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Aurangabad to Mumbai Flights

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Flights from Aurangabad to Mumbai

  • air-india

    Air India


  • 01:30
  • 01h 05m Non Stop
  • 02:35
  • ₹ 8956
  • indigo



  • 01:35
  • 00h 55m Non Stop
  • 02:30
  • ₹ 4177
  • indigo



  • 01:35
  • 01h 00m Non Stop
  • 02:35
  • ₹ 4177
  • air-india

    Air India


  • 03:15
  • 01h 10m Non Stop
  • 04:25
  • ₹ 8956
  • air-india

    Air India


  • 03:20
  • 01h 05m Non Stop
  • 04:25
  • ₹ 8956
  • indigo



  • 14:20
  • 01h 25m Non Stop
  • 15:45
  • ₹ 4177

Book Aurangabad to Mumbai flight tickets with great discounts at cheapest airfare. Use the coupon code 'THALA07' and get up to 5000 off. Also, check cheapest return Mumbai to Aurangabad flights online with Cleartrip.

FAQ about Aurangabad to Mumbai Flights

  1. What is the baggage allowance for Aurangabad to Mumbai flight?

    Air India's trip from Aurangabad to Mumbai allows for 25 kilograms of checked baggage and 8 kg of hand luggage. In contrast, all domestic IndiGo flights allow passengers to take 7 kg of baggage and 15 kg of checked bags.

  2. Things not to carry while travelling on a flight

    You are not permitted to bring exploding caps, counterfeit destructive devices, sparklers, smoke cartridges, smoke boxes, acid, or any other forbidden object in the hold or as baggage.

  3. What are the important documents to carry to the airport?

    Travellers must bring the following documents: travel visas, passports, national identification cards, and medical records. Documents for health and travel insurance.

  4. How early should I arrive at the airport before my Aurangabad to Mumbai flight?

    When travelling domestically, arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure. It guards against unexpected delays.

  5. What happens if I miss my Aurangabad to Mumbai flight?

    If you miss your flight due to traffic, the airline may consider you a no-show and cancel your entire itinerary. This is why you should contact ahead and ask if you can be rebooked on a different flight so you can still fly. Most likely, you will have to pay a reservation fee.

  6. What do I do if my luggage is lost or delayed?

    The first thing you should do is reach out to the airline. Wait to leave the airport until you've spoken with an airline official. Fill out any airline forms you may need to make your claim. Some airlines will pay you for your checked baggage costs if your luggage is delayed for at least 12 hours after you file your complaint.

  7. Are there any safety tips I should be aware of for my Aurangabad to Mumbai flight?

    Arrive at the airport early to give yourself ample time to get through security. Follow all security measures and orders issued by airport personnel. Ensure that your carry-on luggage is safely stored in the overhead bins. Follow the airline's restrictions for using electronic gadgets on takeoff and landing.

  8. What are the airline's policies on pets?

    The furry friend must be kept in a kennel or a soft, ventilated sack no larger than 46 cm (18 in x 46 cm/18 in x 30 cm/12 in). According to DGCA regulations, only two pets are allowed in the cabin of each airline aircraft. The animal must be properly hooked and muzzled, and its combined weight, including the box, cannot exceed five kg.

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Aurangabad to Mumbai Flights: Trends and Insights

Check below to learn about the best airlines offering the cheapest flight fare, perfect time to travel, earliest departure, etc., in advance from Aurangabad to Mumbai flight. Book your Aurangabad to Mumbai flight using Cleartrip and grab some exclusive deals. 

1. During which month are flights from Aurangabad to Mumbai usually the most affordable?

September is the best month to book an IXU to Mumbai flight, when the flight rates usually get cheaper.  

2. How far in advance should I book an Aurangabad to Mumbai flight for the best prices?

If you aim for budget planning, ensure you reserve your flight 1 or 2 weeks before departure. Use Cleartrip to compare Aurangabad to Mumbai flight ticket prices and grab the best deal.

3. Which airlines offer the lowest fares for flights between Aurangabad and Mumbai?

Both Air India and Indigo offer inexpensive fares for flights between these routes. When booking a flight, make sure you check out the Aurangabad to Mumbai flight timetable on Cleartrip.

