Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Booking Flights

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Flight ticket booking can burn a hole in your pockets. It’s rather challenging and sometimes, you can have second thoughts before booking your travel tickets. We are offering you some interesting hacks to take you to all the places on your checklist with ways to make your flight ticket booking process extremely simple. And, nowadays everybody wants to go to his/her dream places to spend the holidays without any hesitation. So, here is a list of some easy tips and tricks to make your flight ticket booking process simple and easy on your pockets.

1. Strategic time of the booking can save up to 35% of your expenditure:

Booking early or on Tuesday are old calls now. Since the portals are accessible to a significant amount of public now, the traffic can shut down the whole procedure in the nick of time.

If you are still going to lay low, you can follow the general rule. According to the database, you can book your domestic flights 2-3 weeks ahead and international flights before 3 months.

2. Call for special, unadvertised fares:

We understand every trip cannot be a vacation. Whether, you have to travel because of a family death, an international adoption, military or federal purposes, or you're a senior citizen, you have an option to call directly to the airlines. A majority of airlines provide an unlisted charge for passengers in need and if they fulfill specific requirements, a discounted fare will be charged to them.

3. Contact the airlines for bargains:

With a ton of apps and tools advertising that they offer the lowest price tickets can be a scam. There are a few airlines which don't allow any third party to make changes in their fares. You can check their websites separately and skip the agent or mediators and the best prices.

4. Consider booking a stopover fare for complimentary flights or hotels:

You don't have to stay at the airport during a layover. As the name suggests, a stopover fare is flight package you can book when you stop for a layover. Usually, it can last more than a day, but if stretched, it can last up to 5 days. In this situation, this package fare can cover all your expenses, including hotel charges.

It will be like taking a pre-vacation. Now, the question might arise that why would an airline allow this? It's very simple, the airline wants to encourage tourism and it is one of the best ways to offer and a sample of your product.

5. Avoid the days - Friday & Sunday:

It is a fact the charges for the hotel go right up on the weekends. Well, likewise, flight fares work the same. Friday and Sundays are often the busiest days for the airlines. If there is a slight chance for you to schedule your flight on weekdays, you can score a deal for your trip.

6. Be flexible for the cheapest time-frame:

If you have time on your hands and the dates of your booking are flexible, keep exploring low fare days. United and JetBlue can help you simplify your calendars and find you the cheapest itinerary.

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7. Go for Google Flights to find all the details:

Google Flights can help you find fares from seasonal timings to fairly popular places and suggest you the best place according to your preferences. You name it and Google Flights have it all.

Remember to register yourself for getting the notifications whenever the prices go lower after you have searched for your flight.

8. Look for the chances of refund:

Here is another hack for you to save money when searching for flights. Keep an eye on the prices of your flight even if you have already purchased your tickets. A very small number of people are aware of the fact that some airlines offer a refund for the prices drops. You may inquire in the airlines about their terms and conditions before booking your flight. Not every airline may provide you with the feature, but still, the savings would be worth it.

9. Explore multiple airports:

While looking for the cheapest flights, do a search for all the different airports in your geographical location. In case, the airport near your place doesn't offer you such amenities, while going a little further can save a lot of money. Keep a wider window when looking for airports. Try and choose hub airports for higher variety and options. Just make sure you can arrive at the stop at the right time.

10. Consider the point scheme:

This part can be useful for those people, who travel extensively in a country or a region. Some airlines may provide you with the privilege of booking your recurring travel at small prices. You can get a travel pass to book cheaper flights every time you travel only if you are lucky enough.

These are a few compound ways to travel the world on a budget. You can always mix and match one another and make your hack to save money while booking flights. A bit of patience and a dash of preparation can make your holidays more fun. With these flight ticket booking tips, you are now all set to have a time of your life without burning a hole in your pocket.

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