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Visakhapatnam to Delhi Flights

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Flights from Visakhapatnam to Delhi

  • indigo



  • 03:20
  • 02h 25m Non Stop
  • 05:45
  • ₹ 5063
  • indigo



  • 03:25
  • 02h 25m Non Stop
  • 05:50
  • ₹ 5063
  • air-india

    Air India


  • 07:05
  • 02h 20m Non Stop
  • 09:25
  • ₹ 5350
  • air-india

    Air India


  • 08:10
  • 02h 35m Non Stop
  • 10:45
  • ₹ 5350
  • air-india

    Air India


  • 12:15
  • 02h 25m Non Stop
  • 14:40
  • ₹ 5350
  • air-india

    Air India


  • 12:15
  • 02h 30m Non Stop
  • 14:45
  • ₹ 5350
  • air-india

    Air India


  • 15:00
  • 02h 30m Non Stop
  • 17:30
  • ₹ 5350
  • air-india

    Air India


  • 15:30
  • 02h 20m Non Stop
  • 17:50
  • ₹ 5350
  • indigo



  • 17:00
  • 02h 30m Non Stop
  • 19:30
  • ₹ 5063
  • indigo



  • 17:20
  • 02h 25m Non Stop
  • 19:45
  • ₹ 5063

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FAQ about Visakhapatnam to New Delhi Flights

  1. What is the baggage allowance for Visakhapatnam to Delhi flight?

    People travelling from Visakhapatnam to Delhi in economy cabins can carry up to 7 kg/adult in cabin baggage and up to 15 kg/adult in check-in baggage. The allowance can vary depending on the cabin classes and airlines.

  2. What things should I not carry while travelling on a flight?

    While all airlines have a distinct list of prohibited items, the following are common for all airlines-

    • Flammable items
    • Dry cell batteries
    • Explosives
    • Toy replicas of firearms and ammunition
    • Corrosive like acids
    • Poisons and toxic substances
    • Oxidising materials like bleach
    • Knives, scissors, and other sharp objects
    • Oily items
    You must check airline-specific guidelines to get the complete list of banned items.

  3. What are the important documents to carry to the airport?

    If you’re travelling to domestic destinations, bring a valid identity proof like a PAN card, Aadhaar card, passport, etc., and the ticket. International travellers will require the same documents in addition to their visa, entry permit, passport, and relevant health documents as required by the destination country. Embarkation forms must also be submitted to the immigration and customs department for smooth travel.

  4. How early should I arrive at the airport before my Visakhapatnam to Delhi flight?

    You must arrive at least two hours before the scheduled departure time. If your flight is scheduled during the morning, leave a little early to avoid rush-time traffic.

  5. What happens if I miss my Visakhapatnam to Delhi flight?

    If you miss your Visakhapatnam to Delhi flight for any reason, the airline will mark you as a ‘no show,’ rendering your ticket cancelled. You will not be entitled to any refund and will have to purchase a new ticket for the upcoming flight at full price.

  6. What do I do if my luggage is lost or delayed?

    Baggage delay and loss can trigger panic, so we recommend contacting the airline’s baggage service counter. File a complaint for the lost or delayed baggage, and they will guide you further on the next steps.

  7. Are there any safety tips I should be aware of for my Visakhapatnam to Delhi flight?

    Although air travel is safe and convenient, you can follow the below-mentioned tips for additional safety-

    • Pay attention to the flight attendant's safety instructions and follow them
    • Don't leave your baggage unattended for long
    • Keep all important documents handy
    • Contact the airline's customer support in case of assistance

  8. What are the airline’s policies on pets?

    Different airlines have different policies on pets, so always check airline-specific guidelines. For example, IndiGo doesn’t permit pets on its flights (except guide dogs for blind passengers), but Air India allows pets on direct, connecting, and transit flights, provided you finish the relevant paperwork and stick to the rules.

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Visakhapatnam to Delhi Flights: Trends and Insights

During which month are flights from Visakhapatnam to Delhi usually the most affordable?

Most Vizag to Delhi flights operating from June to November have affordable flight tickets. Even if you don’t find budget-friendly airfares, use Cleartrip’s exclusive discount for great deals on Visakhapatnam to Delhi flights.

How far in advance should I book a Visakhapatnam to Delhi flight for the best prices?

Although there is no magic window, you can consider booking flight tickets at least 21 days before the scheduled departure date. Alternatively, use Cleartrip’s discount deals to get the best Visakhapatnam to Delhi flight price.

Which airlines offer the lowest fares for flights between Visakhapatnam and Delhi?

IndiGo Airlines offers the lowest fares for flights between Visakhapatnam and Delhi. However, since fares may fluctuate, like Visakhapatnam to Delhi flight time, be flexible and explore other airlines for better prices.