4. Which airlines operate the most frequent flights between Aurangabad and Mumbai?

Indigo operates the most frequent flights on this route. Check out the Ahmedabad to Mumbai direct flight schedule in real time using the Cleartrip app.

5. What airlines provide non-stop flights between Aurangabad and Mumbai?

Air India jets off non-stop flights from Aurangabad to Mumbai.

6. How many flights operate between Aurangabad and Mumbai on a daily basis?

There are a total of 17 flights that operate between these two cities. Compare the flight price of Aurangabad to Mumbai and book your ticket in a few simple steps through Cleartrip.

7. What are the available cabin class options for flights from Aurangabad to Mumbai?

The IXU to Mumbai route has just one Economy class option.

8. What is the average duration of a flight from Aurangabad to Mumbai?

The direct flight takes just 55 minutes to cover the distance between Aurangabad and Mumbai. Get an exclusive rebate on flight fare from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with Cleartrip.

9. What is the earliest departure time for flights from Aurangabad to Mumbai?

The earliest flight departs at 06:45. There might be some variations due to internal factors, so ensure you assess Aurangabad Mumbai flight timings on Cleartrip.

10. What is the latest departure time for flights from Aurangabad to Mumbai?

The latest flight from Aurangabad to Mumbai jets off at 21:25.

Aurangabad to Mumbai Flight Details: Booking, Flight Status and Web Check-In

Explore the details provided below to find out more about the Aurangabad Mumbai flight schedule, web check-in procedure, etc.  

1. How to Book an Aurangabad to Mumbai Flight Ticket on Cleartrip?

You must sign up on the site to book a ticket and check your flight status. If you are already registered, log in on the site.

  • Select your trip type. There are two options. Select One Way or Round Trip from the dropdown box if you need it.
  • Insert "Aurangabad (IXU)" in the departure field and type "Mumbai(BOM) " in the arrival city.
  • Next, you need to choose your intended trip date along with the number of passengers.
  • Hit the search button. No, you can see a list of flights from Aurangabad to Mumbai.
  • Before you finish the payment, remember to double-check the discount deals.
  • Add the discount code that is applicable on your “flight from Aurangabad to Mumbai booking.
  • Finish the payment procedure by following all the instructions highlighted on the site.

2. How can I check the flight status & schedule for my Aurangabad to Mumbai flights?

There are lots of internal and external factors that may cause flight delays. Double-checking the flight status and schedule using the Cleartrip app is always recommended. Follow these simple set of steps:

  • Navigate the airline's website/ app.
  • Discover the "Flight Status" field.
  • Now, enter details in all the mandatory fields, such as your flight option, one-way or two-way, departure date, etc.
  • Submit the "Flight Status" button. After finishing this step, you can access your flight status. Use Cleartrip to get exclusive deals on airfare from Aurangabad to Mumbai. Cleartrip can even offer you good deals on your last-minute flight.

3. How can I do web check-in for my upcoming Aurangabad to Mumbai flight?

Travellers with confirmed reservations can access the web check-in facility. The window for digital check-in for Aurangabad to Mumbai flight tickets opens 48 hours to 60 minutes before the planned departure time. Cleartrip has tailored a simple web check-in process to cater for every user. Use the Cleartrip handy app to save your time during offline check-in.

Take these steps:

  • Navigate to your chosen airline's portal.
  • You may be asked to enter some details like PNR, last name, email, etc.
  • Next, choose the number of traveller/s you want to check-in.
  • Select the desired seat/s and hit on the “Proceed” link.
  • Submit the “Check-in” tab.
  • Avoid long queues and check-in online by following these straightforward steps

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Aurangabad to Mumbai round trip

Round trip tickets are reserved as one ticket from location 1 to destination 2 and back again. Cleartrip has made the flight booking process easier for both one-way and round-trip. Using the Cleartrip app to buy a round-trip flight ticket from Ahmedabad to Mumbai is easy. Just open a website and pick the "Round Trip" option. Next, insert your planned travel dates and other necessary details. Finally, complete the payment process. You will get your round-trip e-ticket to your registered email within a few seconds. 

Book Aurangabad to Mumbai round-trip flight tickets through Cleartrip and get the best deals.

About Mumbai City


Mumbai city, also known as the City of Dreams, has a perfect amalgamation of Western and traditional Marathi culture. It also offers a glimpse into its colonial history under British authority.

