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Qatar Airways Flight from Kathmandu to Doha

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Flights from Kathmandu to Doha

  • qatar-airways

    Qatar Airways


  • 04:30
  • 02h 15m Non stop
  • 06:45
  • --NA--
  • qatar-airways

    Qatar Airways


  • 05:50
  • 02h 15m Non stop
  • 08:05
  • --NA--
  • qatar-airways

    Qatar Airways


  • 14:50
  • 02h 15m Non stop
  • 17:05
  • --NA--
  • qatar-airways

    Qatar Airways


  • 22:20
  • 02h 15m Non stop
  • 00:35
  • --NA--

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Experience easy travel between Kathmandu and Doha with Qatar flights, which provide dependable, comfortable, and convenient travel options.

Common queries about Kathmandu to Doha Qatar flights 

1. Is the hand baggage limit for my Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha inclusive of laptop bags? 

Yes, laptop bags are typically allowed as hand baggage on your Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha. In Qatar, passengers are usually allowed to bring one cabin bag and one personal item, such as a purse or laptop bag. However, for exact information specific to your flight, check the most recent baggage policies on Qatar's official website or contact their customer service.

2. What is Qatar's policy regarding cancellations for flights from Kathmandu to Doha?

Qatar's cancellation policy for flights from Kathmandu to Doha may vary depending on the type of fare when the cancellation occurs and how the reservation was made—directly through Qatar or through a third-party platform. Generally, travellers can cancel their tickets online or through Qatar's customer support channels, as the airline offers flexibility in this regard. Visit the official Qatar website or contact their customer service department for complete information on their cancellation policy.

3. Is there an option to pre-select seats for the Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha? 

You can select your seat in advance for your Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha. Travellers can conveniently choose their seats when making their reservation on Qatar's website or mobile app, or at a later time by visiting the Manage Booking section.

4. Is it possible to cancel or reschedule my Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha? 

Per the terms and conditions mentioned in your ticket, you can modify or cancel your Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha. Travellers can easily modify their reservations with Qatar by doing so online or through their customer support platforms. Qatar typically offers flexibility in these matters.

5. Are Wi-Fi services provided on Qatar flights from Kathmandu to Doha? 

Qatar offers Wi-Fi on any of its International flights, including those that run between Kathmandu and Doha.

6. Are meals provided on the Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha? 

Qatar typically uses a buy-on-board system for meals and snacks on their International flights between Kathmandu and Doha. Accordingly, since food items are not included in the price of the ticket, passengers can purchase them separately while on the flight. On the other hand, water will be provided to travellers at no cost.

7. What promotional offers are available for Qatar Airlines flights from Kathmandu to Doha? 

Cleartrip makes booking Qatar flights from Kathmandu to Doha easier, making it simple for users to find and book flights. You can also save up to INR 10,000 when booking Qatar flights with Cleartrip, among other alluring offers. Customers can apply the coupon code CTINT during the booking process to take advantage of this offer.

8. What is the optimal time to book a Kathmandu to Doha Qatar plane ticket? 

The best time to take advantage of cheaper tickets for your Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha is to purchase it a few weeks in advance. As the departure date gets closer, prices typically increase. To get the best deals, avoid busy travel times and be flexible with your travel dates.

9. Are there any promotions for first-time users booking Qatar flight tickets from Kathmandu to Doha using Cleartrip? 

Cleartrip regularly offers special offers and discounts designed specifically for users booking their first flight, especially on Qatar-served routes like Kathmandu to Doha. These offers could include discounted tickets, cashback rewards, or promo codes that are valid at the time of booking. To stay informed about the most recent benefits and incentives available to new users, we suggest frequently visiting our special offers page. 

10. What are the procedures in case of a delay or cancellation of my Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha? 

When a Qatar flight is delayed or cancelled between Kathmandu and Doha, passengers will normally be offered a selection of options and assistance from Qatar. Depending on what is deemed appropriate, this could entail switching your flights, giving you a refund, or giving you discount coupons for hotels and restaurants. It is advisable to speak with Qatar staff members at the airport or get in touch with their customer support division to get additional assistance and details regarding reimbursement or alternative travel arrangements.  

