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Hyderabad to Ahmedabad Flights

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Flights from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad

  • indigo



  • 00:00
  • 01h 45m Non Stop
  • 01:45
  • ₹ 5395
  • indigo



  • 00:25
  • 01h 45m Non Stop
  • 02:10
  • ₹ 5395
  • indigo



  • 00:55
  • 01h 45m Non Stop
  • 02:40
  • ₹ 5395
  • indigo



  • 02:15
  • 01h 45m Non Stop
  • 04:00
  • ₹ 5395
  • indigo



  • 08:10
  • 01h 50m Non Stop
  • 10:00
  • ₹ 5395
  • indigo



  • 08:15
  • 01h 45m Non Stop
  • 10:00
  • ₹ 5395
  • indigo



  • 08:15
  • 01h 55m Non Stop
  • 10:10
  • ₹ 5395

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FAQ about Hyderabad to Ahmedabad Flights

  1. How can I find budget-friendly flights from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad?

    Use online platforms like Cleartrip to find top deals on HYD to AMD flight tickets, offering options for early morning and red-eye departures.

  2. Are one-way flight options available from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad?

    Yes, you can book one-way tickets if you plan a solo trip or short visit, with various options from leading carriers.

  3. Is it advisable to book roundtrip flights from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad?

    Booking roundtrip flights in advance can be more economical and convenient. You can compare flight times and prices after entering your outbound and return dates.

  4. What is the typical baggage allowance for Hyderabad to Ahmedabad flights?

    The baggage allowance usually ranges from 15-25 kg for checked-in luggage and is limited to 7 kg for hand baggage. Check with your airline for specific restrictions.

  5. What tips can help save money on flights from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad?

    Book well in advance, be flexible with dates, consider connecting flights, choose off-peak red-eye flights, and use exclusive promo codes from booking websites.

  6. What amenities are available at Hyderabad Airport?

    Hyderabad Airport offers lounges like Plaza Premium and Encalm, with facilities including free Wi-Fi, dining options, duty-free shopping, currency exchange, health assistance, and wheelchair facilities.

  7. What lounges and facilities does Ahmedabad Airport provide?

    Ahmedabad Airport features lounges like AMD First Class and Semolina, offering duty-free shopping, dining options, cafes, currency exchange, free Wi-Fi, resting zones, medical centre, and a kid's play area.

  8. What are some key highlights of Hyderabad?

    Hyderabad is famous for Tollywood cinema, historical landmarks like Golconda Fort and Charminar, Salar Jung Museum, Laad Bazaar, and its rich cuisine, including biryani and kebabs.

  9. What is the address of Hyderabad Airport?

    The address is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500409.

  10. What makes Ahmedabad a notable travel destination?

    Ahmedabad is renowned for its historical sites like Sabarmati Ashram, vibrant bazaars, architecture, International Kite Festival, Gujarati cuisine, and its role as a business hub in Gujarat.

  11. What is the address of Ahmedabad Airport?

    The address is Hansol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380003.

  12. Are there direct flights available from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad?

    The article suggests the availability of both direct and connecting flights, depending on your preference.

  13. Can I find duty-free shopping at Hyderabad Airport?

    Yes, duty-free shopping is available at Hyderabad Airport.

  14. What transport options are available for reaching Hyderabad Airport?

    You can reach Hyderabad Airport via buses private and public taxis.

  15. Does Ahmedabad Airport offer facilities for children?

    Yes, Ahmedabad Airport has a kid's play area, among other passenger amenities.

Best Hyderabad to Ahmedabad Flights

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₹5395 - ₹11486

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Discover Ahmedabad conveniently with budget-friendly Hyderabad to Ahmedabad flights. Our portal showcases top deals on HYD to AMD flight tickets with major domestic airlines – make your booking in seconds. Opt from regular early morning and red-eye departures suiting business and leisure travelers.

Claim the lowest  Hyderabad to Ahmedabad Flight Price of just ₹5395 now with coupons upto ₹5000!  

Note: Ticket prices could rise to ₹11486 or more closer to your travel dates.

Hyderabad to Ahmedabad One-Way Flights

Planning a solo Hyderabad Ahmedabad flight? Choose the savings of booking a one-way ticket. We provide affordable flights from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad options with leading carriers for your exact travel dates. Our easy search filters and fare calendars simplify finding the right one-way flight.

Hyderabad to Ahmedabad Roundtrip Flights

Protect your budget for the Hyderabad to Ahmedabad flight with ₹10803 handy all-inclusive roundtrip bundles!

