What to do in Case of Lost Luggage at Pune Airport

Pune Airport is located in the state of Maharashtra. The Airport offers both domestic and international flights. Located in the Northeast part of the Pune, it covers around 10 km from Pune city centre.

Maharashtra”s state government has started working on a project to expand Pune Airport, as the passenger demand has gone high. Many proposals have been passed to continue this project due to high demand. The authorities are still studying and analyzing the location of Pune Airport to visualize the new features of the future terminal.

While there are a lot of other services and facilities provided by the Pune International Airport, we are going to give you a small guide of ‘how to report for your missing baggage’.

In case of missing luggage or personal belongings in Pune International Airport, you don”t have to panic. The authorities at the airport are expected to take care of the unclaimed goods under the Lost & Found department. The baggage is submitted along with the record of the contents, date and time of deposition, description and signature of the depositor. The unclaimed baggage is transferred to the warehouse within 24 hours.

The luggage can be claimed from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. except for 2nd and 4th Saturdays and public holidays. All the items will be kept in a safe area. Under the approval of Duty Terminal Manager, any liquid will be held in safe custody until the expiry day or 48 hours and then it will be disposed of.

Pune International airport requires the airlines to take responsibility for the passenger”s luggage from the moment they check-in until the point of collection. The operating window works from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays (Monday to Saturday).

In the time of technology, we can register complaints, file reports and get the status of our claim in just a nick of time. The passenger can also demand technical consultancy.

Before you decide to put a complaint online, there are a few steps that you should follow:

1. Act immediately: The moment you notice that your luggage is missing or you are not able to find it at the belt, file a formal complaint at the terminal with your particular airlines. A written complaint can do better too. Or, you can always lodge a claim online and ask for a receipt.

2. Property Irregularity Report: There are times when you are aware of the fact that you are not getting your luggage anytime soon. You can then fill a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) so that you can get compensation in return for the misplaced luggage. This form is generally used to record the details. The PIR form will only be valid if you fill it in within seven days of your flight.

3. How long before the luggage is declared lost: The maximum time airlines could take to find and return your luggage is 3 weeks. Besides, if the declaration of misplacement takes place, there are only seven days left for you to file a complaint about compensation.

4. Details needed to make a claim: Discarding the boarding pass is one of the common things that we do after we complete our journey. However, in the case of misplaced baggage, you need to file a claim. For this, you have to keep a few documents with you mandatorily:

-Boarding Pass
-ID/passport or copy of passport
-Details of the baggage missing

5. Compensation: The airlines will pay a compensation amount for the lost luggage to the passengers of both international and domestic flyers.

Take note– When you file for compensation, and if you are empty with no possessions at all, the airlines would have to provide you with coverage from the total loss. This claim includes priced properties, your laundry and toiletries.

So now, with all this information up your arsenal, you are all set to ensure that none of your belongings gets lost, even if they go missing. Knowing this is of utmost importance, especially if you are travelling to Pune Airport, as the airport is one of the busiest in the country. The airport sees flights that connect Pune to all the other parts of the country and the world. Whether it is about Bangalore to Pune flights, Delhi to Pune flights, Chennai to Pune flights or more – the airport hosts all of them. This adds to the reason that you should know what to do in case you lose your belongings because naturally, an airport that hosts as many about flights as the Pune Airport does, it is always hustling and bustling with people, that increases the chances for you to misplace your possessions. But having proper knowledge of what to do will save you from losing your belongings permanently!

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