Spine-chilling haunted places in India

Mysteries, unexplainable phenomena and spooky events never fail to catch the attention of people. Some of these events just lead to new discoveries while others turn into spine-chilling ghost stories. India, also known as the land of superstitions, has many uncanny stories of black magic, ghosts, spirits and unexplainable deaths to narrate. Not just this, there are many haunted places in India with spooky backstories being told from decades. So, here are India’s top haunted spots for those who are brave enough to explore them.

1. Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Located near Jaisalmer, Kuldhara has been deserted since 1825 and is known as an abandoned ghost village. Only the remnants of a once thriving village can be seen here. As per a legend, the cruel king of the village fell in love with the chief’s daughter and threatened the villagers with heavy taxes if they failed to get them married. The villagers, seeing no other choice, suddenly disappeared one night. It is supposed that they cursed the village before leaving.

2. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort tops the list of most haunted places in India. The government has restricted the entry in the fort after sunset. There are many scary stories linked to this place. And, one of them claims that a dark magician fell in love with the town’s princess and tried to cast a spell on one of her cosmetic products to make her reciprocate. The princess became suspicious and threw the product on a huge stone boulder. Affected by the dark magic, the stone boulder crushed the magician to death. Before dying, he cursed the entire town, sealing its unfortunate fate. And, the town is believed to become a haunted spot ever since.

3. GP Block, Meerut

Many sightings of ghosts of four men drinking alcohol and a young girl in red dress have been reported in GP Block, Meerut. There are many witnesses to these strange phenomena. Anyone who was brave enough to go closer claimed that the ghosts suddenly disappeared.

4. Dumas Beach in Surat

Gujarat’s Dumas Beach is counted amongst the top haunted places in India. The beach was a burial ground for a long time and is known to house numerous tortured souls. There have been many incidents of people mysteriously disappearing at night. Others have admitted to hearing strange whispers when they were alone on the beach at night.

5. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Accounts of several paranormal activities have been reported in Ramoji Film City. Many times, spotlights fell off on their own, light men were pushed by some invisible force, clothes of females mysteriously got torn, strange marks were seen on mirrors, and food was found scattered. Locals believe that the place where the film city stands was a war ground during the Nizam rule. And, the souls of the dead soldiers are believed to haunt the place.

6. Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

Shaniwarwada Fort is one of the scariest haunted places to visit in India. Paranormal activities in this fort are at their highest on a full moon night. As per some stories, a 13-year-old prince, Narayanrao, was brutally murdered in the fort. His body was dismembered and thrown into a river. According to the Hindu customs, if an individual’s cremation is not done as per rituals, the spirit remains trapped in the place of death. Since the prince’s body was disposed off in an unceremonious way, his tortured soul is still trapped within the fort’s walls and his cries for help can still be heard at night.

7. South Park Cemetery, Kolkata

Built in 1767, South Park Cemetery has graves of several British soldiers. Many people have admitted to seeing strange shadows and outline of a girl dressed in white. Once, a group of four friends visited the cemetery and felt dizzy and ill. One of them also had an asthma attack despite being perfectly healthy.

8. Vrindavan Society, Thane

Vrindavan Society in Thane near Mumbai is one amongst the top haunted places in India. This society is known to be haunted by the apparition of a former resident of building no. 66 B who committed suicide. Many residents and night guards have witnessed uncanny activities at night. One of the night guards was even slapped by an invisible force during his duty.

9. Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

Mukesh Mills was established by East India Company during the British rule. The mill had to be shut down due to a fire outbreak. Also, it used to be a popular site for Bollywood film shoots, but, many actors and directors don’t want to shoot here anymore due to scary experiences they have had.

10. Sanjay Van, New Delhi

Sanjay Van is a forest spread across an area of 10 km in Delhi and is considered one amongst the most famous haunted places in India. There have been several sightings of a woman in a white saree near the cremation ground. She disappears and reappears in seconds. People believe it is the spirit of the woman who hanged herself from a huge peepal tree. Not just this, many people have witnessed her sitting on the top of the tree. And, some even claim to have seen the visuals of her suicide.

11. Jatinga, Assam

Jatinga is a village in Assam that is popular for its eerie phenomenon of mass suicide of birds. Every year in the months of October and September, the migratory birds fall dead on the moonless nights between 6:30 pm and 9 pm without any reason. This unexplainable event has spooked many tourists and inhabitants of this village.

12. Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

Raj Kiran Hotel in Lonavala has made it to the list of haunted places in India due to some uncanny incidents that frequently take place here. Many guests staying in a particular room have claimed that their bedsheets automatically get pulled off. Many people have also woken up to see a strange blue light near their feet and they were not able to find its source.

13. Dow Hill, Darjeeling

Girls boarding school in Dow Hill is believed to be haunted. Many students and staff members have heard the sound of footsteps after the closing time. Also, the forest surrounding the boys’ high school in Dow Hill is known for several sightings of a headless ghost. As per legends, several murders have been committed in this forest. Many people have also seen a scary red eye watching them. There have also been stories of a woman roaming around the forest and disappearing if someone tried to follow. Also, it is said that many people who went into the forest lost their mental balance and some even committed suicide.

14. Writers’ Building, Kolkata

Located at BBD square in Kolkata, Writers’ Building is counted amongst the most haunted places in India. The building is haunted by the ghost of Inspector General, Colonel N.S. Simpson, who was killed by three Indian freedom fighters Badal Gupta, Benoy Basu and Dinesh Gupta. People who work in the building admit to hearing screams and the sound of footsteps coming from vacant rooms.

15. Vas Villa, Bangalore

Vas Villa in Bangalore was inhabited by two sisters, Vera Vas and Doice Vas. One day, Doice Vas was brutally stabbed to death and was buried there itself. Vera Vas moved out of the villa. Ever since the murder, the place is being haunted by the spirit of Doice Vas. Many paranormal activists have verified the existence of some negative energy in the villa.

16. Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty

Fern Hill Hotel has been closed due to the frequent paranormal occurrences. The shoot of Bollywood film Raaz took place at this hotel. The film crew was unable to sleep due to the disturbance caused by the shuffling of furniture on the first floor. When they tried to call the reception, the line was dead. When they complained the next morning, the receptionist told them that there was no first floor in the hotel.

17. Bombay High Court

The high court in Mumbai is believed to be one amongst the many haunted places in India. It is said that a vengeful spirit restricts the convicts of a murder case to enter the courtroom whenever a murder trial takes place since the last 30 years. The rumour is that the ghost of a lawyer haunts the guilty murder convicts.

18. D’Souza Chawl, Mumbai

Located in Mahim in Mumbai, D’Souza Chawl is considered one amongst India’s most haunted places. A woman fell into the tube well of the chawl and died from drowning. The ghost of the woman still haunts the area near the well. Many people have seen a distressed-looking woman roaming alone at night.

19. Chandan Nagar, Pune

A little girl died at a construction site in Chandan Nagar Pune, over a decade ago. It is believed that her ghost still roams the street of that area around midnight. People also claim to have seen a little girl with a doll in her hands and dressed in a blood-stained white frock.

20. Mansion on Residency Road, Pune

A mansion located near Residency Club, Pune, is believed to be haunted by the evil spirit of an old lady who was killed in it. Many people have witnessed an old woman staring out of the window and screaming for help. People have also heard strange voices, creepy laughter and spine-chilling screams coming from inside the abandoned mansion.

21. Ravindra Nagar, Hyderabad

Temple of a goddess was demolished in Ravindra Nagar in Hyderabad. Following the demolition, a number of suicide cases happened in the area. People believe that the reason behind these suicides is the wrath of the goddess. Many families have abandoned the houses out of fear.

22. Kundanbagh, Hyderabad

Once a thief got into a house in Kundanbagh in Hyderabad. On entering the house, he found three dead bodies, including the owner and her two daughters. He got scared out of his wits and ran to the police station. During the police investigation, neighbours claimed to have seen the three women in the balcony just a day before the murders were discovered while they were killed some three months before.

23. Malcha Mahal, Delhi

Malcha Mahal in Delhi is considered to be a haunted spot. The rightful owner of Malcha Mahal, Princess Wilayat Mahal of the Oudh royal family, committed suicide here by drinking crushed diamonds. Her spirit is said to be roaming around the palace and the nearby area ever since. Those who enter the palace without permission never return.

24. Delhi court in Karkardooma

Many lawyers and staff members working in the Karkardooma Court complex have experienced several paranormal activities. The cameras here have caught several strange occurrences like blinking lights, automatic opening and shutting of doors, files falling off shelves, chairs dislocating on their own and a shadowy figure passing through walls.

25. Delhi Cantonment

Delhi Cantonment is a beautiful lush green area. But at night, many creepy incidents have been reported in the area. A woman dressed in a white saree asks people passing by for a lift or sometimes even try to chase the vehicle by running at a humanly impossible speed. It is counted amongst the spookiest and the most haunted places in India.

26. Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

Lady Garnet Orme was murdered in Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie by mixing strychnine in her medicine bottle. The doctor who performed the autopsy on her dead body was later found dead in similar conditions. It is rumoured that her ghost still haunts the hotel. This case gained the attention of several people and was also included in many novels.

27. Charleville Mansion, Shimla

Charleville Mansion is an ancient abandoned castle in Shimla and is known to be haunted by a poltergeist. The authenticity of these rumours was tested by a British officer who lived there with his wife. He locked the room that had the highest level of supernatural activity and when he opened it an hour later, the room was in shatters.

28. Tunnel No. 33, Shimla

Tunnel no. 33 on the Shimla-Kalka railway line is considered to be haunted by the ghost of Captain Barog. He was the engineer who was in charge of the construction of this tunnel. He was unable to complete the task and was fined and mocked by the British. He went into depression and shot himself in the tunnel. His ghost is known for being friendly with the locals. Sightings of two other ghosts have also been reported here.

29. Dagshai graveyard

Dagshai is a haunted place that is popular for housing a friendly ghost in its graveyard. A British army officer’s pregnant wife met with an accident and was put to rest here. Her grave has a beautiful marble statue of a woman and her baby being blessed by an elf. Her ghost is rumoured to bless pregnant women with a boy.

30. Brij Raj Bhavan Palace, Kota

Built in 1990, Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota is known to be haunted by the ghost of a British officer, Major Charles Burton, who was murdered in the palace along with his two sons during the infamous Sepoy Mutiny. Many night guards have claimed to be slapped by an invisible person if they fell asleep on duty.

31. Jamali-Kamali Masjid, Delhi

Located near Qutab Minar, Jamali-Kamali Masjid is believed to be haunted by numerous jinns who are considered to be supernatural beings with powers to travel across this world. Many spooky reports of sighting apparitions, animals growling and someone breathing on neck have come to fore.

32. Agrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi

Agrasen ki Baoli is an ancient stepwell that is counted amongst the most haunted places in India. Many people who have visited this place have shared their spooky experiences such as feeling like being followed by some invisible figure or hearing soft ominous whispers.

33. Bengal Swamps, West Bengal

Aleya lights that can be seen in the Bengal Swamps area are also called marsh ghost lights. These lights are believed to be the representation of a ghost of a fisherman who died in the swamps by drowning. As per the stories, fishermen who try to approach the lights lose their balance and drown.

34. National Library, Kolkata

National Library in Kolkata is haunted by the ghosts of 12 labourers who died during the renovation. A student died under suspicious circumstances while looking for a book in the library. Many other uncanny events have happened here. Even the guards are scared to work during night shifts.

35. Towers of Silence, Mumbai

Towers of Silence in Mumbai is one of the creepiest haunted places in India and has a gruesome backstory. It is a Parsi cemetery where people leave dead bodies on the roof so that vultures can devour them. Many supernatural incidents have taken place here.

36. Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie

These mines were shut down after the improper mining conditions caused the death of thousands of people working there. As per the locals, the mines are now being inhabited by a witch that has killed many people near the hills. Countless spooky deaths and unexplainable disappearances have placed Lambi Dehar Mines in the list of haunted places in India.

37. Three Kings Church, Goa

Three Kings Church in Goa is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of three Portuguese kings who fought amongst each other. The wickedest one of the three kings invited the other two for a supper in the church to discuss a peace treaty. He poisoned their food and killed them. The supporters of the dead kings were furious and gathered together to kill the wicked king. To save himself from a painful death, the king poisoned himself. Many locals and GRIP team of the Indian Paranormal Society have declared the place haunted.

38. Kalpalli Cemetery, Bangalore

Kalpalli Cemetery, also known as St. John Cemetery, in Bangalore has been known to be haunted by many spirits. Many people passing by have witnessed a hazy man-looking figure roaming the streets.

39. House no. W-3, New Delhi

House no. W-3, located in Greater Kailash in New Delhi, is amongst the most haunted spots in Delhi. The old couple that used to own the house was murdered here brutally by their yoga guru in order to claim their property. Soft laughter, faint whispers and weird voices can be heard coming from the deserted house at night.

