Toronto (YTO) Istanbul (IST) Flight Schedule

Toronto To Istanbul Flight Schedule ( 5 flights found )

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United, Turkish Airlines, and Air Canada are the airlines that operate between Toronto and Istanbul. Every week, there are 21 flights from Toronto to Istanbul. Of this number, United has 3, Turkish Airlines has 9, and Air Canada has 9.

To avail of the best offers, you should book your tickets 30-45 days in advance. Flights starting at Toronto leave from John C Munro Hamilton International Airport. The IATA code of this airport is YYZ. Flights landing at Istanbul arrive at Sabiha Gken International Airport. The IATA code of this airport is IST.

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About Toronto(YTO)

Toronto is an extremely diverse, vibrant and exciting city in Canada. A melting pot of cultures, the city truly is like a cultural kaleidoscope, with more than half of the city’s population having been born outside of the country! As an important center of commerce and culture, it’s not surprising that the city has grown and attracted such a large population of immigrants.

Exploring the city and its culture is akin to a whirlwind tour through different countries of the world. The city is also renowned for its beautiful urban parks, impressive museums, and vibrant nightclubs and restaurants.

As Toronto is a popular tourist destination there are three main international airports in the city – Toronto Pearson International Airport, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, and John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport.

Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is the largest and busiest airport in Canada. The airport is located approximately 44 km from the city center of Toronto and is an important international getaway in the region. There are two terminals at Toronto Pearson International Airport – Terminals 1 and 3. There is a separate cargo terminal too. You can easily reach Toronto Pearson International Airport as it can be accessed via trains, taxis, buses, shared vans, and rental cars.

The Billy Bishop City Airport (YTZ) is quite close to Downtown Chicago and serves both domestic and international sectors from a single terminal. This airport can be reached by taxis, buses, and on foot, via the pedestrian tunnel.

The John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM) located approximately 85 kilometers from downtown Toronto offers passenger flight services from a single terminal. You can easily access the John C. Munro International Terminal via taxis, buses, and rail services.

About Istanbul(IST)

Istanbul has been home to many kings, emperors, sultans and caliphs who have built and re-built the city’s numerous monuments time and again. Some sites that were once churches and mosques are now museums, while some palaces and mansions are now administrative centers. Istanbul is a dynamic modern city that celebrates and highlights its ancient history with the beautiful minarets and magnificent domes, palaces and bazaars that can be explored by strolling through its labyrinthine streets.

Istanbul’s ancient and grand mosques, palaces, cathedrals, churches, fortresses, museums, libraries and other historical monuments will make your trip to the city as mesmerizing as its beautiful landscape. The streets of Istanbul are packed with little shops selling Bohemian and one-of-a-kind merchandise.

Modern Istanbul is well-known for its cultural vibrancy, as the city has traditionally been the meeting-place of east and west and it still resonates with a multicultural vibe. The city welcomes tourists and you will find lots to do, with its modern art galleries, beaches, street cafes, and Michelin starred restaurants.

You can reach this historical and culturally rich city via two international airports; the Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST) and the Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW).

The Istanbul Ataturk Airport is the oldest in the city and serves as the main international airport. It is only 19 km away from the city center. This airport has two terminals – the Domestic Terminal and International Terminal. As both the terminals are located close to each other you can easily access them on foot.

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport is the second airport and it is located at a distance of 47 km from downtown Istanbul. The airport manages all its passengers from a single passenger terminal. Apart from the passenger terminal, there is a VIP terminal located in the two-storey, 400-square meter building within the premises of the airport.

Both airports are accessible with a number of convenient public transport options, including the metro, buses, and sea-buses. Taxis and car rental services are also available at both airports.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which airline brands fly from Toronto to Istanbul? These airline brands fly from Toronto to Istanbul - United, Turkish Airlines, and Air Canada
  2. How many weekly flights from Toronto to Istanbul? There are 21 weekly flights from Toronto to Istanbul. Following airlines and corresponding weekly flights - United has 3, Turkish Airlines has 9, and Air Canada has 9
  3. When does the first flight leave from Toronto? The first flight from Toronto to Istanbul is at 5:35 PM, which is United airline 8704 followed by Turkish Airlines 8644 which leaves at 5:35 PM.
  4. When does the last flight leave from Toronto? The last flight from Toronto to Istanbul is at 11:45 PM which is Air Canada.
  5. What is the airport code of Toronto and Istanbul? Airport code of Toronto is YTO and Istanbul is IST.
  6. What is the name of the airport in Toronto? The name of the primary airport in Toronto is John C Munro Hamilton International Airport.
  7. What is the name of the airport in Istanbul? The name of the primary airport in Istanbul is Sabiha Gken International Airport.

Toronto Airport Details

  • John C Munro Hamilton International Airport
  • "9300 Airport Road
  • (+1) 905-679-1999 Ext. 260; 905-679-1999 Ext. 223

Istanbul Airport Details

  • Sabiha Gken International Airport
  • Sabiha Gokcen Airport Terminal Building Pendik 34912 Istanbul - Turkey
  • (+90) 216 588 8000