Flights from Belgaum

Domestic flights from Belgaum ( 3 flights found )

  • IXG → BLR Belgaum to Bangalore
    04:25 PM → 05:45 PM
  • IXG → BOM Belgaum to Mumbai
    12:25 PM → 01:40 PM
  • IXG → MAA Belgaum to Chennai
    07:30 PM → 09:05 PM

Belgaum : City of sweet Kunda

Belgaum is a breathtakingly beautiful town in Western Ghats, Karnataka. This place enjoys a cool and pleasant climate throughout the year. Belgaum was formed in late 12 Century AD. You should plan for a trip of 3-4 days to enjoy Belgaum and nearby places.

Belgaum got its name from a Sanskrit word Venugrama which translates to "Village of Bamboo". Karnataka is not only an IT hub but also has several engineering colleges, polytechnics, medical colleges as well as industries like crankshaft, aluminum manufacturing. Many festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussera, Hampi festival and Karaganda festival are celebrated here.

Key Attractions and Things to do in Belgaum 

Gokak Falls in Belgaum are known for their mesmerizing beauty and are around 60 km from Belgaum. You will find solace in Military Mahadeva Temple, Hari Mandir and Kamal Basti temple here. Besides, for an inner peace seeker Shree Ramakrishha Mission Ashram will be a treat.

Furthermore, Belgaum fort is spread across many acres with beautiful carvings and magnificent detail on walls. Jamboti hills is another beautiful day time picnic place. You might also want to visit Rajhansgad fort, Vajrapoha falls, Hidkal dams which are nearby.

Best time to visit Belgaum

JulyIf you are planning to visit Belgaum, July to September is the best time to visit Belgaum.

Popular airlines Flying From & To Belgaum 


To travel to and from Belgaum, books flights on Cleartrip. There are domestic flights from Belgaum to Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai.

How to reach Belgaum from the different parts of India?

Belgaum is an important business, as well as a tourist destination. It is well-connected to the major cities of India by flights. Some of the popular domestic flight routes to Belgaum are:

Flights from Kolkata to Belgaum: The City of Joy, Kolkata is well connected to Belgaum and offers 2 flights daily to Belgaum. The distance between these two cities is 1988 km and takes 06h 10m, via a direct non-stop flight. SpiceJet and Indigo are two of the low-cost carriers on this route.

Flights from Mumbai to Belgaum: India’s financial capital has 1 flights daily to Belgaum. The approximate distance between these cities is 403 km and takes around 01h 20m hours to cover by flight. Vistara and Go Air are two popular airlines flying from Belgaum to Mumbai.

Flights from Indore to Belgaum: Indore offers 2 non-stop and direct daily flights to Belgaum, which is 971 km from Indore. The flight duration from Indore to Belgaum is 22h 35m You can fly from Indore to Belgaum via Indigo and Air India apart from other airlines.

Flights from Goa to Belgaum: If you are planning to visit Belgaum from Goa, you would be glad to know that both these places are well-connected by air with 2 daily flights. Belgaum is approximately 876 km from Goa and can be reached in 10h 23m by flights from Air Asia, Indigo and other airlines.

Flights from Amritsar to Belgaum: Amritsar offers 2 flights daily for the convenience of passengers. Belgaum is approximately 1908 km from Amritsar and takes 19h 35m to reach via air travel. Vistara and Spicejet are two popular airlines on this route.

Flights from Jaipur to Belgaum: The Pink City is connected to Belgaum with 1 daily flights. The distance between these two cities is 1312 km and takes 10h 35m to cover via a non-stop flight. Some airlines operating on this popular route are Go Air and Air India.

How to reach the different cities of India from Belgaum? 

Belgaum offers many connectivity options for travellers planning to visit other cities in India from Belgaum. It is well-connected by air, road and train to different parts of India. Some popular domestic flight routes from Belgaum are:

Flights from Belgaum to Ahmedabad: The distance between these two cities is just 845 km and takes approx 05h 50m to cover. There are 1 flights daily from Belgaum to Ahmedabad by various airlines like GoAir, SpiceJet and others.

Flights from Belgaum to Delhi: The flight duration between these two major cities in India is 06h 05m hours covering the distance of 1540 km. There are 2 flights operating daily between these two cities by various airlines like Air Asia and Air India.

Flights from Belgaum to Pune: 3 flights operate daily between these two cities. The distance between these two cities is just 315 km and takes approx 01h 30m. Go Air and Vistara airlines offer flights on this route.

Flights from Belgaum to Hyderabad: These two major cities in South India have 4 flights daily connecting them. To cover the distance of 546 km, it takes approx 3h 40m hours to reach Hyderabad from Belgaum. Travellers can select from airlines, such as SpiceJet and Indigo for their travel.

Flights from Belgaum to Bangalore: There are 1 flights operating daily to Bangalore from Belgaum. The flight duration is 01h 15m and the distance of 444 km. The flights with convenient timings are Air Asia and Indigo airlines.

Flights from Belgaum to Coimbatore: Belgaum has 4 flights to Coimbatore daily. The distance between these cities is 867 km and the flight duration is 03h 35m. Indigo Airlines and SpiceJet offer flights from and to these two cites.

International Flight Routes From Belgaum  

Flights from Belgaum to Singapore: The aerial distance from Belgaum to Singapore is 6983 km and the flight duration is 15h 45m via non-stop flight. There are 3 weekly flights from Belgaum to Singapore.

Flights from Belgaum to Dubai: From Belgaum to Dubai, there are 1 flights operating every week. The flight duration is 11h 45m and the distance is 2779 km.

Flights from Belgaum to London: The flight duration of this route is 16h 30m, and there are 1 flights per week. The aerial distance from Belgaum to London is 7521 km.

Flights from Belgaum to Frankfurt: 1 flights fly weekly between these two cities. The distance is 6987 km it takes approx 2d 1h.

Flights from Belgaum to Paris: There are 1 flights from Belgaum to Paris every week. The flight distance is 7301 km, and it takes approx 2d 3h.

Flights from Belgaum to Colombo: From Belgaum, it takes 07h 35m to reach Colombo by air. The aerial distance of this route is 1679 km and there are 2 flights per week by various airlines.


  1. What transport facilities are available in Belgaum?

    private & government luxury buses, taxis and car rentals are some of the travel options available within the city.

  2. How can I book the shortest distance flight?

    To book the shortest flight, you can do a flight search on Cleartrip, compare the flights and book the shortest distance flight.

  3. Which are the popular domestic airlines that fly from and to Belgaum?

    The Spicejet airline that operate flights from and to Belgaum.

  4. Which are the top international airlines that fly to Belgaum?

    The Spicejet airline that operate flights from and to Belgaum.

  5. How many international flights operate from Belgaum?

    17 flights take off from Belgaum to international destinations.

  6. Which is the first international flight that flies from Belgaum?

    The first international flight to depart from the city is Spicejet and it departs at 12:25 AM.

  7. Which is the last international flight that flies from Belgaum?

    The last flight that departs from Belgaum is Spicejet, which leaves at 04:25 PM.