Different facilities provided by Pune Airport

Nowadays, India is developing its travelling services at an accelerated pace, giving more attention to the convenience of tourists and customers.And, when it comes to travelling to and from metropolitan cities, people just tend to choose air travel as their mode of travelling. This choice is governed by many factors such as travelling time, ease of travel, convenience, economy and luxury.

Hence, to suffice all these needs of people, the government of India is focusing greatly as to what all things can be done to make air travel cheaper, classier, luxurious, more convenient, etc.

So, when it comes to airports that offer a wide range of facilities to their visitors, tourists and customers, Pune Airport is an airport which cannot be ignored.

About Pune Airport

The Pune Airport is located at Lohegaon at a distance of about 10 km to the northwest from the centre of Pune. The airport is, as a matter of fact, an extension of the Lohegaon Air Force Station of the Indian Air Force, which was built to facilitate civil air travel to and from the city of Pune. The Pune Airport is operated by the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

Facilities at the Pune Airport

1. International Travel

Basically, the first and foremost thing that has to be taken into consideration when talking about the facilities at Pune Airport is international travel. The airport is an international airport, which allows the nearby residents (of Pune) to travel to their favourite or desired foreign destinations from their city itself, without travelling to any other city. The Pune Airport was not an international airport at first and only domestic travel was allowed. But, after a while, it got converted into an international airport for the convenience of the travellers.

2. Duty-free shops

Despite the airport being small in size, it provides exceptionally good shopping facilities to all its visitors. And most importantly, most of the shops in the airport are duty-free. Also, there is a wide range of products available in all those shops. For people in transit, this is a great way to spend time at the airport terminal without getting bored at the airport till their flight arrives. Also, for the people who have arrived at the airport in a hurry and need to buy some things that may not have been packed by them, the duty-free shops are a boon.

3. Clean facilities

This is a no-brainer. Airports are very much required to have clean, healthy and safe facilities for the ease, convenience, safety and well-being of the tourists. Clean floors, shining glass walls, doors and windows, awesome ceiling, clean and hygienic washrooms, etc. all are a must. And, the Pune Airport does not at all disappoint when it comes to cleanliness. There are a ton of people employed at the airport just to make sure that the airport premises remain clean, hygienic and usable.

4. Multilingual Staff

India is a versatile country. There are many languages spoken here in different regions, regardless of the official languages of India. Still, when it comes to working, it is mandatory for all the people to speak at least 3 languages: English, Hindi and the regional language where the person has been placed. Hence, at Pune airport too, the people working here are multilingual. All the staff members can speak fluent English, Hindi and Marathi (regional language) for the convenience of all the people at the airport, including tourists and other staff members. Hence, the multilingual staff helps, if present.

5. Restaurants, free Wi-Fi, ATMs and cash machines

The air journey is sometimes a long one. Especially when people are supposed to wait in transit before boarding their next flight, it is a very tiresome and boring wait. And moreover, people living in areas located at a distance of more than 100 km from the airport usually have some breakfast and leave for the airport. But as soon as they reach the airport, they may experience hunger again. Also, sometimes people forget to take with them the required amount of money at their home. Hence, the Pune Airport is equipped with restaurants, free Wi-Fi, ATMs and cash machines to suffice all these needs.

6. Car Rental and Currency Exchange

Pune Airport also takes great care of the people arriving at the airport from foreign countries. Daily, there are thousands of foreigners arriving and departing the city of Pune and hence, India, by the means of Pune Airport. Therefore, these people need currency exchange at the airports, where they arrive and depart from. Also, to reach their exact destinations, transport from the airport is necessary. Hence, Pune Airport also provides currency exchange and car rental services to all the people who wish to use take benefit services.

7. Luggage trolley and city bus service

Since Pune is an international airport too, along with being a domestic one, the no. of travellers and tourists arriving and departing to and from Pune Airport is increasing rapidly at an exponential rate. Hence, the amount of luggage incoming and outgoing to and from Pune Airport is also increasing. And since the no. of passengers is increasing, most of the passengers tend to rely on government transport services to reach and to go into the city to and from the airport. Hence, Pune Airport provides luggage trolleys and the Pune Municipal Corporation provides city bus service to all the passengers.

8. Medical services and information desk

For any public service building, it is mandatory to provide medical services and help to the visitors, when and where required. Hence, Pune Airport also provides free medical services and an information desk to all the travellers who wish to use these services whenever and wherever required. Highly qualified doctors have been hired by the airport to address to the tourists” and the travellers” needs and the staff at the information desk is also very helpful.

9. General Taxi service and Prepaid Taxi service

Even after the airport provides city bus facilities and car rental facilities to the tourists, they still may want to hire a taxi and want to reach their particular without experiencing a hectic journey. City bus service, as everybody agrees, is a slow service of transport, as it has to stop at various points before it reaches its final destination. And also, car rental is a facility where the traveller is supposed to drive the car himself or herself after renting the car, roam in the city and then return the car back to the airport when it is time to leave. Hence, the airport also provides general taxi service and pre-paid taxi service to all the people, who wish to use this facility.

10. Airlines at Pune Airport

Pune Airport, in recent years, has become a hub which connects people to various parts of the world. Hence, to make the travel to many places in the world from the Pune International Airport possible, the airport allows numerous national and international airlines to operate from it, making it easier and convenient for all the tourists and travellers to connect to any part of the world.

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