Air Asia Flight & PNR Status check status

AirAsia PNR Status

If you’ve made your air ticket booking with AirAsia, you have made a good choice. AirAsia, known to be the world's best low-cost airline, offers passengers exceptional services at the best price. The airline allows you to book your ticket online and also allows check-ins through the Web and mobile. Furthermore, AirAsia also offers you in-depth details into your booking through your PNR number.

AirAsia PNR status inquiry

If you wish to seek details about your flight, AirAsia allows you to do so through its customer care numbers or the Internet. For this purpose, visit the official AirAsia website. You will have to enter your AirAsia email address along with the password. You will also need to enter your PNR number. This PNR number will be provided to you at the time of purchasing a ticket. The number stores complete details of your journey, your meal preferences, your travel agent information, and passport details, besides other things. Given that every passenger has a unique PNR number, you can rest assured of having accurate details about your journey.

A PNR status check to track your AirAsia booking

Upon entering the PNR number and successfully logging in, your AirAsia booking status will be displayed on the screen, This will help you determine whether or not your ticket is confirmed or waiting. It is, therefore, advisable to conduct an AirAsia PNR status check well in advance so as to avoid any hassles just before you are scheduled to fly. Doing a PNR check will also help you determine if your flight is on time or delayed. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances lead to cancellation of flights. It is hence recommended to check your PNR status to identify if your flight is canceled or is running as per schedule.

For added convenience, you may check AirAsia PNR status on Cleartrip. Doing this will help you remain on track and stay updated at all times.


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