Make your Ahmedabad trip relaxed and affordable by advance roundtrip booking from Hyderabad. We provide great flight + return fare deals bundled together. After comparing choices, just enter your outbound and return dates and select a roundtrip option. Lockdown savings on air tickets for your exact trip duration.

Baggage Allowance

Trusted IndiGo routes starting from ₹5395. Book their unmatched premium service at incredible pricing for the next 30 days!

When booking Hyderabad to Ahmedabad flights, please verify the airline's permitted baggage policy to avoid issues. The free check-in allowance is typically 15-25 kg, with hand baggage limited to 7 kg per flyer on domestic routes. Dimension and weight restrictions also apply.

Tips to Save on Hyderabad to Ahmedabad Flights

Unlock an additional ₹5000 OFF on your Hyderabad to Ahmedabad flight instantly! Limited period promo CTFLY apply at checkout!

  • Book early for the lowest fares 
  • Flexible dates open cheap deals
  • Try connecting flights via Mumbai   
  • Choose off-peak red-eye flights
  • Use our website's exclusive promo codes  

Hyderabad Airport Lounges & Amenities

At Hyderabad Airport, you gain access to these lounges: 

  • Plaza Premium Lounge (International Departures)
  • Encalm Lounge  

Take advantage of these facilities at Hyderabad Airport:

  • Free wireless internet  
  • Dining establishments & food outlets
  • Duty-free shopping  
  • Money exchange desk  
  • Health Assistance 
  • Wheelchair facilities

This airport has direct connectivity to Goa. You can easily get buses and private and public taxis for transportation.

Ahmedabad Airport Lounges & Facilities

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (AMD) offers great amenities for passengers:

Premium Lounges:

  • AMD First Class Lounge
  • Semolina Lounge

AMD provides good facilities, including:

  • Duty-free luxury shopping
  • Multiple dining options
  • Cafes with local cuisine
  • Currency exchange counters
  • Free WiFi & phone charging points
  • Resting zones
  • Medical centre & pharmacy

Other amenities:

  • Dedicated wheelchair assistance
  • Flight information displays
  • Baggage wrapping service
  • Kids play area

With comfortable lounge spaces, shopping, relishing Gujarati flavours, and rejuvenation areas – Ahmedabad Airport uplifts the transit experience while you await your onward journey.

Parking Facility at Hyderabad Airport

HYD airport has a sizeable parking zone with complimentary parking access at the ramp heading to the airport arrival entrance. All of its parking areas have capacity for up to 3000 vehicles. The parking fees are:

  • ₹100 per hour for four-wheel automobiles   
  • ₹30 per 2 hours for two-wheel vehicles

Car Parking at Ahmedabad Airport

Ahmedabad Airport makes car parking available at both T1 and T2 terminals with these rates

  • Private Vehicle: ₹90 for 30 minutes, ₹150 for up to 2 hours, ₹40 per 2 hours after that
  • Commercial Vehicle: ₹150 per journey
  • Two-Wheeler: ₹50 for 30 minutes, ₹80 for up to 2 hours, ₹10 per 2 hours after that
  • Twenty minutes of free parking for private vehicles at T2. Pickup fees apply for commercial vehicles at both terminals.

About Hyderabad

As the capital of Telangana state, Hyderabad has made a name for itself as the epicentre of Tollywood cinema in India, with many busy movie studios located here. Technology development also thrives in various centres across the city. Iconic landmarks transport visitors through different historical eras - from the majestic Golconda Fort on a hilltop to the 16th-century Charminar mosque recognised by its signature arches. The renowned Salar Jung Museum provides insight into varied artistic styles and evolution.

Shopaholics flock to the dynamic Laad Bazaar for bridalwear shopping, exquisite pearls, and more. Hyderabad's cuisine also dazzles - foodies must relish the flavorful biryani, juicy kebabs and rich haleem curry. From celluloid dreams and ancient royal bastions to modern innovation, Hyderabad wonderfully merges its glorious past with contemporary progress.

Hyderabad Airport Address: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500409

About Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the biggest city in Gujarat and a top place to discover the state's history, food, architecture and culture. Famous spots include Mahatma Gandhi's Sabarmati Ashram, busy cloth bazaars, beautiful mosques and pols showcasing mixed Hindu-Muslim building styles, the exciting International Kite Festival in January, and relishing Gujarati thali meals.  

Ahmedabad is also the business centre of Gujarat, with successful industries in textiles, medicines and information technology. The city has good connectivity across India through its international airport and railway station. Ahmedabad gives visitors the complete package to experience Gujarat's heritage sites, cuisine, festivals and businesses all in one vibrant city. The welcoming locals, modern comforts and rich cultural authenticity make Ahmedabad an unmissable Indian destination.

Ahmedabad Airport Address: Hansol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380003

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