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Ahmedabad to Goa Flights

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Flights from Ahmedabad to Goa

  • indigo



  • 06:50
  • 01h 45m Non Stop
  • 08:35
  • ₹ 3849
  • indigo



  • 06:55
  • 01h 40m Non Stop
  • 08:35
  • ₹ 3849
  • indigo



  • 07:40
  • 01h 35m Non Stop
  • 09:15
  • ₹ 3849
  • indigo



  • 13:30
  • 01h 45m Non Stop
  • 15:15
  • ₹ 3849
  • indigo



  • 15:35
  • 01h 40m Non Stop
  • 17:15
  • ₹ 3849
  • spicejet



  • 17:30
  • 01h 45m Non Stop
  • 19:15
  • ₹ 3759

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FAQ about Ahmedabad to Goa Flights

  1. Can you suggest the cheapest flight from Ahmedabad to Goa?

    The cheapest flight from Ahmedabad to Goa is offered by IndiGo Airlines.

  2. Name the airlines which provide direct flights from Ahmedabad to Goa.

    IndiGo and SpiceJet are 2 prominent airlines that offer direct flights from Ahmedabad to Goa.

  3. How can I save my booking cost from Cleartrip?

    You can use gift cards, voucher cards, or promo codes to save a few bucks when booking your tickets from the official site. Additionally, booking roundtrip flights and off-season travel in advance takes advantage of lower fares before they potentially increase.

  4. Which time of the week is best to travel from Ahmedabad to Goa?

    You can prefer to travel in mid-week if you don’t want to put a dent on your wallet.

  5. Will I get complimentary snacks on Ahmedabad to Goa flights?

    Yes, you will receive some complimentary snacks and beverages from IndiGo Airlines.

  6. Do I have access to Wi-Fi at the airport?

    You can use free wifi in both airports when travelling from Ahmedabad to Goa.

  7. Does the Ahmedabad airport offer lounges?

    Yes, they provide lounge facilities for their passengers in T1- departure first floor, T2- opposite boarding gate numbers 8 & 3 (first floor).

  8. How much must I pay to park my car at Ahmedabad airport?

    The car parking cost varies based on the hours. To park your car for 30 minutes, you must pay ₹90; for 2 hours of parking, it will be ₹150.

  9. Can I track my flight status from Ahmedabad to Goa flight time in Cleartrip?

    You can do this by following a few simple steps- Login to the Cleartrip account and visit the status page Choose your origin location and destination and enter your departure & return date. Press the search button, and you will receive the complete details right on your screen.

  10. Is paying insurance for travelling from Ahmedabad to Goa necessary?

    No, it’s unnecessary, but we recommend doing so to always be on the safe side.

  11. Can I book parking lots in advance for Ahmedabad to Goa airports?

    Yes, conveniently booking your slots in advance conveniently at the discounted rate from Cleartrip is possible.

  12. How many days before should I book my flight ticket?

    It would be better to book your ticket before 21 to 60 days. Booking in advance allows you to take advantage of early bird discounts and low fares before prices potentially rise closer to travel dates.

  13. Can I save some costs by booking midnight flight tickets?

    You can save by booking tickets in the early morning and late at night.

  14. How long does it take to reach Ahmedabad from Goa?

    On average, a non-stop flight takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Goa from Ahmedabad.

  15. How much baggage am I allowed in the airport?

    The standard baggage allowance is 7 kg cabin and 15 kg check-in baggage. Pay the extra cost for extra luggage.

  16. Can I use public transport after reaching my destination, Goa?

    You can use public and private transportation to reach your destination from the Goa Airport.

  17. Can I use online transportation services like Ola and Uber in Ahmedabad & Goa?

    Yes, you can use online transportation services like Ola and Uber 24*7.

  18. Do the airports have facilities for disabled passengers?

    Yes, you can use wheelchairs and other special assistance at both airports.

  19. What is the key to minimising costs when booking tickets from Ahmedabad to Goa?

    The key to saving some bucks is not to forget to search for deals on round-trip flight bookings. Moreover, book with credit cards that offer flight booking benefits.

  20. How much do I have to pay for bus parking in Goa?

    The cost of parking for the first 30 minutes is ₹40, but the cost increases to ₹100-140 for a parking period of 2 hours.

Ahmedabad to Goa Flights

Cheapest Fare in the next 30 days


Cheapest Airline in the next 30 days


Price Starts From and Goes Upto

₹3759 - ₹11505

All-inclusive roundtrip bundles


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Are you searching for the best deals on the Ahmedabad to Goa flight? Check the Cleartrip platform, which offers the widest range of affordable flight options for the Ahmedabad to Goa route. Booking your trips to Goa can be easier than ever with Cleartrip.