Flight booking details and information about Qatar flights from Kathmandu to Doha 

How to reserve a Kathmandu to Doha Qatar air ticket using Cleartrip? 

To book an Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha through Cleartrip, just take these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the Cleartrip mobile app or website on your device.
  2. In the flight search section, enter the cities of your departure (Kathmandu) and destination (Doha). 
  3. Select the dates of your choice for travel, then click "Search Flights."
  4. Choose the Qatar flight that best suits your needs in terms of timing and cost from the list of available flights.
  5. To enter the traveller's information and any extra preferences, simply follow the instructions.
  6. You will be able to choose your seat during the booking process. You can select the seat that best fits your needs by using the seat map that Cleartrip will provide you.
  7. After completing the payment and booking process, you will receive a confirmation email or message with your ticket information.
  8. Go to the "Manage Booking" section on the Qatar website or mobile app if you would like to customise your seat selection further or manage your reservation. You can choose your seat or make any necessary changes by logging in with your booking reference number and last name.

You can easily reserve a Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha using Cleartrip by following these steps, which will guarantee a hassle-free and easy travel experience.  

Check-in procedures for travellers on Qatar flights between Kathmandu and Doha 

Travellers using Qatar between Kathmandu and Doha should take the following actions to guarantee a seamless check-in experience:

  1. Check-in online: Make use of Qatar's online check-in feature, which normally opens 48 hours before the planned departure time and closes one hour early. For a seamless check-in experience, visit the Qatar website or mobile app, input your booking details, and adhere to the instructions.
  2. Airport Check-in: If you would rather check in at the airport, make sure you get there plenty of time before the departure time of your flight to avoid any last-minute rush. For International flights, Qatar advises arriving at the airport no less than two hours before the scheduled departure time.
  3. Documents: Ensure that you have your flight ticket, a valid form of identification (such as a passport or Aadhar card for International travel), and any applicable visas or travel permits ready when you check in.
  4. Baggage: After checking in, if you have checked your bags, go to the designated baggage drop counter. Make sure your luggage complies with Qatar's baggage regulations regarding weight, size, and prohibited items.
  5. Security Check: Following your check-in, follow the airport's instructions to complete the security check. Make sure you have your ID and boarding pass ready for inspection.
  6. Boarding: Look for information about your boarding gate on the flight information display screens or announcements after you have passed security. Usually, boarding starts 45 minutes or so before departure. 

You can travel with Qatar between Kathmandu and Doha without difficulty by simplifying the check-in procedure and following these steps. Enjoy a safe journey!

Qatar seat selection process for routes from Kathmandu to Doha 

Choosing your seat is usually an option when you book your flight ticket through the Cleartrip platform, which includes both their website and app. When a seat map appears, you can choose the seat that best suits your preferences by seeing which ones are available. For Qatar flights, you can still select your seat after purchasing your ticket through Cleartrip. Just navigate to the "Manage Booking" section on the Qatar website or mobile app. Select your seat when you log in using your last name and booking reference number. Simply select the seat of your choice from the options that are presented thereafter. Likewise, if you are using the Qatar app on your phone, open it, locate your reservation, and use the feature to choose your seat.

How to check the flight status and schedule for my Kathmandu to Doha Qatar flights? 

To start, use your preferred web browser to go to the official Cleartrip website. When you get there, navigate to the "Flights" tab on the Cleartrip home screen. Enter the arrival city, Doha, and the departure city, Kathmandu, in the designated fields. Choose the dates you would like to travel. Next, select "Qatar" as the airline you want to fly with. To view the available flight options for the selected dates, click the "Search Flights" button. Select the Qatar flight that best fits your preferences and itinerary. Following your decision, there will be a chance to view the flight status. By clicking on it, you can get up-to-date information on your chosen flight, including the time of departure and arrival as well as any anticipated delays or cancellations. As an alternative, you can click on the flight details to view the flight schedule. For further information on the status and schedule of the flights, you can visit the Qatar website or mobile app.

