approximately 40 h 20 m. You can catch a train from Adra and get down at Kochi. The price of the train ticket is approximately Rs. 774.
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