Where to Take Your Kids this Weekend in Bengaluru

For working parents, spending quality time with the kids does not come easy, making the weekends so precious. Unfortunately your kids may not always share your ideas about entertainment and bonding activities, but you can be sure that children are always excited with the prospect of outdoor excursions and trips. Taking your child to museums, workshops, plays, wildlife reserves, and amusement parks can be extremely rewarding, as well as educational. Bengaluru has no dearth of places to visit with kids, and here is a list of 10 of the best places to take your children to, over the weekend.

1. The Doll Museum, Cubbon Park

True to its reputation, Cubbon Park appeals to and welcomes people of every age group, gender, and class. The park, not surprisingly, has plenty of entertainment and activities specifically for children, with the Doll Museum being amongst the most prominent. With a huge collection of dolls from more than 50 countries across the world, your child will be transfixed with the collection that includes dolls of the Wright brothers, Elvis Presley, and Anne Bolyn, among others.

2. Hippocampus Children’s Library, Koramangala

Hippocampus Children’s Library is a library with a difference; where other libraries fail to compete with modern entertainment devices and television programs, Hippocampus succeeds because it diverges from the traditional format of libraries in the country. The library doesn’t just focus on educational books, but includes over 15,000 works of children’s literature and books like Harry Potter, Famous Five, and Tom Sawyer. There is a feeling of space and warmth in the library that also serves as a huge reading room and hangout for kids and their parents alike. The library also hosts art and craft activities, workshops, and field trips.

3. Lalbagh Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is one of the most popular sites in Bengaluru and it is a great place for weekend picnics and visits with kids. In addition to relaxing and enjoying the scenic beauty of the park, there’s a lot to explore and do with kids. While budding botanists may remain quite focused on the botanical delights of the garden, other children tend to get restless, but you can be sure that that won’t happen at Lalbagh. Aside from the botanical displays, the garden even houses an aquarium, deer paddock, and aviary.

4. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills, also ofone of the sites of Tipu Sultan’s historic hill fortifications, is among the most popular destinations with trekkers in Bengaluru. With its vast expanses of greenery and pleasant climate it is also a great getaway for family picnics with the kids. The Horticultural department has even created a beautiful garden at the site, where children can play and have fun on the slides, swings, and merry-go-rounds. The trip to Nandi Hills is also quite scenic as you will pass sunflower gardens and vineyards.

5. Banerghatta National Park

Banerghatta National Park is a matter of pride for Bengalureans and it is one destination that you just have to visit with your children. One of the few wildlife habitats to survive in such close proximity to a big city, Banerghatta is teeming with a variety of flora and fauna. The park is home to animals like leopards, elephants, wild boars, and tigers that you can sight in their natural habitats, through the Safaris, organized at the park. The park also has a zoo, butterfly park, and rescue center.

6. Clay Modeling Session at Hebbal

The clay modeling session is another great place to take your kids to introduce them to the pleasures of molding their own creations. While there are pottery sessions for adults as well, there are special activities for children. Whether your child is interested in pottery or not, there is a good chance that they will discover a love for clay during these sessions, especially if they are inclined towards artistic and creative pursuits. You can sign up for clay modeling sessions from Cleartrip , using their mobile app. For all you know, your child may soon be bringing home masterpieces that they create and that you can proudly display on your mantle.

7. Junior Karts at Mysore Road

Every child is enthralled with the prospect of racing and go-karting is probably the safest and best way for children to enjoy the thrill of the race. Cleartrip offers such activities for children, under the guidance and supervision of experts, ensuring their safety. There are baby karts and cadet karts, meant specifically for the little ones, and you can rest assured that they will have a great time. Signup for the activity using Cleartrip’s mobile app and cheer for your child as they races around the circuit. Keep in mind, this activity is only suitable for children over the age of seven years.

8. HAL Museum

HAL Museum, short for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum, is a must-visit destination, especially if your kids are in enthralled with aircraft and dream of becoming pilots someday. This is the first museum of its kind in the country and your child will be delighted with exhibits here that include photographs, models, and a simulator. The sprawling grounds of the museum also house a children’s play area, an herbal garden, and a souvenir shop. There is also a sustainability park that informs children on environmental conservation, renewable energy, and it also has various models of solar systems.

9. Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park

The Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park is one of Bengaluru’s lesser-known gems. Despite its convenient location on Raj Bhavan road, just next to the Nehru Planetarium, most Bangaloreans seem oblivious to its existence. The park is a pleasant enough place to relax, but it is the musical fountain and show that will get the kids excited. The beautiful displays are timed to popular patriotic songs and there are 2 shows in the evenings, with each lasting about half an hour.

10. Innovative Film City

Innovative Film City is a theme park, the likes of which, most of us have never seen India. This is a great place to take your kids, maybe even with their friends, on picnics or day-outings. However, a day alone would never suffice to try out and enjoy all of the rides and attractions on offer. From a dinosaur park that has life-sized displays and a mini-waterfall, to a mirror maze, there’s plenty to keep kids entertained. Aqua Kingdom, which is a water park, and Cartoon City are undoubtedly the most popular with children. These are just a few of the attractions at Innovative Film City, which also houses a petting zoo! Be warned that once you take your kids here, you will have to bring them back for more.

The next time you have a weekend approaching and are running out of ideas and ways to keep the kids busy or entertained, simply pack your bags or picnic baskets and head to one of these fun locations for an amazing family adventure.