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Note: Ticket prices could rise to ₹11505 or more closer to your travel dates.

Ahmedabad to Goa Flight: One-Way 

Multiple airlines provide direct flight connections spanning just over 1.5 hours to Goa's popular beach destinations. One-way fares suit travelers aiming to return later from Goa or continue traveling onward at their own pace without set return schedules. This includes residents relocating, extended vacationers, business travelers attending events for unclear durations, and more. One-way tickets also prevent paying potentially fluctuating return flight prices upfront. 

Ahmedabad to Goa Flight: Roundtrip 

Protect your budget for Ahmedabad to Goa flight with ₹7858 handy all-inclusive roundtrip bundles!

By locking in return dates early, roundtrip fares offer substantial savings over more adjustable one-way options. This makes roundtrips ideal for tourists intending to stay in Goa for a predetermined number of nights, business travelers attending events, or anyone with fixed, limited-time travel plans. Roundtrip tickets also prevent variable one-way pricing for inbound and outbound flights purchased separately.

Ahmedabad to Goa Flight Baggage Allowance

Trusted SpiceJet routes starting from ₹3759. Book their unmatched premium service at incredible pricing for the next 30 days

To travel from Ahmedabad to Goa, you are allowed to carry cabin baggage of 7 Kg and check-in luggage of up to 15 kg. You have to pay an extra cost for additional luggage. 

Tips to Save on Ahmedabad to Goa Flight Booking with Cleartrip

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  • Book your tickets one or two months in advance at the lowest cost.
  • You should be flexible with the flight timing & travel dates.
  • To book tickets at the lowest cost, prefer early morning and late night tickets.
  • Prefer to travel on mid-week at cheaper rates.
  • Try to book your tickets on recognised and affordable airlines like IndiGo and SpiceJet.
  • If you have promo codes, gift cards, etc., then use them to save instantly on the flight tickets.

Ahmedabad Airport Lounges & Facilities

Ahmedabad has specific lounges where you can enjoy a comfortable ambiance with full-proof refreshments.

  • Location: T1- departure first floor
  • T2- Opposite Boarding Gate number- 8 (First Floor)
  • T2- Opposite Boarding Gate number- 3 (First floor)

The airport has a good range of services and amenities, including

  • Free wifi
  • Porter services
  • Cab Booking
  • Food courts and cafes
  • Duty-free shopping
  • Airport lounges
  • Medical services 
The airport is well-connected to the local buses, private cabs, and Taxis. This place has huge parking lots where passengers can get dropped off and picked up. 

Goa Airport Lounges & Facilities

Goa Airport lounge facility is only available for the VIPs of the Government of India. It has a CIP lounge, which is available for commercially recognised persons and can be accessed with prior permission from the terminal manager of the airport. 

The Lounge

Facilities and services include:

  • Free wifi
  • Food outlets like Subway, Starbucks, and more
  • ATMs, currency exchange, and transparency counters
  • Airport lounges

This airport is also connected with public transfer facilities like private cabs, buses, and online services like Ola & Uber. 

Car Parking at Ahmedabad Airport

You can park your car in both the T1 and T2 terminals:

  • Private Car: ₹90 for 30 minutes, ₹150 for up to two hours, and ₹ 40 for each additional two hours. 
  • Commercial Car: ₹ 150 per trip.
  • Two-wheeler: ₹50 for 30 minutes, ₹80 for up to 2 hours, ₹10 per 2 hours after that, including 20 minutes of free parking at T2. 

Car Parking at Goa Airport

Goa airport has smooth parking lots for its passengers, which are:

  • For parking a car- The cost of parking for 30 minutes is ₹30, and for parking for up to 2 hours, the cost varies up to ₹115.
  • For 2 wheelers- The cost of parking for the first half an hour is ₹10, and it varies up to ₹ 30 for parking up to 2 hours straight. 

About Goa

Goa is famous for its stunning beaches, where you can relax and rejuvenate. You can have a blast with thrilling watersports and indulge in delicious seafood. Join in the lively carnival festival and have a great time with friends at the vibrant nightclubs.

Goa Airport Address: Airport Rd, Dabolim, Goa- 403801, India

You can safely transport to your designated address from the airport by using public services like taxis, buses, private cabs, and shuttle services.

About Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is famous for its lively culture and events like Navratri. You can savour authentic and tasty Gujarati cuisine, including dhokla, thepla, fafda, and khakra. The city is home to important Hindu and Jain pilgrimage sites and captivating historical attractions. Ahmedabad also offers a closer look at Indian architecture.

 Ahmedabad Airport Address: Airport Rd, Hansol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380003

 The airport has smooth transportation by taxi, bus, private cabs, and shuttle services.

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