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Patna to Delhi Flights

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Flights from Patna to Delhi

  • indigo



  • 02:55
  • 01h 50m Non Stop
  • 04:45
  • ₹ 5350
  • indigo



  • 02:55
  • 01h 40m Non Stop
  • 04:35
  • ₹ 5350
  • indigo



  • 03:10
  • 01h 35m Non Stop
  • 04:45
  • ₹ 5350
  • spicejet



  • 03:50
  • 01h 50m Non Stop
  • 05:40
  • ₹ 4609
  • vistara



  • 04:50
  • 01h 50m Non Stop
  • 06:40
  • ₹ 5500
  • indigo



  • 05:15
  • 01h 50m Non Stop
  • 07:05
  • ₹ 5350
  • vistara



  • 05:15
  • 01h 40m Non Stop
  • 06:55
  • ₹ 5500
  • indigo



  • 05:25
  • 01h 40m Non Stop
  • 07:05
  • ₹ 5350
  • indigo



  • 05:25
  • 01h 45m Non Stop
  • 07:10
  • ₹ 5350
  • indigo



  • 06:45
  • 01h 50m Non Stop
  • 08:35
  • ₹ 5350

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FAQ about Patna to New Delhi Flights

  1. Are meals included in the flight ticket from Patna to New Delhi?

    Meals are usually not included in economy class tickets. However, passengers can purchase meals onboard or pre-book them while booking their tickets on Cleartrip.

  2. Can I book a window seat on my flight from Patna to New Delhi?

    Yes, you can select your preferred seat, including window seats, during the booking process on Cleartrip, subject to availability and possibly an additional fee.

  3. What are the COVID-19 safety measures on flights from Patna to New Delhi?

    Airlines follow strict safety protocols, including mandatory masks, frequent sanitisation, and social distancing where possible. Please check the latest guidelines on Cleartrip or with the respective airline.

  4. How early should I arrive at Patna airport for a domestic flight to New Delhi?

    It's recommended to arrive at least 2 hours before your flight's departure time for domestic flights.

  5. Are there any direct flights from Patna to New Delhi late at night?

    Yes, there are late-night flight options available. On Cleartrip, you can verify the precise times and availability.

  6. Can I travel from Patna to New Delhi with my laptop in my hand luggage?

    Yes, laptops can be carried in hand luggage. However, they must be taken out of your bag and placed in a tray for security scanning at the airport.

  7. What is the cancellation policy for flights from Patna to New Delhi?

    Cancellation policies vary by airline and fare type. Cleartrip provides an easy interface to check and manage cancellations with applicable charges.

  8. Is there a loyalty program for frequent flyers on the Patna to New Delhi route?

    Most airlines operating on this route offer loyalty programs. You can enrol in these programs for benefits on future bookings.

  9. Can I find hotels near New Delhi airport through Cleartrip?

    Yes, Cleartrip offers options to book hotels near New Delhi airport, catering to various budgets and preferences.

  10. Are there facilities for infants and children on flights from Patna to New Delhi?

    Most airlines provide facilities like special meals and assistance for infants and children. It's advisable to inform the airline in advance while booking through Cleartrip.

  11. Is travel insurance available for flights from Patna to New Delhi?

    You can opt for travel insurance while booking your flight on Cleartrip for added security and benefits.

  12. Can I modify my booking after it's been made on Cleartrip?

    Cleartrip allows modifications to your booking, subject to the airline's terms and any applicable fees.

  13. Are any discounts available for group bookings on Patna to New Delhi flights?

    Airlines and Cleartrip often offer discounts for group bookings. You can check the availability of such offers while booking.

  14. Are there any lounges available at Patna airport?

    Patna Airport has limited lounge facilities. However, passengers can relax in the waiting areas equipped with basic amenities.

  15. What are the visa and ID requirements for flying from Patna to New Delhi?

    As this is a domestic flight within India, a valid government-issued photo ID is required (e.g., Aadhar card, PAN card, Driver’s License). No visa is required for Indian citizens.

  16. Can I find duty-free shops at New Delhi airport?

    Yes, New Delhi Airport has a range of duty-free shops in its international terminals. However, these are not accessible for domestic flight passengers.

Patna to New Delhi Flights

  • Approximate Patna to New Delhi Flight Time: 1 hour 48 minutes
  • Patna to New Delhi Distance by Flight: 861 km
  • Average Direct Flight Fares: ₹3,500 - ₹10,000
  • Number of Airlines Flying Direct: 4 (IndiGo, GoFirst, Air India, Vistara)
  • Total Number of Daily Flights: 25+

Patna to New Delhi Flight: One-Way

  • Search and compare 100+ daily direct flights across 4+ airlines
  • Filter by Patna to New Delhi flight time, airline, duration, stops, and price
  • Exclusive “PROMO CODE” offer code for instant discounts
  • Prices start from as low as ₹3,200 onwards

Patna to New Delhi Flight: Roundtrip

  • Discover attractive deals on roundtrip flights with return options
  • Roundtrip fares starting from ₹6,000 onwards
  • Additional savings on roundtrip flight bookings
  • Flexible return dates and flight times

Patna to New Delhi Flight Baggage Allowance

Standard baggage allowance on Patna to New Delhi flights includes 7 kg for cabin baggage and 15 kg for checked-in baggage. Pre-book extra baggage on Cleartrip for a nominal fee to carry additional luggage.

