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Delhi to Lucknow Flights

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Flights from Delhi to Lucknow

  • indigo



  • 00:20
  • 01h 05m Non Stop
  • 01:25
  • ₹ 3119
  • indigo



  • 00:40
  • 01h 05m Non Stop
  • 01:45
  • ₹ 3119
  • indigo



  • 00:55
  • 01h 00m Non Stop
  • 01:55
  • ₹ 3119
  • airasia-india

    Airasia India


  • 01:25
  • 01h 20m Non Stop
  • 02:45
  • ₹ 3119
  • air-india

    Air India


  • 01:35
  • 01h 15m Non Stop
  • 02:50
  • ₹ 3119
  • air-india

    Air India


  • 01:40
  • 01h 10m Non Stop
  • 02:50
  • ₹ 3119
  • indigo



  • 02:30
  • 01h 00m Non Stop
  • 03:30
  • ₹ 3119
  • indigo



  • 03:00
  • 01h 05m Non Stop
  • 04:05
  • ₹ 3119
  • indigo



  • 03:00
  • 01h 15m Non Stop
  • 04:15
  • ₹ 3119
  • air-india

    Air India


  • 06:50
  • 01h 10m Non Stop
  • 08:00
  • ₹ 3119

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FAQ about New Delhi to Lucknow Flights

  1. Where can I get the lowest price for the Delhi to Lucknow flight?

    You can get the lowest Delhi to Lucknow flight ticket price on ClearTrip.

  2. What is the distance from Delhi to Lucknow's flight?

    The total distance that the Delhi to Lucknow flight covers is 419 km. Thus, it is a short flight comparatively.

  3. Which are the airlines that offer Delhi to Lucknow flight service?

    AirIndia, Alliance Air, AirIndia Express, IndiGo and Vistara offer flight services on the Delhi to Lucknow flight route.

  4. Can you sleep at Lucknow airport?

    Yes, the Lucknow airport does offer lounge facilities that include restrooms. Thus, you can rest well before you get on your flight.

  5. Which airlines offer complimentary meals on the Delhi to Lucknow flight?

    All flights of AirIndia and Vistara Airlines offer a free meal to their passengers on this short flight. Moreover, some IndiGo flights provide this service, but not all of them.

  6. Does any insurance insure airline bookings?

    On ClearTrip, all trips are insured by Medi-cancel refund. Thus, all passengers can get a full refund on hotel and flight bookings, provided they have medical reasons. However, this facility is only available on ClearTrip!

  7. What are the flight timings for the Delhi to Lucknow flight?

    The flight times for Delhi to Lucknow flights can range between 7 AM and 12 AM any day. Thus, users can filter when they search for this.

  8. Are all Delhi to Lucknow flights one-stop?

    No, some flights may not be non-stop. This information is available on your booking screen when you plan your trip on ClearTrip!

  9. What is the fastest way to reach Delhi airport?

    The quickest way to get to Delhi airport is through the metro service, as the airport has a private metro station. However, other travel options like taxis, Ola, and Uber are also available.

  10. Is Lucknow's bus service available from the airport?

    Yes, you can get a bus service out of Lucknow airport. Additionally, you can get prepaid taxis, private cars, public taxi services, and cab services.

  11. Which part of the week is the best for the Delhi to Lucknow flight?

    The middle of the week is the best time to get a Delhi to Lucknow flight, so book your flight accordingly.

  12. Does Delhi airport have facilities for disabled people?

    Yes, the airport does provide support for challenged and disabled people, so it will not be a problem.

  13. Is Delhi Airport accessible by public bus services?

    Yes! Besides public bus services, Delhi Airport is also freely accessible by private cars, cabs and taxi services.

  14. How long does the Delhi to Lucknow flight take?

    A one-way trip from Delhi to Lucknow takes approximately 1hr 10mins to complete, so it is not a long trip.

Top Delhi to Lucknow Flight Details 

Cheapest Fare in the next 30 days


Cheapest Airline in the next 30 days

Alliance Air

Price Starts From and Goes Upto

₹3119 - ₹45403

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Note: Ticket prices could rise to ₹45403 or more closer to your travel dates.

Delhi to Lucknow Flight: One-Way 

One-way tickets are ideal for travelers with a flexible or open return date from Lucknow. They provide the freedom to book return or onward travel at one's own pace. Frequent short flights of approximately 90 minutes connect Delhi and Lucknow throughout the day. One-way fares suit those moving to Lucknow, taking extended trips, or attending events with variable end dates. Travelers avoid being tied to prescheduled return flights or bundled pricing.

Delhi to Lucknow Flight: Roundtrip 

Protect your budget for  Delhi to Lucknow flight with ₹6131 handy all-inclusive roundtrip bundles!

Roundtrip fares offer the best value for short-term trips with fixed Delhi return dates. By locking down specific return flights upfront alongside intended departures, roundtrips provide substantial savings over one-way options for direct Delhi-Lucknow flights. They work nicely for Lucknow tourists on weekend getaways, business conference attendees, or other travelers with defined schedules. Roundtrip bundles also offer financial predictability without variable pricing on separate one-way legs.

