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Are you ready to board your Emirates flight? Keeping a few things in mind before your trip always proves useful. Having Emirates’ customer care details at your disposal is the best thing you can do to ensure a comfortable journey. Check the comprehensive details so that you have help when you most need it.

If you need to inquire about your flight, specific services, or chauffeur facilities, call the Emirates customer care numbers: +91 22 33773377 / +91 22 4097 4097. Alternatively, you have the option of ringing Emirates’ toll free number.

The carrier’s airport offices are located in 10 cities, including Mumbai. The table displays the Emirates’ office addresses and related contact numbers. Some are operational between Monday and Friday, while others remain open from Monday to Saturday. Note that the Emirates helpdesk number is active 24 hours.

You can also get help by posting your topic and sub-topic on Emirates’ Help Centre page and choosing your location. The customer care team responds quickly. On the same page, you can make a refund request by filling a form with your details.

Make Emirates your go-to travel choice by staying connected with the airline’s customer support team for all your queries. Quick responses and effective solutions are what you will receive! Simply take down Emirates’ contact details, and you’re good to go.


1.Can I modify my reservations at Emirates?

Yes, you can make changes to your reservations through the ‘Manage a Booking’ option on the Emirates website.

2.What changes can I make to my bookings?

You can make changes in the following things.

  • Change the date of your flight
  • Change the timing of your flight
  • Alter your origin or destination
  • Cancel parts of your itinerary
  • Remove or add stopovers
  • Change the class of travel
  • Request a meal
  • Change or add contact details
  • Choose a seat
3.What is the change fee at Emirates?

Emirates has a different fee for tickets under each fare condition. You will be given the fee details once you start making changes to your reservations in the ‘Manage a Booking’ portal. You will have to pay the fee once you have finished making the changes you need.


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