How to reach Giridih

Steeped in marvelous culture, Giridih charms travelers with the breath-taking beauty of its scenic natural surroundings. Blending together different traditions, tinged with historical influences, the city is a vibrant confluence of religion, heritage, and nature

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From the tribal Munda rulers to Mughal emperors, and British colonizers, Giridih has witnessed many rulers. While its tribal culture continues to flourish in secluded enclaves, the city is also embracing modern trends and emerging as a major hub for mining and industrial activities. The mesmerizing diversity of Giridih is certainly an enjoyable treat for travelers.Nestled in the lap of nature, Giridih is a haven for nature and adventure lovers. You can enjoy the captivating sights of green wilderness and rocky hills surrounding the city. The Usri Falls is a picturesque waterfall and a pleasant spot for picnickers. The 600 ft high watch tower at Khandoli Park is a must visit. Thrill seekers can enjoy adventure sports like rock climbing, para-sailing, kayaking, and rappelling within the park. Wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy the jungle safari, and bird watching during the migratory season.Giridih is also the perfect destination for spiritual travelers. It is home to several shrines and religious sites such as Parashnath Hills, Jharkhandi Dham, Madhuvan, and the Dukhiya Mahadev temple, among others.The colorful local markets of Giridih are as appealing as its tourist attractions. Beautifully crafted tribal arts, ethnic clothing, and handloom fabrics are a specialty of the city. Visit the popular shopping spots like Rajdhanwar Market, Jamua Market, Baledi Market, and enjoy hopping from stall to stall, bargaining for beautiful wares and handicrafts.As one of the fastest growing cities in India, transport infrastructure and services in Giridih are convenient and accessible. Auto-rickshaws are the most commonly used means of traveling within the city. The shared auto system followed here considerably reduces the cost of commute. Taxis are stationed at various points in the city and can be hired directly from the street. You can also book radio taxis or private cars for moving around in Giridih. Though slightly expensive, this is the most comfortable way of traveling within Giridih.Ensure the safety and political stability of the area before visiting as Maoist activity has been reported in the past in some parts of Giridih’s forests.Traveling or driving near the forest area after dark can be dangerous and should be avoided

Connectivity Information

Reaching Giridih By Flight

Giridih is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Ranchi at a distance of 138kms.

Airports: Birsa Munda Airport

Reaching Giridih By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Giridih from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Giridih