Delhi to Lucknow Flight Baggage Allowance

Trusted Alliance Air routes starting from ₹3119. Book their unmatched premium service at incredible pricing for the next 30 days!

Like any other flight, you can carry up to 7 kg as your cabin luggage on your Delhi to Lucknow flight. In addition, passengers are allowed a maximum of 15kgs on their checking-in baggage.

Moreover, passengers are allowed only one handbag, provided no contraband exists. If you wish to book an extra baggage allowance, you can do so while booking your flight on ClearTrip!

Tips to Save on Delhi to Lucknow Flight Booking With ClearTrip

Unlock an additional ₹5000 OFF on your  Delhi to Lucknow flight instantly! Limited period promo CTFLY apply at checkout!

Flight tickets can be expensive, so follow these simple tips and tricks to get a lower price on your Delhi to Lucknow flight ticket and enjoy a great trip:

Plan your trip well so you can book your flight tickets 50-60 days in advance because ticket prices will rise as the day of the flight advances.Weekends face higher demand for airline tickets, so the prices are always higher. So, try to take your flight during the middle of the week for a lower price.Choose budget airlines like SpiceJet, GoFirst, and IndiGo as they provide lower prices on air tickets by compromising on other aspects like free meals and so on.Do not be rigid about your booking dates.

Delhi Airport Lounges and Facilities 

The Delhi Airport has over 25 lounges and restaurants across its three terminals. Thus, some well-renowned ones include:

  • Plaza Lounge Premium T1, T2 and T3
  • American Express Lounge T3
  • Encalm Lounge T1, T2 and T3

You get to enjoy several amenities, such as:

  • Great food and drinks menu with premium standards in premium lounges
  • Great ambience and colossal floor space to have a good time
  • Business centre if you have a professional trip to make with clients and partners
  • 24/7 Medical Services
  • Free WiFi

Several routes, including railways, metros and private vehicles, connect the airport. All cab services ply this route, so accessibility is not a problem.

Lucknow Airport Lounges and Facilities

Lucknow Airport has a dedicated lounge that the airport authorities operate. These are the features of The Lounge:

  • Expansive space and ample seating capacity
  • Limited option menu but great food and ambience
  • Multiple lounge card facilities are available
  • Free WiFi

Lucknow Airport is easily accessible by the closest railway station, Charbagh station. In addition, buses, cabs and taxi services regularly travel on this route.

Car Parking at Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport has multiple car parking options, including short-term and long-term, multi-level parking systems. Moreover, there is also a valet parking service available.The airport parking service charges are fixed for an hour before they increase proportionately for the vehicle.



  • Up to 30 mins - ₹200
  • 30 mins - 1 hr - ₹250
  • Per hour from 1-5 hours - ₹100
  • 5-24 hours - ₹700


  • Up to 30 mins - ₹120
  • 30 mins - 1 hr - ₹170
  • Per hour from 1-5 hours - ₹100
  • 5-24 hours - ₹600


  • Up to 30 mins - ₹30
  • 30 mins - 2 hrs - ₹60
  • Per hour from 2-8 hours - ₹30
  • 8-24 hours - ₹300

Car Parking at Lucknow Airport

Lucknow Airport has a sizeable car parking facility with specific pick-up and drop-off points. Moreover, frequent travellers can get a monthly pass as well. Additionally, there are two-wheeler parking facilities as well.


  • Up to 30 min - ₹500
  • Up to 2 hrs - ₹800
  • Every additional 2 hrs - ₹200
  • Daily (24 hrs) - ₹3000


  • Up to 30 min - ₹300
  • Up to 2 hrs - ₹500
  • Every additional 2 hrs - ₹125
  • Daily - ₹1875

Car (Private/Commercial):

  • Up to 30 min - ₹90
  • Up to 2 hrs - ₹150
  • Every additional 2 hrs - ₹40
  • Daily - ₹590


  • Up to 30 min - ₹30
  • Up to 2 hrs - ₹80
  • Every additional 2 hrs - ₹10
  • Daily - ₹190

About Lucknow 

Lucknow, renowned for its rich culture, boasts historical gems like Rumi Darwaza and Bara Imambara that narrate tales of the past. The city is a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a delectable array of authentic cuisines that tickle the taste buds. Lucknow is adorned with natural beauty and cultural heritage, creating a picturesque backdrop for visitors. 

The city's charm extends to handicrafts and cottage industries, showcasing skilled craftsmanship and artistic expressions. From exploring historical monuments to savouring great food, enjoying natural beauty, and appreciating local craftsmanship, Lucknow promises a delightful and culturally enriching experience for all who visit.

Lucknow Airport Address: Amausi, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226009

About Delhi

Delhi, a melting pot of diverse cultures, is a testament to India's rich heritage. The city is renowned for its attractive street food culture, offering a tempting array of flavours, and boasts abundant shopping destinations for enthusiasts. Steeped in history, Delhi's capital city is adorned with monuments symbolising our national identity. 

Beyond its historical charm, the city is a dynamic party hub and an economic powerhouse, providing ample growth opportunities. With its blend of tradition, culinary delights, historical significance, and modern opportunities, Delhi invites visitors to explore a multifaceted experience that captures the essence of India's past and present.

Delhi Airport Address: Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

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