Flights from Jabalpur

Domestic flights from Jabalpur ( 6 flights found )

  • JLR → BHO Jabalpur to Bhopal
    05:30 PM → 06:35 PM
  • JLR → DEL Jabalpur to New Delhi
    04:10 PM → 05:55 PM
  • JLR → BOM Jabalpur to Mumbai
    12:20 PM → 02:30 PM
  • JLR → HYD Jabalpur to Hyderabad
    03:00 PM → 04:45 PM

Jabalpur - The City of Marble Rocks

Jabalpur is an old city in central part of India beside river Narmada. It is gateway to important wildlife centuries around it. It is connected to all major cities by railroads. You should plan for a trip of two days to enjoy and explore Jabalpur and nearby places.

Jabalpur was the capital of Gond dynasty and is named after great "Jabaali Rishi". M.P. High court is situated here. A string of lakes surrounds Jabalpur, and it is also known as of city with cliffs.

Key Attractions & Things to do in Jabalpur

Dhuandhar Falls is 100 feet high magnificent fall located on Narmada River. Other major tourist attractions around Jabalpur are Balancing Rock, Pisanhari ki Madiya, Dumna Nature Reserve Park, Rani Durgavati Museum, Bhawartal garden, Hanumantal Bada, Tilwara Ghat, Madan Mahal Fort, Marble rocks and more.

Bhedaghat provides you a unique opportunity to do a boat ride between tall marble rocks. The view here is just breathtaking. If you are a nature lover Ghughra Falls is another treat for you. Vishnu temple, Chonsath Yogini temple and Kachnar city Shiva temple are some more attractions here.

Best Time to Visit Jabalpur

October to March is the best time to visit Jabalpur.

Popular Airlines Flying From & To Jabalpur

SpiceJet, Air India, Alliance Air

To travel to and from Jabalpur, book flights on Cleartrip. Popular flight routes are Jabalpur Mumbai flights Jabalpur Hyderabad flights and Jabalpur New Delhi flights.

How to reach Jabalpur from the different parts of India?

Jabalpur is an important business, as well as a tourist destination. It is well-connected to the major cities of India by flights. Some of the popular domestic flight routes to Jabalpur are:

Flights from Mumbai to Jabalpur: India’s financial capital has 1 flights daily to Jabalpur. The approximate distance between these cities is 870 km and takes around 2 hours to cover by flight. Vistara and Go Air are two popular airlines flying from Jabalpur to Mumbai.

Flights from Goa to Jabalpur: If you are planning to visit Jabalpur from Goa, you would be glad to know that both these places are well-connected by air with 1 daily flights. Jabalpur is approximately 1294 km from Goa and can be reached in 10 hours 25 minutes by flights from Air Asia, Indigo and other airlines.

Flights from Amritsar to Jabalpur: Amritsar offers 2 flights daily for the convenience of passengers. Jabalpur is approximately 1078 km from Amritsar and takes 6 hours 55 minutes to reach via air travel. Vistara and Spicejet are two popular airlines on this route.

Flights from Jaipur to Jabalpur: The Pink City is connected to Jabalpur with 1 daily flights. The distance between these two cities is 897 km and takes 10 hours 5 minutes to cover via a non-stop flight. Some airlines operating on this popular route are Go Air and Air India.

How to reach the different cities of India from Jabalpur? 

Jabalpur offers many connectivity options for travellers planning to visit other cities in India from Jabalpur. It is well-connected by air, road and train to different parts of India. Some popular domestic flight routes from Jabalpur are:

Flights from Jabalpur to Ahmedabad: The distance between these two cities is just 1312 km and takes approx 5 hours 55 minutes to cover. There are 1 flights daily from Jabalpur to Ahmedabad by various airlines like GoAir, SpiceJet and others.

Flights from Jabalpur to Delhi: The flight duration between these two major cities in India is 1 hours 40 minutes covering the distance of 666 km. There are 2 flights operating daily between these two cities by various airlines like Air Asia and Air India.

Flights from Jabalpur to Pune: 1 flights operate daily between these two cities. The distance between these two cities is just 1177 km and takes approx 10 hours 25 minutes. Go Air and Vistara airlines offer flights on this route.

Flights from Jabalpur to Hyderabad: These two major cities in South India have 3 flights daily connecting them. To cover the distance of 681 km, it takes approx 2 hours 0 minutes to reach Hyderabad from Jabalpur. Travellers can select from airlines, such as SpiceJet and Indigo for their travel.

Flights from Jabalpur to Bangalore: There are 3 flights operating daily to Bangalore from Jabalpur. The flight duration is 8 hours 45 minutes and the distance of 1134 km. The flights with convenient timings are Air Asia and Indigo airlines.

International Flight Routes From Jabalpur

Flights from Jabalpur to Singapore: The aerial distance from Jabalpur to Singapore is 4816 km and the flight duration is 11 hours via non-stop flight. There are 1 weekly flights from Jabalpur to Singapore.

Flights from Jabalpur to Dubai: From Jabalpur to Dubai, there are 1 flights operating every week. The flight duration is 14 hours and the distance is 3221 km.

Flights from Jabalpur to London: The flight duration of this route is 18 hours, and there are 2 flights per week. The aerial distance from Jabalpur to London is 7370 km.

Flights from Jabalpur to Frankfurt: 2 flights fly weekly between these two cities. The distance is 6781 km it takes approx 17 hours.

Flights from Jabalpur to Paris: There are 1 flights from Jabalpur to Paris every week. The flight distance is 7244 km, and it takes approx 15 hours 40 minutes.


  1. What transport facilities are available in Jabalpur?

    private & government luxury buses, taxis and car rentals are some of the travel options available within the city.

  2. How can I book the shortest distance flight?

    To book the shortest flight, you can do a flight search on Cleartrip, compare the flights and book the shortest distance flight.

  3. Which are the popular domestic airlines that fly from and to Jabalpur?

    The Air India, Alliance Air and SpiceJet are top 3 domestic airlines that operate flights from and to Jabalpur.

  4. Which are the top international airlines that fly to Jabalpur?

    The Airmark IndonesianAviation is the international airlines that operate flights from and to Jabalpur.

  5. How many international flights operate from Jabalpur?

    1 flights take off from Jabalpur to international destinations.

  6. Which is the first international flight that flies from Jabalpur?

    The first international flight to depart from the city is Airmark Indonesian Aviation and it departs at 2:20 PM.

  7. Which is the last international flight that flies from Jabalpur?

    The last flight that departs from Jabalpur is Airmark Indonesian Aviation , which leaves at 2:20 PM.