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Air Arabia Flight & PNR Status Check Status

Air Arabia PNR Status

Air Arabia, the first and the largest low-cost airline across the Middle East, has positioned itself as a pay-less and fly-more carrier. The airline offers value-for-money services. In case you are traveling with this airline on your next trip, it is important to know the status of your booking. For this purpose, you may check your PNR status through the official website of the airline.

What is PNR?

As the name suggests, a Passenger Name Record (PNR) number is a unique code, which contains complete details of the passenger. This code is obtained at the time of ticket booking. Once you have made the payment for your reservation with Air Arabia, a reservation number is generated and sent to your email address. You can use this number to make further enquiries about your booking.

Method to check Air Arabia PNR Status

In case you have not received confirmation for your Air Arabia flight booking, do not worry. Keep your PNR code ready before you visit Air Arabia’s official website. Under the ‘Manage Booking’ tab, click on ‘Modify Flight.’ You will have to enter your PNR number, your last name, and the departure date of your flight. Upon clicking the ‘Continue’ button, you will receive complete details of your booking.

In case your plans have changed, Air Arabia allows you to modify the day of travel or even the destination. All you have to do is access the website and make the necessary changes using your PNR number. Alternatively, you may also contact Air Arabia’s call center, visit its sales office or any of the travel partners.

For greater flexibility and convenience, you may check your Air Arabia PNR status through Cleartrip. Here, you can view the real-time PNR status of your booking and ascertain whether your seat is confirmed or is on the waitlist. You may also identify the arrival and departure time of your flight, and also determine if it will be on time, get delayed or cancelled.