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  • Sunstate Airlines 3551
  • 06:30 AM
    07:55 AM
  • Check
  • British Airways 8700
  • 07:00 AM
    08:20 AM
  • Check
  • FlyBe 1330
  • 07:00 AM
    08:30 AM
  • Check
  • Siberia Airlines 4705
  • 07:45 AM
    09:10 AM
  • Check
  • Air Berlin 5222
  • 07:50 AM
    09:10 AM
  • Check
  • easyJet 803
  • 08:10 AM
    09:35 AM
  • Check
  • Emirates 4273
  • 08:45 AM
    10:25 AM
  • Check
  • Etihad Airways 6160
  • 08:45 AM
    10:25 AM
  • Check
  • Virgin Atlantic 8502
  • 08:45 AM
    10:25 AM
  • Check
  • Air India 6121
  • 08:45 AM
    10:25 AM
  • Check

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London is a popular city worldwide and is a leading name in education,commerce, arts, entertainment, finance, fashion, healthcare, professionalservices, media, transportation and perhaps every possible industry oftoday’s times. It is popular among tourists as well. Edinburgh is thecapital of Scotland and is known for its art festivals, huge buildings andcastles. Its cultural and historical richness has contributed towardsinviting tourists. A large number of travellers visit Edinburgh from Londonevery week. If you need to book affordable air tickets to Edinburgh, youshould browse through Cleartrip.

London to Edinburgh Information and Facts

  • London to Edinburgh Aerial Distance:534 km/334miles

  • London to Edinburgh Flight Duration:1h 20m approximately

  • Number of Flights from London to Edinburgh:320+ flights per week

  • Various Airlines for London to Edinburgh Flights:British Airways, Sunstate Airlines, FlyBe, Air Berlin, SiberiaAirlines, Emirates, EasyJet, Etihad Airways, Air India and VirginAtlantic

  • Best Airlines for London to Edinburgh Flights:British Airways, Ryanair and EasyJet

  • Frequent Carriers:EasyJet and British Airways

  • London airport(s):City Airport (IATA: LCY, ICAO: EGLC), Heathrow Airport (IATA: LHR,ICAO: EGLL), Gatwick Airport (IATA: LGW, ICAO: EGKK), Luton Airport(IATA: LTN, ICAO: EGGW), Stansted Airport (IATA: STN, ICAO: EGSS),and Southend Airport (IATA: SEN, ICAO: EGMC)

  • Edinburgh airport(s):Edinburgh Airport (IATA: EDI, ICAO: EGPH)

About London

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, stands on the Thames Rivertowards the South-eastern side of the British Isles. The Romans found thiscity and called it Londinium. London is one of the only two Alpha cities ofthe world! This capital city has people of varied cultures and speakingover 300 languages across various parts of London. London's climate istemperate and oceanic, which prevails in the whole of the Southern part ofEngland. Summers are generally pleasant with temperatures ranging around22°C - 24°C. Winters are cold with temperatures dropping to 2°C withoccasional snowfall.

  • Exchange rate: The local currency of London is the British Pound. 1 US dollar isequal to 0.76 GBP.

  • Cost of living in London: The cost of living for a single person without rent is about787.81 £ (₹ 74,408) per month.

  • Mode of payment:Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cheque, Cash and Mobile Wallet

  • Best places to visit in London:National Gallery, The British Museum, Churchill War Rooms, St.James' Park, Hyde Park, Borough Market, Tower Bridge, WestminsterAbbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and manyothers

About Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland's capital and has been a part of the historicallandmark Midlothian (or better known as Edinburghshire). Located on thesouthern shore of Firth of Fore in Lothian, Edinburgh has been consideredas Scotland's capital since the early 15th century. The ScottishGovernment, the supreme courts of Scotland and the Scottish Parliament- allare in Edinburgh. Edinburgh has been a hub for education for a very longperiod of time, especially in law, medicine, literature, engineering andscience. Its cultural and historical significance attracts a large numberof tourists every year. This city is steeped in history and is famous forits series of art festivals, buildings, castles and libraries. This cityhas a maritime, temperate climate with mild weather. Maximum temperaturesrange between 20°C to 22°C and minimum temperatures hover around 2°C.

  • Exchange rate: The local currency of Edinburgh is GBP or the British Pound. 1 USdollar is equal to 0.76 GBP.

