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Popular Jetstar International Flights

  • JQ513 Jetstar
    SYD → MEL Sydney to Melbourne
    Rs. 3925
    Rs. 8294
  • JQ602 Jetstar
    MEL → SYD Melbourne to Sydney
    Rs. 4040
    Rs. 5564
  • JQ404 Jetstar
    SYD → OOL Sydney to Gold Coast
    Rs. 3668
    Rs. 4340
  • JQ401 Jetstar
    OOL → SYD Gold Coast to Sydney
    Rs. 3636
    Rs. 12827
  • JQ430 Jetstar
    MEL → OOL Melbourne to Gold Coast
    Rs. 4460
    Rs. 5551
  • JQ433 Jetstar
    OOL → MEL Gold Coast to Melbourne
    Rs. 4895
    Rs. 6296
  • JQ229 Jetstar
    AKL → CHC Auckland to Christchurch
    Rs. 5213
    Rs. 5213
  • JQ226 Jetstar
    CHC → AKL Christchurch to Auckland
    Rs. 3167
    Rs. 7791
  • JQ253 Jetstar
    AKL → WLG Auckland to Wellington
    Rs. 2707
    Rs. 2707
  • JQ258 Jetstar
    WLG → AKL Wellington to Auckland
    Rs. 5252
    Rs. 5252
  • JQ701 Jetstar
    MEL → HBA Melbourne to Hobart
    Rs. 3733
    Rs. 3733
  • JQ700 Jetstar
    HBA → MEL Hobart to Melbourne
    Rs. 4459
    Rs. 5704
  • JQ815 Jetstar
    BNE → SYD Brisbane to Sydney
    Rs. 8904
    Rs. 8904
  • JQ814 Jetstar
    SYD → BNE Sydney to Brisbane
    Rs. 4227
    Rs. 4711
  • JQ560 Jetstar
    MEL → BNE Melbourne to Brisbane
    Rs. 5574
    Rs. 5574

Jetstar Airways is a low-cost airline and a subsidiary of Qantas Airways, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It is one of the most prominent airlines of the country.

On-Board Jetstar Airways

Jetstar Airlines is a part of the Jetstar group which is a value based, low fares network of airlines operating in the leisure and value based markets. On 1st December 2003, Qantas announced the decision to launch a low-cost carrier called Jetstar to take on the competition in its segment. Since the group’s launch in 2004, the Jetstar Group is the largest low cost carrier in the Asia Pacific by revenue.

The airline has received several awards. Some of the notable ones are mentioned below:

  • Rated Best Low-Cost Airline - Australia/Pacific for three consecutive years from 2011-2013 by Skytrax
  • Top 5 Airlines by Absolute Growth in Cargo Carriage 2012 at Changi Airline Awards
  • Rated Best International Budget Airline 2011 at Readers’ Choice Awards

Connectivity and Fleet Information

The airline offers low-cost flying options across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

The fleet consists of an impressive Airbus A320-200s, A321s and A330-200s.

Services and Baggage Allowance

The airline is committed to providing the best in-flight experience possible. If flying by A330 aircraft, Business Class passengers are offered a personal entertainment unit, which includes a purpose-built headset to cancel out any surrounding noise. Besides, there is a wide range of movies, TV programs, music videos and children’s programs too. For Economy class passengers, there will be a limited quantity of entertainment units which may be available for hire.

On A320 and A321 Jetstar flights, passengers may watch movies, TV shows, music videos, read an emag, play a wide selection of popular games, or listen to the latest music.

You may enjoy the above entertainment options on Jetstar India flights too.

The Jetstar baggage allowance policy states that if you need to carry checked baggage then for a fee you may be able to add and customise the amount of checked baggage you require. Each single item must weigh less than 32 kgs.

You may select from 15 kgs to 40 kgs of checked baggage in 5 kgs increments, per passenger, per flight. The cheapest option to purchase checked baggage allowance is at the time of booking.

For carry-on luggage you are permitted one main item of luggage and one other small item, with a total combined weight of up to 10 kgs. For Jetstar Pacific flights (BL) passengers, the total combined weight is 7 kgs.

Business Class passengers are allowed 30 kgs of checked baggage and 20 kgs of carry-on luggage. For further details on luggage policies, please click here.

To avail the facility of Jetstar Web check-in facility, click here.

For more details you can contact the customer service of the airline here.

Cleartrip: Runway for Booking Jetstar Airways Flights

With Cleartrip, you can conveniently make your Jetstar online booking from any place, with a device that offers Internet connectivity. Cleartrip assists you to determine your Jetstar PNR status, whether your ticket is confirmed or on waiting list.

Do not forget to check out the Cleartrip app that you can download and use on your mobiles to access the above information too! It is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

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Jetstar Airlines top sectors

The top sectors for Jetstar Airlines are Melbourne to Sydney , Sydney to Melbourne where it operates 44, 44, 41 and 41 weekly flights respectively. Top international sectors of Jetstar include Christchurch to Auckland , Auckland to Christchurch , Auckland to Wellington and Wellington to Auckland . They also have occasional flights from Bali to Melbourne, Melbourne to Bali and Auckland to New Plymouth flights. Find more route here -

Top Jetstar Routes