Guidelines for luggage allowance on Qatar Airlines Kathmandu to Doha flights 

When using Qatar between Kathmandu and Doha, passengers should be aware of the airline's baggage policy, which usually includes the following:

  1. Checked Baggage: Depending on the fare type and destination, travellers may check bags up to a certain weight limit, usually between 20 and 50 kg. When purchasing your ticket, make sure you know exactly how much you are allowed.
  2. Cabin baggage: Travellers are typically allowed to bring one piece of cabin luggage and one personal item, such as a purse or laptop bag. It is important to verify the weight restrictions and baggage dimensions before your flight, as these details may differ. 
  3. Excess Baggage: You might be charged an excess baggage fee if the weight limit for your checked luggage is exceeded. By researching Qatar's excess baggage fees ahead of time, you can steer clear of unforeseen costs at the airport.
  4. Special Items: Qatar may have particular rules when it comes to shipping things like pets, musical instruments, and sports equipment. For a hassle-free trip, it is advised that you study Qatar's policies in advance if you intend to travel with such items.
  5. Online Check-in: When passengers check in online, Qatar frequently provides them with the opportunity to choose and pay for extra baggage in advance. This could be a practical option if you think you will need more luggage space.
  6. Restrictions: Certain items, such as sharp objects, flammable materials, and liquids that exceed the allowed limit, are prohibited or restricted in both checked and cabin baggage. Understanding these limitations can speed up the security check procedure.

We recommend visiting the Qatar website or contacting their customer service directly for comprehensive information on baggage allowances, restrictions, and fees specific to your Kathmandu to Doha flight.  

Information on the in-flight services and amenities provided for travellers travelling from Kathmandu to Doha with Qatar 

A selection of in-flight amenities and services are offered to Qatar passengers travelling from Kathmandu to Doha to improve your trip experience. Qatar provides free snacks and beverages on board to keep you energised the whole flight. Additionally, you can enjoy a selection of beverages, including tea, coffee, and soft drinks. To keep you occupied during your flight, Qatar also offers a selection of in-flight entertainment options, including magazines and newspapers. Qatar aims to provide a pleasant flight experience from Kathmandu to Doha, with a friendly cabin crew and comfortable seating.

Air ticket prices for Qatar flights from Kathmandu to Doha 

Qatar one-way air ticket fare from Kathmandu to Doha 

Qatar flights between Kathmandu and Doha typically have one-way fares that range from INR 0 to INR 59768 or more.

Qatar Round trip air ticket fare from Kathmandu to Doha 

Qatar flights between Kathmandu and Doha typically have round-trip fares that range from INR 12530 or more.  

Travel tips for Qatar flights from Kathmandu to Doha route   

Booking Ahead for Qatar Flight from Kathmandu to Doha 

To secure your desired travel dates and ensure availability, especially during peak travel seasons, it is highly recommended that you book in advance for your Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha. In addition to having more seating options and possibly lower fares, making your reservation in advance can also help you save money. Moreover, booking ahead of time gives you plenty of time to organise your vacation and make the required preparations, which will improve your entire travel experience.  

Arriving in Advance at Kathmandu

Airport  To guarantee a seamless journey, it is a wise move to arrive at Kathmandu Airport ahead of time. Arriving early relieves the pressure of having to rush before your flight by giving yourself enough time to finish security checks, check-in, and other requirements. Arriving early also allows you to take advantage of the airport's amenities, have a bite to eat, or just unwind before your flight. To guarantee a hassle-free start to your trip and to allow for any unforeseen delays, it is advised to arrive at least two to three hours before your scheduled departure time.  

Essential Packing for Kathmandu to Doha Qatar Flight 

Packing essentials for your Qatar flight from Kathmandu to Doha includes things like your ticket and travel documents, any medications you may need, comfortable clothing for the duration of the flight and the weather in Doha, electronics and chargers, and any other personal items you might need. Make sure you pack within the permitted limits by reviewing Qatar's baggage policy as well. Happy travels!

The price of a Kathmandu to Doha flight ticket varies between a minimum 23463 or up to ₹ 184961.

Note: Cleartrip Lowest Air Fares Calendar provides an indication of prices (per person) for a range of dates, so that you can see the cheapest air fares easily. The air fares you see here may not be available at the time you try and book.
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