  • Cost of living in Edinburgh:With a cost of living index of 70.06, the cost of living for asingle person without rent is about 635.36 £ (₹ 60,641.18)

  • Mode of payment:Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cheque, Cash and Mobile Wallet

  • Best places to visit in Edinburgh:Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Park, attend Edinburgh InternationalEvents, Arthur's Seat, National Museum of Scotland, and many more.

London to Edinburgh Airfare

There are several cheap flights from London to Edinburgh for those who planahead of time. However, the prices might vary based on the flight time,airline and date of booking. The best time to travel from London toEdinburgh is from June to August as the average temperature during thistime becomes comfortable at around 15°C. In the month of August, there aremany festivals so this month again there is no scope of low airfare unlessyou are lucky, or you book in advance. Lowest airfare on London toEdinburgh flights is generally in the month of April.

How far in advance should I book tickets from London to Edinburgh?

You can book your tickets any time you want, but it would be better if youstart looking 3 months or at least 3 weeks before your trip. You shouldkeep an eye out for cheap flights in good airlines. The earlier you startto look, the more options of discounts you will have.

Cheap Last-Minute Flights from London to Edinburgh

For last-minute London to Edinburgh flights at affordable rates, you needto be alert and keep checking trustworthy and well- known travel sites.Checking the airlines’ websites may also help you grab some cheap deals atthe last minute. This is because some airlines also announce last-minuteflight deals against last-minute cancellations. Also, stay abreast withCleartrip’s last minute discounts and offers on online booking of airtickets by signing up for notifications. You can also follow variousairlines on social media and check their websites for last-minute offers.

Connecting Flights v/s Direct Flights from London to Edinburgh

Direct flights are always a better option to fly from London to Edinburghas they are more convenient and faster. However, you can go for amulti-stop ticket to save 20-60 per cent of airfare. A connecting flightfrom London to Edinburg may take up to 22 hours with stops at Manchester,Exeter, Paris and other cities, depending on the airline.

Weekly Direct Flights from London to Edinburgh

British Airways, Flybe, EasyJet, Etihad Airways, Air India, VirginAtlantic, Ryanair are some airlines that have direct flights from London toEdinburgh. British Airways has the maximum number of direct flights fromLondon to Edinburgh daily.

Cheapest Day to Fly from London to Edinburgh

The cheapest day to fly from London to Edinburgh is Monday.

One-way Flights Vs Round-trip Flights from London to Edinburgh

One-way flights from London to Edinburgh provide you with flexibility andfreedom. So if your date of return is uncertain, always book a one-wayflight. If your travel plan is fixed, it is best to book a round-tripticket, since these are slightly cheaper as well.

One-way: ₹ 6,308* to ₹ 36,000*

Round-trip: ₹ 7,261* to ₹ 70,000*

How to compare and get the best flights from London to Edinburgh?

You should start looking for cheap air tickets on reliable flight bookingsites. You can compare rates on various well-known flight booking websites.You can also check prices on the airline sites as well if you want to bevery sure. You must start a couple of months before your intended trip sothat you can get the best deal. You must also compare connecting flightswith direct flights from London to Edinburgh and choose wisely. If yourplan is certain and you need to travel back to London from Edinburgh, youcan also consider round-trip flights. For price comparison, the day-wisemonthly fares given on most travel sites come in handy. You can also lookfor budget airlines and economy class tickets if you want to save money.Also, make sure that you clear the Internet cookies and search in theincognito mode.

Flying from London to Edinburgh-FAQs

1.How long does it take to fly from London to Edinburgh via a directflight?

It takes approximately 1 hour 20 minutes to fly from London to Edinburgh.

2. What is the climate change from London to Edinburgh?

London is a bit warmer than Edinburgh. Edinburgh has a colder and stormierclimate than London.

3.Which airports serve London? What facilities do they offer?

There are 6 airports that serve London. City Airport, Heathrow Airport,Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport, Stansted Airport, and Southend Airportsserve London. The City Airport of London is mostly used by the businesstravellers. Heathrow Airport is the largest airport, considered to be thechief gateway for visitors from non-European countries to the UK. Heathrowhas 2 parallel runways and 4 terminals. It also serves 6 continents overthe whole world. Gatwick is one of the busiest airports as it has the mostflights to a maximum number of places. It has 2 terminals, one connected tothe motorway network and one to the railway station. All these airportsprovide various amenities and facilities to make travelling comfortable forpassengers such as shopping, baby care, ATMs, cafes, snack bars, prayerrooms, lounges, luggage trolley, Wi-Fi and more.