Which airlines operate the most frequent flights between Visakhapatnam and Delhi?

IndiGo operates the most frequent flights between Visakhapatnam and Delhi, but you can also find many regular flights operated by Air India and Air India Express. Explore flights from Vizag to Delhi today at Cleartrip.

What airlines provide non-stop flights between Visakhapatnam and Delhi?

Most non-stop Vizag to Delhi flights are operated by IndiGo Airlines and Air India. Cleartrip’s exclusive discounts and offers will give you great deals on these flights.

How many flights operate between Visakhapatnam and Delhi on a daily basis?

Just like the Vizag to Delhi flight ticket cost, even the number of daily scheduled flights fluctuates due to reasons beyond control, like bad weather, technical challenges, etc. Always stay updated on the latest schedule for accurate details.

What are the available cabin class options for flights from Visakhapatnam to Delhi?

When flying from Visakhapatnam to Delhi, you can travel in economy, premium economy, first class, and business class.

What is the average duration of a flight from Visakhapatnam to Delhi?

The fastest flight from Visakhapatnam to Delhi takes approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes. You can book the fastest non-stop flight using Cleartrip’s exclusive discount deals and enjoy affordable flight fare from Visakhapatnam to Delhi.

What is the earliest departure time for flights from Visakhapatnam to Delhi?

Since multiple flights run from Visakhapatnam to Delhi at different slots, there is no fixed Vizag to Delhi flight time for early departure. Most early flights are scheduled between midnight and 8 AM, so check the schedule for real-time information.

What is the latest departure time for flights from Visakhapatnam to Delhi?

Multiple flights are scheduled for travel in early morning, morning, mid-day, evening, and night. So, check the scheduled flights from Vizag to Delhi today and pick the latest flight in your preferred slot.

Visakhapatnam to Delhi Flight Details: Booking, Flight Status, and Web Check-In

How to book a Visakhapatnam to Delhi flight ticket on Cleartrip?

Visit Cleartrip’s official website/app and head to the ‘flights’ tab. Now, enter the following details-

  • One-way/Round-trip
  • No. of passengers and preferred cabin class
  • Special airfare (if applicable)
  • Origin and destination
  • Travel date

Once the details are filled in, click ‘Search Flights’ to get the complete list of scheduled flights and information on Vizag to New Delhi flight fare, duration, baggage allowance, etc. Pick the ideal flight within your budget and desired travel date, and click ‘book.’ You can browse the Vizag to Delhi flight today's timings before booking a flight.

How can I check the flight status & schedule for my Visakhapatnam to Delhi flights?

You can download the Cleartrip app and head to the ‘upcoming trips’ section to stay updated on the latest flight status and schedule for your booked flights. The app will notify you of exclusive, time-sensitive offers to get the most affordable plane fare from Visakhapatnam to Delhi and vice-versa, so download the app today and say hi to convenient, budget-friendly, and secure flight booking.

How can I do web check-in for my upcoming Visakhapatnam to Delhi flight?

Once you’ve paid the Vizag to Delhi flight fare or vice-versa and booked the flight on Cleartrip, you’ll receive a web check-in link on your registered mobile number. Click on this link and visit the airport with a copy of your ticket and boarding pass. You can also find the link for web check-in in your Cleartrip account.

Save Big on Your Visakhapatnam to Delhi Air Tickets with Cleartrip Offers and Discounts

You can use the following Cleartrip exclusive offers and discounts to secure bigger savings on flight tickets-

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  • Up to INR 2,000 off with HDFC Credit Card EMI

Visakhapatnam to Delhi Round Trip

Make your trip hassle-free and stress-free by booking return tickets in advance using Cleatrip’s round-trip booking feature. Once you land in Delhi for leisure or work, getting immersed in the food, infrastructure, tourist attractions, etc., is easy, making you forget about booking a return ticket at the end of the vacation. Last-minute flight booking isn’t only strenuous but requires paying more for the same ticket. You can save time, money, and effort while enjoying a pleasant Delhi trip worry-free by booking round-trip tickets in advance. Instead of choosing the ‘one-way’ option while booking your flight, click ‘round trip,’ and Cleartrip will show you a list of all scheduled flights on the chosen travel dates operating from/to Visakhapatnam and Delhi. Compare the flights based on airfare, baggage allowance, duration, etc., and book the best option. You can also use Cleartrip’s exclusive discounts and deals for great savings on round-trip booking.