Enjoy exclusive domestic flight offers to experience the sparkle and allure of the Mumbai city.


Mumbai has a long, rich, and interesting history. It was formerly known as "Bombay" and was delivered to the British Crown as a dowry in 1662. As British rule grew, so did the ambition to reclaim territories. Thus began the process of connecting previously separated islands.

Mumbai underwent massive urbanisation throughout the post-independence era. Then, in the latter part of the 1990s, research into the Marathi cultural past and the traditional Marathi path became important. As a result, the city was renamed Mumbai instead of Bombay.

The city of dreams is filled with a stunning collection of rock-cut caverns, mosques, churches, forts and temples; book a Mumbai to Aurangabad flight to witness all of these sites firsthand.

Best time to visit

October is an ideal month to visit Mumbai due to its favourable conditions. October to December is ideal for tourism, outdoor activities, and discovering its mysteries and splendour. Mumbai never gets below 20 degrees, so you should wear your ordinary cotton clothes. No need to bring gloves and seaters.

Places to Visit

  • Kanheri Caves: boasts a good amalgamation of ancient temples and Buddhist shrines.
  • Marine Drive: this beautiful place that never sleeps can be accessible by buses, cars, etc. It is a massive tourist place that attracts travellers from throughout the world.
  • Gateway of India: Stone archway appeals to visitors. Due to its central location, you can easily reach it by public transport or car rental.
  • Elephanta Caves: Best attraction to visit in Mumbai city. Shiva, in his three-faced avatar, is the main highlight of this beautiful place.


By Air: Mumbai City is also very popular because of its air hubs, which are filled with state-of-the-art amenities. Mumbai airport conducts particularly all of the international and domestic flights. By Train: The rail network in Mumbai is dense and well-mentioned. Three major lines connect the different locations of the city. 
By Metro: Mumbai Metro rail currently conducts one line with 12 stations. The metro carriages are air-conditioned and comfortable. The frequency of the Mumbai metro is good. There is a metro every three minutes during peak hours.  
By Bus: If you want to explore around or within the city,  red B.E.S.T buses are very comfortable and affordable. Mumbai's red BEST buses are a popular public transportation that connects almost every part of the city. They are good alternatives to trains where trains or other transportation modes are limited.  

Getting around Mumbai city is facilitated by:

  1. Public Transport: Buses, cabs, and taxis can be easily available.
  2. Ferries: Travellers may also access a variety of water transportation options, including boats, ferries, etc.
  3. Auto rickshaws: Auto rickshaws are a good mode to navigate congested locations quickly. 
  4. Cabs: Local taxis, which are known as Kaali Peelis in the city, and ride-sharing services such as Uber and Ola are also good alternatives to hire while exploring the attractions of the city.

Mumbai Airport


Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099 IATA Code: BOM


Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport houses two well-established terminals. Terminal 1(T1) manages domestic travel. It is further subdivided into Terminals 1A and 1B. Indian, Kingfisher Airlines, Go-Air, etc. all fly out of Terminal 1A. Terminal 1B accommodates Jet, Deccan Air, and many domestic private airlines. Terminal 1B has a meet-and-greet area. Terminal 2 is intended for international flight usage. It is also known as Terminal 2A. Terminal 2A manages regular international airlines, while Terminal 2C only services nationalised government carriers Air India and Air India Express, which are covered by Air India ground services.


The airport houses three of the best lounges, which provide a variety of amenities. They include Aviserv Lounges, loyalty lounges, and travel clubs. All are dedicated, offering 24-hour access to world-class amenities, including:

  • ATMs
  • Wi-Fi
  • Currency Exchange
  • Baggage Trolleys 
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Medical services
  • Lost and found area
  • Smoking lounge
  • Baby care rooms.


The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport provides multiple facilities such as:

  • ATMs.
  • Currency exchange services.
  • medical facilities
  • Luggage storage and lockers.
  • Shopping stores
  • E-Tourist VISA facility.
  • Play zone areas.
  • Smoking areas.
  • Post office.
  • Prayer rooms.
  • Cab and taxi services.
  • Wheelchair service for needy travellers.