4.Which airport serves Edinburgh? What facilities does it offer?

Edinburgh Airport serves Edinburgh. It provides services and facilities forbag wrapping, cash machines, car hire, smoking areas, drinks and foodfacilities, lost property, shops, lounges, smoking areas, currency, drycleaning, shipping and courier service, prayer rooms and so on.

5.Which are the popular airlines flying from London to Edinburgh?

British Airways, Sunstate Airlines, FlyBe, Ryanair and EasyJet are the mostpopular airlines flying from London to Edinburgh.

6. How much does the flight from London to Edinburgh cost?

The average price of a flight from London to Edinburgh is about ₹ 6,500*.

7.Which are the most reliable airlines for London to Edinburgh?

British Airways, easyJet and FlyBe are the most reliable airlines forLondon to Edinburgh.

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Information of London Edinburgh Flight

Aerial distance 537 KM
Total flights from London to Edinburgh in a week 1646 flights
First Flight Sunstate Airlines 3551 , departs at 06:30 AM
Last Flight Air India 6121 , departs at 08:45 AM
Popular Airlines from London to Edinburgh Sunstate Airlines, British Airways, FlyBe, Siberia Airlines, Air Berlin, easyJet, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Air India
Shortest Time of flights from London to Edinburgh 01h 20m
Airport codes flights from London to Edinburgh London-STN,Edinburgh-EDI
Time of London to Edinburgh flights 01h 40m

London Edinburgh Cheap Flights

London Edinburgh Cheap Flights Fare ₹ Airlines Name Date of journey Timings
Cheapest Fare within 30 days ₹2796* EasyJet 28/09/2018 08:10 AM-09:10 AM Book Now


  1. Do airlines provide extra space for sleeping?

    Many of the Business class airlines provide extra space for sleeping.

  2. Can I carry my own food?

    Yes you can carry your own food. However, it should be properly packed.

  3. Will I be served alcohol on a London to Edinburgh flight?

    No airline serves alcohol on a domestic flight. You will get alcohol in only international flights

  4. Is there web check-in option available with London to Edinburgh flight?

    Yes, passenger do get a web check-in option with their London to Edinburgh flight via online web check-in or airport check-in.

  5. Can I book budget hotels near Edinburgh Airport through the Internet? 

    Yes, one can book budget hotels near the airport via Cleartrip hotels option

  6. Does London Airport have nappy changing facility for babies?

    Yes, the newly developed London Airport has such facilities for babies and infants.

London to Edinburgh Flights Reviews

Rated 3.0/5 based on 26 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
3.0/ 5stars
I had to rush to Edinburgh on a business meeting urgently. While going to my office, I completed all formalities on Cleartrip and booked my ticket on British Airways. The experience. The baggage drop in line did not seem to move for a good long time and inside the carrier, I did not get that positive feeling that I expected from this well-know airline. The service and staff were ok. - by
5.0/ 5stars
Good experience with Easy Jet on our flight from London to Edinburgh. Beverages offered throughout the flight were plenty though the food could be a little spicier. Seats were cosy and spacious. Easy Jet offers great value for money. 5/5, without doubt! - by
4.0/ 5stars
I was totally satisfied flying with Flybe from London to Edinburgh. Not just that booking on CT was also easy and satisfactory with complete schedule right in front of you. On-board, we were promptly assisted by flight attendant who took care of varying passenger needs. Hassle free journey and highly recommendable to all. - by
5.0/ 5stars
Flying with the Ryaniar Airlines from London to Edinburgh proved to be a sordid experience for us. We had already informed them that we would be having a patient with us and we would require their cooperation to promptly get our mother settled in the carrier. When we reached the airport, we were shocked to learn that our request had not been processed because of some internal fault. Had a really tough time and though they did try to make it up to us, we were pretty irritated at this slack attitude. - by
4.5/ 5stars
American Airlines from London to Edinburgh was amazing. Comfortable and large seats, warm and friendly attendants both on land and in the flight, good food and beverages offered though mighty expensive, clean carrier were all aspects that contributed to our great travelling experience. Easily one of the best airlines on this route. - by
5.0/ 5stars
I had taken a flight to Edinburgh from London on British Airways. The service was pleasant and the staff was extremely cordial. They were formal and had smiling faces. The carrier was clean and proper with extremely comfortable seats. The best airline to travel both for long or short hauls, I would say. - by