About Delhi City


Delhi is India’s national capital territory, located in Northern India. It shares one side of its borders with Uttar Pradesh on the east and Haryana on the north, west, and south. Although Delhi lies on both sides of the Yamuna River, its presence is more in the river’s west (beyond its right bank). You must visit Delhi to explore all that the city offers and experience its true essence via an extended trip. Cleartrip offers plenty of Delhi to Visakhapatnam flights and vice-versa options, so you can find the perfect flight on your desired travel dates. We also provide unmatched deals and discounts to make your trip more budget-friendly.


Delhi is an ancient city with deep roots dating back centuries. Historians say the earliest architectural relics date back to the Maurya period of 300 BCE. An inscription found in 1966 dates back to 273-235 BCE, confirming the city’s ancient connection. Several rulers ruled Delhi in the past until it became the capital city of Independent India in 1947.

Best Time to Visit

If you want to explore Delhi in pleasant weather with clear skies and festive vibes, you must plan your trip during the winter months, i.e., from October to March. You can use Cleartrip’s domestic flight offers to book affordable flights from/to Visakhapatnam and Delhi.

Places to Visit

Small trips aren’t enough to explore all the magnificence the city offers. From forts to museums, temples to monuments- there’s a lot to visit. Whether you’re visiting Delhi for work or leisure, you must visit the following places-

India Gate
Your trip to Delhi will remain incomplete if you don’t visit the famous India Gate. It is a memorial dedicated to 82,000 soldiers who died during the First World War. Visit this monument at night because it illuminates differently in light, especially when the fountain displays colourful lights. 
Akshardham Temple
Located 8 km from the city centre, this gigantic and stunning temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan. Its architecture is awe-inspiring, and the environment is serene. The temple organises mesmerising water shows every evening.
Hauz Khas Village
If you like experiencing the nightlife of every city, you must visit Hauz Khas Village. It is an affluent neighbourhood in South Delhi with countless pubs, cafes, bars, art galleries, boutiques, and much more. 
National Gallery of Modern Art
This place is a visual treat for all art lovers. You must visit this gallery to see paintings and artwork dating back to the 1850s. 
Agrasen Ki Baoli
It is a 60 m long and 15 m wide monument preserved under the Archaeological Survey of India. Located in Halley Road, it is an ancient water reservoir with 103 stone steps. It is one of Delhi’s most visited places.


Since Delhi is India’s capital territory, it has a robust transportation network. People from different states can reach Delhi by air, rail, and road. Once you reach Delhi, you can access plenty of transportation mediums like DTC buses, auto-rickshaws, metros, local taxis, etc. You can also use cab aggregator services like Ola and Uber to book cabs and explore the city. 

Delhi Airport


Delhi Airport is one of India’s biggest airports, covering approximately 5,106 acres of land. Located at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi—110037, it is the hub for Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet, Vistara, Go First, and many other airlines. The airport’s IATA code is DEL, and it is approximately 16 km from the city centre. 


The Delhi Airport has three terminals to comfortably accommodate millions of passengers annually. Terminals 1 and 2 are used primarily for domestic operations, while Terminal 3 is used for international and domestic operations. Terminal 3 is grand and features a two-tier building with all the facilities necessary for smooth travel. All three terminals facilitate smooth operations, offering a hassle-free travel experience to all.


There is one lounge located in every terminal named Encalm Lounge. It offers passengers the perfect blend of luxury and convenience through spacious seating spaces, gourmet food items, branded shopping outlets, and wellness services. Travellers can relax in this lounge and enjoy the services for a pleasant travel experience.


Delhi Airport offers the following facilities for a seamless travel experience-

  • Wi-Fi
  • Children play area
  • Prayer room
  • ATMs
  • Currency exchange counters
  • Luggage wrapping services
  • Car rental services 
  • Childcare area
  • Lost and found booths
  • Porter services
  • Medical facilities
  • VIP lounges
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Shopping centres and more


Delhi Airport offers plenty of secure parking spaces for all visitors. Whether you’re driving your own car to drop off a loved one or have taken a rented vehicle for the entire day, there are parking slots for everyone. Every parking space is well-connected to the terminal buildings and is operational 24/7. The parking fee varies on the vehicle type and duration, so always enquire about the latest parking fee before using the services.

About Visakhapatnam City


Also known as Vizag, Visakhapatnam is one of Andhra Pradesh’s largest metropolitan cities. Located between the Bay of Bengal’s coast and Eastern Ghats, Visakhapatnam is one of the four smart cities of the state. The entire city is surrounded by hills and nature: the Yadara Hills to the southeast, Simhachalam Hill Range to the west, and the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary to the northwest.


Visakhapatnam’s history dates back to 6th century BCE. The city was earlier a port city ruled by the Andhra Satavahanas, Vengi, Paalava, and the Eastern Ganga dynasties. As time passed, the seat of power kept changing, affecting the city’s culture, food, clothes, etc. French colonial rule was established in the 18th century and was later transferred to the British. The city was later freed in 1947 after independence.