The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport has well-established parking facilities at both its domestic and international terminals. These car parking spots are well-kept and can be accessible 24 hours a day. Besides that, there are also dedicated pick-up and drop-off spots. Frequent travellers or globetrotters can also access a monthly pass to save time. You may access two-wheeler parking at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

About Aurangabad City


Aurangabad Airport, or Chikkalthana Airport, is just 10 km away from the city.


Khaḍkī was originally a village that was later developed into a capital city by Malik Ambar, the Prime Minister of Murtaza Nizam Shah II, Sultan of Ahmednagar. Within a decade, Khaḍkī grew into a populous and imposing city. After Malik Ambar's death in 1626, he was succeeded by his son Fateh Khan, who changed the name of Khaḍkī to Fatehnagar. When the Mughals captured Devagiri Fort in 1633, the Nizam Shahi dominions, including Fatehnagar, came under Mughal possession.

In 1653, Mughal prince Aurangzeb was appointed the Viceroy of the Deccan for the second time, and he made Fatehnagar his capital, renaming it Aurangabad. Aurangabad is sometimes referred to as Khujista Bunyad by the chroniclers of Aurangzeb's reign.

Best time to visit

Winter is an ideal season to explore the ancient sites in the city. From October to March, you can plan any kind of outdoor activity. Clear skies and cold temperature makes your trip more enjoyable.

Places to Visit

Aurangabad is filled with numerous attractions, and a few notable ones are highlighted below:

  • Ajanta Caves: boasts appealing architecture and splendid surroundings
  • Ellora Caves: There are 34 caves to explore, and Kailash Temple is its main attraction.
  • Bibi Ka Maqbara: This famous white marble monument gives a replica of the Taj Mahal. It remains open all day from morning to evening.
  • Sunheri Mahal: constructed with lime and stone, this historical museum, surrounded by lush green, takes you to the ancient period.
  • Daulatabad Fort: Thick solid walls and engrossed gates make this fort the most popular site to visit in the city.


By Air:

Chikkalthana airport is just 10 km away from the city, which can be spanned using rental cabs, taxis, etc. It has a good frequency of direct and indirect flights for major cities.

By Smart City Bus:

Smart city buses are convenient, safe and affordable. Furthermore, these buses are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like CCTV cameras, digital route display boards, etc. The city accommodates more than 200 buses that connect different parts of the city.

By Cab:

Rental cab networks like Ola, etc., also offer good connectivity within the city.

By Taxi:

Aurangabad taxi services also facilitate comfortable and easy ways to visit around the corner.

By Auto Rickshaw:

Metered Auto Rickshaws are also well-connected and provide quality journeys.

Aurangabad Airport


Jalna Road, MIDC Industrial Area, Chilkalthana, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431006



Aurangabad Airport has only one terminal that manages both domestic and international flights. The terminal can easily accommodate 200 travellers per hour. Jet Airways, Kingfisher, and Indian Airlines are a few popular airlines that provide direct or indirect flights to metropolises like Delhi, Bangalore, etc.


Travellers at the airport may have a premium lounge access experience.

  • Healthy and delicious food services
  • Provides dedicated workspaces
  • Wi-Fi services
  • Electronic recharging facilities.
  • Browse newspapers and magazines.
  • Keep up with flight information screens.
  • Versatile play zones for kids to keep them engrossed.
  • Utilise resting places and sleeping rooms for comfort.
  • Many airport lounges also include spa services for added luxury.


Common facilities in Aurangabad Airport include:

  • ATMs.
  • Food counter & beverage services
  • Currency exchange services.
  • medical facilities
  • Luggage storage and lockers.
  • Shopping stores
  • E-Tourist VISA facility.
  • Play zone areas.
  • Smoking areas.
  • Post office.
  • Prayer rooms.
  • Cab and taxi services.
  • Wheelchair service for needy travellers.


There is plenty of car parking space at the airport, which is convenient and safe. The parking space can accommodate 360 vehicles seamlessly.

Combine Your Flight From Aurangabad to Mumbai With Cleartrip Hotels

Once you've booked your cost-effective flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, look into the greatest prices and unique rates for hotels in Indore. Combining your flight and hotel reservations can often result in cost savings and extra convenience, particularly when booked with Cleartrip, which provides a seamless combination of booking services. To ensure an enjoyable ride from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, plan the whole trip.


The information supplied here may change at any time. Users are advised to research any important information before engaging with the material.

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