40. Khairatabad Science College, Hyderabad

Khairatabad Science College in Hyderabad disintegrated to ruins but the dead bodies used in the biology lab were not put to rest. People who pass by this area have often reported sightings of sparks, walking skeletons or blood-curdling screams. The place has instilled more fear in people after a night guard died mysteriously.

41. Taj Hotel, Mumbai

The chief architect of Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, W.A. Chambers, killed himself by jumping from the hotel’s 5th floor to his death. It is rumoured that his ghost still roams around the corridors of this hotel trying to guard the only thing he used to love. Many staff members have reported seeing spooky things and hearing strange voices in the old wing.

42. Grand Paradi Towers, Malabar Hills

Grand Paradi Towers used to be a popular choice of residence amongst high profile people of Malabar Hills. Ever since the haunted stories about the place spread, many owners have abandoned their homes. A series of unexplainable suicides that took place in the last decade has provided more substance to the spooky stories.

43. Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla is believed that jinns, wish-granting evil spirits, reside in these ruins. Locals light candles and offer fruits and milk to please them. These jinns are rumoured to prey on young women and children who roam around unguarded at night or dry their hair on rooftops.

44. Lothian Cemetery, Delhi

Lothian Cemetery has been haunted by numerous spirits ever since the British dug out hundreds of dead bodies to bury British soldiers instead. Many people have seen various creepy and strange things in and around the cemetery. Stories of a headless man roaming the cemetery and a little boy searching for something are the most common.

45. Golconda Fort, Andhra Pradesh

Golconda Fort is considered to be haunted by the ghost of Taramati, the queen who died along with her husband. Her ghost is still seen dancing and singing around the court area. People have also reported hearing spine-chilling screams of pain and finding the paintings and portraits hung upside down on the walls.

46. Khooni Nadi, Delhi

Located in Rohini, Khooni Nadi is known to suck in anyone who dares to take a dip in it. The river has gulped down many people and thus, got its name as the river that kills. The vibe of the area around the river is enough to categorize it amongst the haunted places in India.

47. Karikattu Kuppam, Chennai

Karikattu Kuppam area in Chennai suffered extreme damage during Tsunami and took many lives. These untimely deaths have led to the place being haunted by numerous spirits. People have reported about sighting the ghosts of an old man and small child here.

48. Sindhrot, Ahmedabad

Sindhrot is the scariest place in Ahmedabad. Locals have witnessed many spooky and creepy things around the area. Many people have seen a scary-faced lady dressed in a white kurta roaming around the town. Many tourists have even heard strange whispers warning them to leave the town immediately and to never return.

49. Avadh Palace, Rajkot

Located in Rajkot, Avadh Palace is a huge mansion that is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of a girl who was raped, brutally murdered and then burnt inside it. The area around the mansion is always deserted, especially at night. It is considered to be one of the creepiest places in Rajkot and the nearby towns.

50. Bara Imambara, Lucknow

Along with being a jewel in the crown of Indian architecture, it is also one of the most haunted places in India. As per the stories, the famous maze of the monument is haunted by the spirits of the labourers who died during the construction due to the famine. Many people who entered the maze have never returned.

These are some of the many haunted places and stories of the vast, diverse and fascinating land of India. So, go ahead and explore these spooky places if you consider yourself a braveheart.


Q. Is there any luxury hotel near Bhangarh Fort?
There are a few luxury hotels and resorts located around Bhangarh village. The Gateway Hotel Ramgarh Lodge is at a distance of 22.9 km from the fort. Laxmi Palace Heritage Hotel is 25.6 km away from the fort. Umaid Lake Palace is located at a distance of 27.2 km from the fort.

Q. Is Howrah Bridge in Kolkata also considered haunted?
A spot under Howrah Bridge in Kolkata is considered as the centre of various supernatural activities. The spirits of those who lost their lives by drowning or committing suicide still haunt the area. Many people recall seeing hands flailing in the river. Many people have also witnessed a lady clothed in white crying and calling out their names in a strange voice.

Q. Is there any other haunted place in Gujarat?
Yes, Gujarat has a few more places that are rumoured to be haunted such as GTU Campus in Ahmedabad, Rajkot Road in Bagodara and Signature Farm in Ahmedabad.

Q. Which is the best haunted place to explore through a late-night long drive?
Delhi Cantonment area and Holkar Bridge in Pune are the best haunted places you can explore on a late-night drive.

Q. Are there some guided ghost tours available?
There are some haunted places where some locals earn by providing guided tours of the area. But, most haunted places are avoided by everyone who knows about it and is generally deserted. So, if you want to explore, you are on your own.