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Air India PNR Status

Ready to fly with Air India? You probably have everything in place for the big trip but did you receive a confirmation on your booking? If you’ve overlooked this all along, fret not. Just keep your booking reference number ready and you’ll have all the details at your fingertips.

Why PNR?

PNR, which stands for Passenger Name Record, is exactly what the name suggests. On entering this number, you can unlock all the details of your Air India flight. Everything from your destination, to number of passengers to the time and date of the flight are available for your reference. This number is issued at the time of booking.

Wondering how it’s going to help you? Imagine you leave home only to find out that the flight is delayed. If you’d have checked your PNR status before leaving, you would have known. Not only your name, date and time of departure but also the information about any change in the schedule would be available on checking the status. It’s simply a step you cannot skip.

How should you check your Air India PNR status?

Confirmation of identity is the first step to knowing the details of your flight. If you are a member of Air India’s Flying Returns club, you may simply enter your membership number and password to access the information. However, if you choose to view the details without logging in, you would be required to enter your Web or booking reference along with your last name. Moreover, you may find information about specific flights by selecting the flight operator and entering the flight number along with the date on Air India’s Flight Information section.

For added convenience, you could check Air India PNR status on Cleartrip. Ensure you do this before every flight to stay on track and experience a hassle-free journey.