5 Hacks To Score Cool Discounts While Booking a Flight

It is nothing less than a wild goose chase to find cheap flights these days (thanks to the outage of a significant number of airlines as well as the skyrocket prices of aviation fuel in recent times). In such situations, people generally come up with different ways of finding the best options. Some of these tips work, whereas others might not. For example, many people believe that booking tickets in advance helps them find a reasonable fare. However, it might not always be true as the prices depend on several other factors. To help you understand it better, here’s a guide :

Setting Up the Ground Rules :

1. Go Incognito

People see ads and popups about products, flights or trips that they searched online in the past. This is because flight booking, trip booking and other e-commerce websites store your cookies and search results. The next time you come back on the website, the system is bound to show you raised airfares as it caught your attention the last time. The best way to avoid such traps is to stay in the incognito mode (which logs you out from your accounts and does not allow the website to store cookies). You can also book your tickets from a different browser or a different computer than last time.

2. Attention to Detail

Keep a keen eye on the booking prices on different travel booking websites from time to time. The prices may not be the same on all days, and you must try to make a booking for a day when the prices are the cheapest. However, if you”re looking for airfares on a specific date, which may not be the cheapest day to take a flight, keep reading the following hacks.

3. Think Freely

While booking return tickets is the easiest way to plan and book flight tickets, the truth is that people inherently check fare on the same airlines and make the booking. That may lessen the chances of finding cheaper flights and offers provided by other airlines.

4. Weekend Bookings are a NO-NO

Unlike the popular belief, flight fares are generally at peak during the weekend as the prices steadily rise on Fridays. We recommend booking on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to crack some great deals online. You can always know whether the flight is full or empty if the booking website offers you the option of selecting your seats. This way, you can figure out the best time to book a ticket.

5. Make it Official

Because of the rise in the number of travel booking websites, people easily fall prey to their luring display of discounts and coupon codes. Hence, it is always wiser to cross check with the official airline website. Always remember that while these booking websites may show up in the search result for the cheapest fare, the price changes as you”re prompted to the final payment page. This happens as the booking websites includes their service charge at this last page, leading you to pay more amount than the actual price on the official website.

However, it can be tricky to find the lowest prices at the last moment. Hence, you can follow the official social media handles of airlines. These handles will help you stay updated on the latest offers and other relevant information about the airlines. Remember that at the end of the day, the little things matter the most!

Bonus Tip

If you”re flying this summer and are looking at the best fares, now would be the best time to book flights for September. Since September falls in the late summers and early monsoon period, we bet you”d find great discounts on airline and hotel bookings. The real solution lies in flexibility. The more you are flexible with the dates of travel and your destination, the more your chances of getting exclusive discounts on airfares. After all, patience is a virtue to behold!

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