Tips to Save on Patna to New Delhi Flight Booking with Cleartrip

  • Utilize Cleartrip's “PROMO CODE” for instant savings on flights
  • Book 21 to 60 days in advance for the most affordable fares
  • Choose early morning or late night flights for lower prices
  • Mid-week flights typically offer better rates than weekend flights
  • Be flexible with your travel dates and flight timings
  • Opt for budget airlines like IndiGo or GoFirst for economical fares
  • Look out for deals on round-trip bookings

Patna Airport Lounges & Facilities

Patna Airport offers:

  • Comfortable waiting areas
  • Snack bars and beverage counters
  • Free WiFi in certain areas
  • Retail stores for last-minute shopping
  • Medical facilities and assistance

The airport connects to Patna city through taxis, auto-rickshaws, and buses. Parking facilities are available for those who prefer to drive to the airport.

New Delhi Airport Lounges & Facilities

New Delhi Airport features:

  • Premium lounges in all terminals
  • Food courts with diverse cuisine options
  • Duty-free shoppingFree WiFiMedical servicesWheelchair and special assistance facilities

Taxis, DTC buses, private taxis like Ola and Uber, and the Delhi Airport Metro Express are convenient ways to get to the airport from New Delhi. There are long-term and short-term parking options available.

Car Parking at Patna Airport

Patna Airport offers conveniently located 300 parking spaces lots for passengers:

Patna Airport provides convenient parking options:

  • Short-term and long-term parking near the terminal
  • Affordable parking rates for all vehicle types
  • Dedicated zones for pick-up and drop-off

Free Pickup/Drop-off:

  • 3 minutes in front of terminal


Up to 30 mins -

  • Car: ₹20
  • Bus: ₹30
  • Bike: ₹10

30-120 mins -

  • Car: ₹55
  • SUV/Bus: ₹60-70
  • Bike: ₹15

With adequate four-wheeler and two-wheeler parking slots close to the terminal, Patna Airport offers convenient and affordable car parking options for passengers

Car Parking at New Delhi Airport

New Delhi Airport has car parking at both T1 and T2 terminals with rates:

  • New Delhi Airport offers various parking facilities
  • Multi-level car parking near all terminals
  • Short-term and long-term parking options
  • Valet parking services are available at Terminal 3

Four-wheelers Commercial:

  • Up to 30 mins - ₹200
  • 30 mins - 1 hr - ₹250
  • Per hour from 1-5 hours - ₹100
  • 5-24 hours - ₹700


  • Up to 30 mins - ₹120
  • 30 mins - 1 hr - ₹170
  • Per hour from 1-5 hours - ₹100
  • 5-24 hours - ₹600


  • Up to 30 mins - ₹30
  • 30 mins - 2 hrs - ₹60
  • Per hour from 2-8 hours - ₹30
  • 8-24 hours - ₹300

About New Delhi

New Delhi is India's bustling capital city located in northern India. As the seat of government, Delhi fuses history reflected through monuments like the red sandstone Red Fort, cultural diversity seen in captivating bazaars, culinary variety ranging from street food to fine dining restaurants - along with a rapidly modernizing infrastructure.

Iconic attractions include India Gate, the 42 meter tall war memorial arch, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, the largest Sikh temple of Delhi and Jama Masjid - India's largest mosque. Shopaholics throng the vibrant Chandni Chowk market while tranquil retreats like Lodi Gardens showcase Mughal tombs.

Delhi enjoys a strategic location for tourism, positioned near quick getaways to the Taj Mahal and hill stations like Shimla. As a cosmopolitan melting pot, Delhi contains intriguing paradoxes playing out between ancient and modern, spiritual and material at the same time.

For history lovers, culture vultures, foodies, adventure seekers and urban explorers - India's capital enthralls all with colorful cultural events, ethnic diversity, architectural marvels and rich traditions mingling seamlessly with global perspectives driving today's Delhi towards a thriving future.

New Delhi Airport Address: Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

The airport is well-connected to the city centre by various modes of transport, including metro, buses, and taxis.

About Patna

Patna, located on the banks of the Ganges river in the state of Bihar, has a documented history spanning over three millennia. The city was originally known as Pataliputra during the Mauryan dynasty. It was founded by Chandragupta Maurya around 324 BCE, who made it his capital city.

Under the Mauryas and Guptas in the 3rd - 12th centuries CE, Pataliputra emerged as a center of power, culture, learning and commerce in the Magadha region. Numerous Buddhist texts and monuments trace back to this era. After destruction, it was revived as Patna during Sher Shah Suri's rule from 1540 to 1545.

Mughal Emperor Akbar also recognized Patna's strategic location and developed it into a commercial hub. Under British rule since the 1700s, Patna became a vital trade center and major river port exporting rice, opium and saltpeter for munitions. Post-independence, modern-day Patna is the largest city and capital of Bihar, retaining its historical legacy as a prosperous capital for various Indian empires across key periods.

From Mauryan capital to Mughal military base, and now educational and healthcare hub - today's expanding metropolis preserves within its layers centuries of rich cultural heritage even as Patna rapidly develops and reinvents itself.

Patna Airport Address: Shaheed Pir Ali Khan Marg, Sheikhpura, Patna, Bihar 800014

The airport is connected to the city via taxis, auto-rickshaws, and buses.

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