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Travel and tourism trends have changed in the past few years. Statistics reveal that at present around 30 million tourists from India travel abroad. Considering the rate at which this trend is increasing, it is estimated that Indians will be among the largest number of people travelling abroad.

Travelling economy depends on increasing middle-class income, changing attitudes towards spending, low airfares and hotel fares, package tours and easy availability of EMI option while booking the tickets online. Due to all these factors, Indians are not only travelling to international destinations, but their average spend on travel has also risen notably. In fact, international travel has increased more than domestic travel in the last few years.

People are also willing to spend more on travel because taking a break from the work has become a stable trend. They want to spend more on experiencing and exploring the destination as well as on shopping and food.

International travel is no longer confined to the rich; the middle class is taking the plunge more often due to easy access and cheap rates. International airlines are offering cheaper fares and direct connectivity. Now international flights are available even from small towns like Varanasi, Lucknow and Jaipur. Increased competition has passed the benefits to travellers that include affordable air ticket rates, best services, attractive packages and more.

How to get cheap international air tickets

Comparing fares for air travel and finding the best deals can become a cumbersome task. Also, it can be more time consuming when it comes to international travel. With the help of Cleartrip’s easy navigation features and comprehensive list of cheap international flight tickets, ticket booking turns out to be a smooth affair. You also get to know more about the country you are visiting with comprehensive Small World guide that will tell you about the local flavour, temperature, sightseeing and more.

Cleartrip Offers Cheap Air Tickets On International Airlines & More

1. Tie-ups with top airlines

Start with entering the details of the destination and date of journey along with details of people and preference of the class. You will instantly get updates of the ticket fares and offers of various airlines because Cleartrip has tie-ups with all the top airlines, thus you get lowest flight rates.

2.Advance booking:

Plan your trip at least 3 months before and if not then at least 15 days in advance. Advance booking will fetch you cheap air tickets.

3. Book tickets during the season:

When you book tickets during summer vacations, Christmas holidays or any other festive season, the prices are much higher; therefore, book the tickets during off season.

4. Book on weekdays:

If travelling in an emergency booking a flight on weekends can cost a lot to your pocket, therefore book on the week days; and if you are lucky, you can also avail some weekdays offers.

5. Book round trip:

Booking round trip will be cheaper than one-way trip.

6. Group discounts:

When you want to explore new place check ticket rates to nearby destination as this may help you save money. Also, if you are going in a large group, you can avail group discounts by some airlines. Staying for more than 30 days can bring you cheaper air tickets.

7. Cleartrip mobile application:

You can check the latest status of your destination on the Cleartrip smart mobile app. It will update you on new flight services, latest offers, discounts and more.

8. Expressway:

Value added services of Cleartrip like Expressway allows you to book within a few clicks saving your time and effort. Moreover, easy view of ticket rates, dates and schedules, gives you full information of all flights on a single page. So, it becomes easy for you to select and book flights. Additionally, Fare Alert feature keeps you updated about the fluctuating air ticket costs as well as deals.

Top International Holiday Destinations

  • Dubai: Dubai has some best manmade structures and islands that you must visit in the city other than huge shopping malls. It also offers dessert safari, ski, ice rink, water parks and much more. Book Dubai tickets today! Check Dubai Local Activities Packages.
  • Singapore:Gardens of the bay, zoo, orchid garden, botanic garden, Sentosa island trip are some of the best things to experience in Singapore. Book Singapore tickets today!
  • Sri Lanka:Srilanka is one of the most beautiful places where you can watch elephants and visit tea gardens and national parks. Book Sri Lanka tickets today!
  • Thailand:Thailand is the most visited holiday destination of Asia. It offers you stunning beaches, water sports and beautiful temples. You can also enjoy shopping and eating here. Book Thailand tickets today!
  • Malaysia:Skydiving, helicopter ride, sightseeing, scuba diving, paragliding, parasailing, sea walking are few of the main attractions of Malaysia. Book Malaysia tickets today!


  1. What is direct flight?

    Non-stop flight or flight with one quip stop with no change in flight is a direct flight.

  2. What is connecting flight?

    When you have to change the aircraft and board on to different flight in between your journey it is called connecting flight.

  3. How will one know if the tickets are booked?

    Confirmed tickets will be sent to your email ID. You can download and print.

  4. Can Cleartrip tell about things to do on international trips?

    Customer care would provide you with destination information, things to do, restaurants and much more.

  5. Can Cleartrip arrange for wheelchairs?

    A wheelchair can be requested through the Cleartrip customer service centre but you will have to pay for it separately and show the certificate of the patient at the time of booking.

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