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Turkish Airlines is the best air travel option in the continent of Europe as it works on an honest and open policy with its passengers, notably without hidden costs. Along with this, it offers innovative and timely services.

On-Board Turkish Airlines

The national airline for the country of Turkey was started in 1933 under the supervision of the Ministry of National Defense. It has now bloomed into a global carrier that offers unmatched flying options. It has its base airport in Istanbul in Turkey.

This carrier is known for its quality offerings to the passengers and has received many awards. Skytrax named it the ‘Best Airline in Europe’ for the year 2012.

Connectivity and Fleet Information

Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia are the places where you may make your Turkish Airlines bookings. If you want to travel domestically in the country then you may opt for affordable flights offered by this carrier.

With its high-tech fleet, you fly safe and secure. It consists of Airbus A340-300, A330-300, A330-200, A321- 200, A320-200, A319-132/100, B777-300 ER, B737– 800, B737–700 and B737–400.

Services and Baggage Allowance

You would probably expect high levels of generosity and warmth from a country that is such a popular tourist destination. This is precisely what this airline delivers! From its Turkish Airlines online check-in, to opulent lounges and accommodating crew, this carrier goes all out for the convenience of its passengers. Revel in luxury in three different classes offered by this airline: Business, Comfort and Economy Class.

The Business class offers lavish facilities like welcome drinks, choosing from a range of meals including local cuisine and international dishes, a variety of desserts and more. You may enjoy personal television at your seat, and pick from entertainment options like on-call movies, music and games. Passengers of this class may avail of other useful services like increased Turkish Airlines baggage allowance and airport lounges. For more details on baggage limits, click here.

If you want to maintain your budget but get fine services, you may opt for the Comfort Class. Wide seating, plug points for your gadgets, freshly prepared hot meals, a range of snacking options and touch screen entertainment are a few of the facilities of this class.

Traveling on a tight budget? If yes, try the Economy class. Equipped with comfortable seats, a range of entertainment options to pick from and lip-smacking meals, this class definitely offers value for money.

For information on Turkish Airline customer service or contact numbers, please click here.

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Turkish Airlines Airlines top sectors

The top sectors for Turkish Airlines Airlines are Ankara to Istanbul , Istanbul to Ankara , Izmir to Istanbul and Istanbul to Ankara where it operates 539, 439, 414 and 390 weekly flights respectively. Top international sectors of Turkish Airlines include Istanbul to Tel Aviv Yafo , Tel Aviv Yafo to Istanbul , Auckland to Sydney and Sydney to Auckland . They also have occasional flights from Brussels to Istanbul, Istanbul to Brussels and Istanbul to Jeddah flights. Find more route here -

Turkish Airlines Customer Reviews (4.0/5)

I had a round trip from New York to Istanbul and back with Turkish Airlines. The first flight was very smooth and it was on schedule. For the return flight from Istanbul my passport was checked multiple times and this made the boarding process unnecessarily long. The service and food was fine.

I was flying from Istanbul to Mumbai and I have to say the staff went above and beyond my expectations. They were all so friendly and nice! The dinner was lovely but I have quite a large appetite and asked an air hostess if I could have more rolls. She was so professional and made sure I had enough to eat and drink to be satisfied.

This was my very first experience with TA, from Birmingham to Islamabad. I found the food to be boring as I am not keen on Turkish food. The in flight entertainment was good, and I enjoyed it on the way. On the way back home I got a free business upgrade which I was very happy about.

I booked with TA to fly to Istanbul in Business class. The seat was spacious but for some technical reason it wasn’t reclining all the way. I really did not like the food as it wasn’t to my taste at all. The crew in the flight was very helpful, professional and attentive, so good job there.

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