Top Places to Eat at Bangalore Airport

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The Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore is a haven for all the food lovers of the nation with exciting and rare dining, shopping and relaxation options for all. According to those who are frequent flyers, there is an entire fan-base for the places to dine and drink while any of the passenger’s Hyderabad to Bangalore flights are delayed.

Here’s the rundown you need to look out for before you arrive at the Bangalore airport:

Best places to drink at Kempegowda Airport:

Juice Crush at the KIA Kerbside

Though this joint has been one of the newest additions to the airport, it is relatively accessible for its refreshing juices blended with a generous helping of Chia seeds. Furthermore, if you want to pamper yourself with guilt-free chocolate and Ferrero Rocher Shake with some skimmed milk, then you are most welcome!

Hatti Kappi at KIA Kerbside, overlooking the arrival gates

If you believe in coffee more than everything else in the world, then you understand the richness and love for that perfectly brewed, piping hot cup of filter coffee. At this Hatti, you are sure to find your perfect ‘pyaali’ of the Mysore Kaapi. For safekeeping and carrying the taste forward in your minds and with you in real, you can also buy coffee packets from the joint!

Bar 3800 at the Gate no. 21, Security Hold Area, Level 1, International Terminal

This bar presents a panoramic view of the runway; this bar is both welcoming and warm to the travellers for a hearty drink party or chilling with friends. The menu is rich with a good range of Indian as well as international whisky, vodka, wine, brandy, gin and rum. This bar serves drinks alongside the complimentary dishes like bruschetta, fish and chips.

Chai Point at KIA Kerbside, beside Hatti Kappi

Be it the world-renowned Masala Chai, Green Chai, Ginger Chai or Cutting Chai - tea at the Chai Point means the world to the people. After being poured into authentic copper vessels, this chai is enough to suit even the pickiest chai people. Chai time is incomplete without some tasty snacks like vada pav, bun maska and puffs.

After some functional old beverages, now it's time for the real deal. The Kempegowda Airport provides with sumptuous food choices when it comes to buffet lunches or grand dinners. Here are some of the most-loved places to dine at the Bangalore airport.

Maiiyas, at the KIA Kerbside

Be it any time of the day, at Maiiyas you are sure to find some of the lip-smacking South Indian delicacies on the plate. From hot and fluffy idlis to crispy vadas, breakfast is always served fresh and hot at Maiiyas, including the people's favourite Masala Dosas and Akki Rotis. Drop in to relish some of the most authentic Karnataka cuisine dishes and wash it down with some South Indian filter coffee.

Cafe Noir at KIA Kerbside

At Kempegowda Airport you can get a treat for pizza. This European cafe is both chic and serves delicacies that would relax your tastebuds and fill in your stomach with burgers, sandwiches, pasta in a cosy little place up close to the departure gates!

La Alta Vita at Gate no. 7, Level 1, Domestic Terminal

For all the Italian food lovers, this place should be your home for the coming years of your life whenever you are at Kempegowda airport! From the whole range of pizzas, pasta, grills and salads, the La Alta Vita also serves pompous buffers with exciting ‘a la carte menus’ to choose from if your day has been slow to start. Apart from the meals, they also are known for their breakfast specialities of eggs, sausages, coffee and danishes!

La Tapenade, Level 1, International Terminal

The Mediterranean Mezze platter has a refreshing Greek salad, filling sandwiches with generous portions of meat, cheese, olives, anchovies and more. This place is where you can try out the famous Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes and discover your favourite one. The thin crust pizzas, prawns, chicken and fish, are all what years of returning customers talk about. And if you love cheese cakes, you can try the Tiramisu these guys have to offer. All these will give a surprise to your taste buds.

The Kempegowda International Airport provides with all the facilities of the traveller at utmost luxury and pleasant interiors. From having comfortable sofas and chairs, a plethora of food and beverage options, they also provide recharging situations and a widescreen TV. The airports are now not the only place to board airports, but they are a biosphere of a mixture of various cultures, cuisines and lifestyles at the same time!

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