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Qantas Airways has it all, whether you are looking for unmatched services, excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering and maintenance, or cost effectiveness. So, choosing this carrier for your air travel would be a wise decision.

On-Board Qantas Airways

Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS) was founded at Queensland in 1920. Since then, this airline has come a long way and become Australia's largest domestic and international airline. Thanks to its excellent services, it has become the world's leading long-distance carrier. As a member of One World Alliance, this carrier ensures that its passengers get the best in the aviation sector.

Connectivity and Fleet Information

Qantas Airlines is the largest air travel service provider in Australia, thus it is no surprise that its fleet is one of the most advanced in the world. It consists of Boeing 737-800, 717, 787, Airbus A330-200, A380-800, Dreamliner and Bombardier Q400.

Qantas flights are safe, reliable and fly to various destinations across the globe like Asia, Europe, Middle East, America and Australia.

Services and Baggage Allowance

When you make your Qantas online booking, you will have an option of choosing from four classes: Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First. Services like Qantas online check-in, comfortable air travel, safe baggage handling and more are common to all.

Besides, Economy and Premium Economy are for budget travelers, who wish to get tickets at affordable costs and still get a fair number of facilities provided by this airline. The former has flexible meal options and limited in-flight entertainment options, while the latter offers plush seats and complimentary meals and drinks.

Business class passengers may take advantage of the on-ground lounge services provided by this airline. They could enjoy gourmet meals and coffee made to taste, workstations and Internet access, LCD television with movies and music of their choice.

If you are a passenger of the First class, you get nothing short of lavish facilities. From lounging while waiting for your flight to enjoying privacy in recliner chairs, you name it and this class has it. Treat yourself with eight-course meals, drinks and light snacks of your choice. You may even get increased Qantas baggage allowance. To know more about the luggage policy click here.

The customer service of the airline could be contacted using the details found here.

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Qantas Airways Airlines top sectors

The top sectors for Qantas Airways Airlines are Melbourne to Sydney , Sydney to Melbourne where it operates 90, 83, 81 and 81 weekly flights respectively. Top international sectors of Qantas Airways include New York to Los Angeles , Los Angeles to New York , San Francisco to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to San Francisco . They also have occasional flights from Atlanta to Chicago, Indianapolis to Chicago and Las vegas to Los Angeles flights. Find more route here -

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