Best Time to Visit

The city predominantly experiences a tropical wet and dry climate, so you can consider planning your trip during the winter months. The time from October to March is pleasant, with cool breezes, no rainfall, and clear skies, enabling tourists to try the city’s outdoor activities, find hidden gems, plan excursions, and explore the city like a local.

Places to Visit

This industrial centre and port city has many attractions, especially beaches, museums, temples, historic exhibits, etc. If you want to explore the beauty of Visakhapatnam and get up close to the city’s culture, history, and beauty, you must visit the following places-

Borra Caves If you’re a nature lover who prefers exploring serene sites closer to nature, you must visit the famous Borra Caves. It is known for the stalagmite and stalactite formations that lend the caves mesmerising beauty.  
Submarine Museum
Located on RK Beach, it is the only submarine museum in the entire Asian region. This museum is unique and features an elaborate collection of submarines. 
Kailasa Giri
It is a beautiful hilltop park perched at an elevated height of 360 ft. The park is spread across 100 acres of land and offers scenic panoramic views of the surroundings and beach below. What makes this place special is the gigantic 40-foot statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati painted in white. When visiting Kailasa Giri, you can engage in numerous fun activities like the Titanic views, ropeway rides, etc.
Rushikonda Beach
Your Visakhapatnam trip cannot come to an end without visiting this magnificent shore located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is known as the ‘Jewel of the East Coast’ for its remarkable natural beauty, serene golden sand, and fun activities. 
This quaint hamlet is Andhra Pradesh’s best-kept secret. It is the only South Indian village that experiences snowfall and has fascinating views of majestic hills, apple orchards, panoramic views of adjoining valleys, meandering rivers, and prolific natural beauty. You can also find adventure activities for fun and joy.


Most people in Visakhapatnam rely on city buses and auto rickshaws as their primary mode of transportation. Ferry services, railways, and taxis are also preferred transportation mediums. If visiting Visakhapatnam for work or leisure, you can rent cabs and two-wheelers for full-day explorations. 

Visakhapatnam Airport


Located at P6HF+5JC, Marshalling Yard, Visakhapatnam – 530009, the Visakhapatnam Airport operates as a customs airport and civil enclave on INS Dega, the Indian Navy’s airbase. Its IATA code is VTZ, and it is built across 350 acres of land and has witnessed significant growth since the beginning of the 21st century. A new terminal and runway was built in this airport to facilitate international flight operations.


The Visakhapatnam Airport features a single terminal with 21 check-in counters, 7 security kiosks, 9 customs counters, 11 immigration checks, and a capacity to handle 700 outgoing and 300 incoming passengers. This terminal is one of the largest available terminals in tier II cities and offers plenty of facilities to ensure passengers experience a smooth travel experience. While plenty of airlines operate flights in Visakhapatnam, IndiGo runs the most flights between Visakhapatnam Airport and other key airports in the country.


If you have a direct or connecting flight at Visakhapatnam Airport, you can relax at the airport’s ‘Air Lounge and Bar.’ This spacious, well-decorated, and fully equipped lounge caters to every passenger’s travel needs. It has all the best amenities like internet, a non-smoking area, newspapers/magazines, refreshments, flight schedule displays, special assistance to people with disabilities, air conditioning, and much more.


The Visakhapatnam Airport offers the following facilities to provide a hassle-free and smooth experience to all travellers-

  • Wi-Fi
  • Shopping centres
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • VIP lounges
  • Smoking area
  • ATMs
  • Currency exchange booths
  • Childcare centres
  • Postal service
  • Medical facilities 
  • Special assistance to people with disabilities
  • Free trolleys
  • Parking bays and more


Visitors can enjoy secure, spacious, and well-maintained parking services at the Visakhapatnam Airport. It features more than 324 parking slots for motor vehicles, and car parking is available within a short walking distance from the airport. The parking fee depends on the vehicle type and duration, so always enquire about the latest parking fee for a hassle-free experience. 

Combine Your Flight from Visakhapatnam to Delhi with Cleartrip Hotels

Make your entire trip more convenient and pleasant by booking hotels with your flight tickets on Cleartrip. Pre-booking a hotel will ensure you can rest and rejuvenate after landing in Delhi. It can save you from all the hassles of searching for secure, comfortable, and budget-friendly accommodation after reaching Delhi, so your entire trip becomes memorable. You can use Cleartrip’s exclusive discounts and offers to save big on the best hotels in Delhi.


The information listed above reflects data as of 15th May 2024. It is subject to change at any time at the airline’s discretion, so always check real-time data for prices, discounts, flight schedules, etc. Cleartrip assumes no liability towards last-minute changes made by airlines.

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