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Cathay Pacific PNR Status

Have you received confirmation on your flight booking with Cathay Pacific? If you’re unsure, you may conveniently find out by doing a PNR status check on the Internet.

Why check your PNR status?

The PNR number is generated at the time of the flight booking and is a unique code for every passenger. By entering your Passenger Name Record (PNR) number, you may unlock all the details of your flight. Information like your destination, time of arrival and departure, date of flight, and other details will be made available for your reference.

If you’re wondering where you can find this PNR number, also known as the booking reference number, all you need to do is refer to your flight ticket.

Method to check Cathay Pacific PNR status

If you wish to check the PNR status of your Cathay Pacific flight, you may simply visit the official website of the airline. Click on the ‘Manage tab’ option and then hit the ‘Manage booking’ option. You may log in using either your booking reference number or your account details. In order to log in using your booking reference number, you may enter your name (as it appears on your reservation), your family name, and your booking reference number. Instead of the PNR number, or the booking reference number, you may alternatively enter your e-ticket number.

If you wish to check your Cathay Pacific PNR status using your account details, you may enter your membership number or your email address and your password. Upon clicking the ‘Login’ button, you may view whether your booking is confirmed or on the waiting list. You may also check the arrival and departure time of your flight and determine if your flight is cancelled, delayed or on time.

For added convenience, you may view your PNR status through Cleartrip. The website provides the necessary details at your fingertips.