TruJet Airlines

TruJet is a famous airline in Kazakhstan.The code of this carrier is 2T.

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Carrier related FAQs

  • What is the code of TruJet?
  • The code of TruJet is 2T.

TruJet Customer Reviews (3.5/5)

Unlike what most reviewers are saying, I completely enjoyed my journey by Trujet. The food was decent, the staff were polite and friendly and the seats were comfortable. The flight even reached Bengaluru airport on time. The flight experience completely matched the flight ticket price. Will surely travel again.

I took the Mumbai to Bengaluru flight last week. Before the flight could start the air conditioning began to malfunction. When I asked the airhostess about it, she told me that it would be switched on as soon as the plane started. However, once the plane started, we realized that it wasn’t going to work anytime soon. Most of the journey was hot and stuffy.

The flight by Trujet was really nice. It was on schedule, the in-flight services were fine, and the flight attendants were very attentive and helpful. However, when we went to collect our luggage, we were told to collect it from belt 3. After waiting for almost half an hour, we came to know that in actuality, we had to collect our bags from belt 2. We could do without this unnecessary waste of time.

If you have to get anywhere in a hurry, do not take Trujet. I took a flight from Vizag to Hyderabad where the entire flight’s duration took about 1 hour 40 minutes. In the past, I have travelled on this route by other airlines it has taken about 1 hour 5 minutes or 1 hour 15 minutes at most.

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