A Breakdown of Train Routes with Cleartrip.com

Making a railways booking seemed like a hassle in the past when people had to go to the railway enquiry offices and stations to book tickets. Asking for Indian Railway routes, train availability and train timings took pretty much the chunk of the day. However, with the help of the internet, things have become a lot simpler and less time-consuming. Cleartrip.com helps you manage your travel plans if you are planning to travel via trains in the country.  The page helps you navigate through the rigours of booking, searching and finalizing your travel.

With a simple interface, Cleartrip.com lets you find your train routes, popular cities, train timings and train availability without hassle. If you have your dates and destination set, in the From and To section of the interface, select the departure destination and the arrival destination. You can decide which class of the train you would like to travel in, e.g AC First Class, 2 tier, 3 tier etc. Select the number of people travelling with you, with a segregation between adults and children. The segregation in senior citizens between men and women has a difference of ages to make it easier for the user. The age limit in the other fields is mentioned below so it is easy for the user to update accordingly.

The "Search Trains" field will bring you to the page where all the trains in your route or train between two stations will be mentioned along with the ticket pricing. We suggest you have an IRCTC account ready because once you head on the checking the seat availability you will be asked for the IRCTC account details and after filling in those fields the required information will come up on your page. Book online according to your choice and the tickets will be sent to you in your email.  Cleatrip.com makes it an easy task to navigate through the page and connect you with IRCTC directly to avoid any sort of confusion in locating your train route and trains. 

The listing of the popular train routes in India shortens the time taken to search trains between important stations and train timings in that route. Some of the very popular routes include Mumbai to Thane trains, Surat to Mumbai trains, Kolkata to Asansol trains etc. The popular train routes section list routes not just from big cities to smaller cities, but smaller cities to other smaller cities as well. it is easy to find what train route works for you with all the routes listed right in front of the user. Just navigate through the pages of the popular train routes and find your train. Clicking on the popular route of your choice will take you back to the page where you fill the fields while making the booking. 

Are you planning to make a railway booking and travel through the metro cities? Some of the popular trains in the Indian railway routes that pass through the metro cities include trains like -

  • Duronto — These are air-conditioned as well as non-air-conditioned non-stop trains offering an experience of luxury combined with punctuality and to add to it the expense of travel is lesser than a Rajdhani. 
  • Rajdhani Express — These are fully air-conditioned superfast overnight trains, having only AC sleeper accommodation, that runs between the national capital, Delhi, and each state capital. 
  • Shatabdi Express — This Fully air-conditioned superfast daytime intercity train offers sitting accommodation (no sleepers). 
  • Humsafar express — Fully air-conditioned superfast overnight train has only AC sleeper accommodation and runs between major cities. They have amenities such as refrigerator, food heater, vending machines, CCTV cameras and comfortable berths. These trains only have AC 3 tier accommodation. You can tell these trains apart from other trains due to its design.
  • Jan Shatabdi Express — These are super-fast daytime intercity trains offering both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned sitting accommodation.
  • Garib Rath Express — These are fully air-conditioned superfast overnight trains as well, having both sitting and sleeper accommodations, that offer more seats per carriage at a lower fare.

Leave out all the research online and just come to the Cleartrip.com website so we can do all the planning and scheduling of your travel including making an account with the IRCTC, which is mandatory for booking online. Is it a big city, a small city or a smaller city you are travelling to? Just pack your bags and let us do the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How is the train route page useful?

If you are planning a journey and are well aware of the starting and ending stations, you can use the train route page to find all the trains that run along this route.

2. How do I use the Cleartrip.com train route page?

  • Enter the name of the starting station and the ending station
  • Select the seat or class along with the date of journey
  • Fill in the information about the number of passengers
  • Click on “Search trains” to get the names of the trains running along the desired route

3. How can I get the details of the stations that a train passes through along its journey? 

When you click on the name of a train, you will be redirected to a new page where you will get the list of all the stations through which the train passes along with the time of arrival/departure.

4. Which is the longest and shortest train route in India?

The longest train route of India lies between Dibrugarh and Kanyakumari. Spanning a distance of 4286 km, the Vivek Express covers this route in 82.30 hours with 56 stops. The train route between Nagpur and Ajni which spans over 3km is the shortest train route in India.

5. Which train route spans along the maximum Indian states? 

The Himsagar Express that travels from Jammu Tawi to Kanyakumari passes through 12 states of India which is at present the maximum number of states covered by any train. 

6. Which is the most picturesque train route? 

The Kalka to Shimla route that is travelled by the Himalayan Queen is the most picturesque train route in India what with 102 tunnels and 82 bridges on its way.

Popular Train Routes