Airport Transfers to and from Bangalore Airport

After a long-awaited vacation in Bangalore and having soaked up the fresh Bangalore air, it”s time to head back home. However, it is this part of the trip that no one pays much attention to until the last minute: how to get to the airport on time?

Having booked a ticket on one of the Delhi to Bangalore flights, you are now looking for ways to decide on the best way to get to or from Bangalore airport. Regardless of whether you are hurrying towards an outbound flight or still enjoying the last moments of a blissful vacation, making a rush to the airport does not need to be stressful. Similarly, scrambling for ways to travel the city after you have landed at Bangalore airport does not have to be worrying. Let us look at the transportation options and choices at hand around Bangalore city to help you get to the airport on time or out of the airport to your preferred destination.

Using well-established transport companies

Bangalore airport is well-connected to Bangalore city. The city has dedicated public and private transport options available to the travellers to reach the airport on time. While ordering or booking a taxi, ensure that you book one with excellent customer service and one that offers a thorough background check on the driver. It can be a smart move to book ahead and ensure that you have an advance reservation on a taxi.

Hiring a taxi from the airport

If you are at the airport and wish to book a cab to take you to Bangalore city or any part within Bangalore, you can opt for taxi services provided by the airport authorities. Bangalore airport has conveniently placed “taxi” signages across international and domestic terminals, around the baggage claim areas. You can follow the signs and arrive at the taxi boarding point to book your taxi. It is essential to share your destination details and credentials with the airport staff at the taxi centre before you book and board a cab, primarily for security reasons.

Hiring a taxi to the airport

If you are based in Bangalore city, you can easily contact the call centre numbers of Bangalore airport’s preferred taxi service partners to take you to Bangalore airport. To ensure you receive a speedy response time in hiring the cab, you may have to share your name and details to include in their passenger database collection. Bangalore airport assures passengers that its taxi service partners have reliable drivers who can ensure a safe and hassle-free journey. Additionally, these service partners are also known to be responsible for handling passenger baggage.

Bangalore airport shuttle services

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation has Volvo buses on hire for flight travellers, from central points of Bangalore city to reach Bangalore International airport, every 15 minutes. You can look into this option if you are residing in Bangalore city and wish to enter the airport on time. This bus service provides real-time routing information through its LCD panel, displays the time and the distance it will take to reach the airport; offers conveniences such as Internet connectivity, chargers, buyers, newspapers, ‘helper’ service to handle luggage, and in-bus entertainment videos. However, you may want to keep in mind peak-hour traffic around the city and hence, arrive at the bus stop much in advance to avoid being late for your flight.

Rent-a-car or hiring chauffeured services

Around the world, travelling by private vehicle or using a car service is considered best as it gets you from door to door. It also ensures that if you are travelling with a group on the same flight, and have additional luggage, it can help to have all the travellers visiting the airport in one vehicle. Leading taxi services you can consider include Uber, Ola Cabs, CelCabs, EasyCabs, MegaCabs, MeruCabs, KSTDC Taxi, SGL Tours and Travels, Savaari and others. Similarly, you can also rent a limousine or a car to the Bangalore airport from a choice of self-driven or chauffeured cars, from companies such as Hertz or Akbar travels. Although shuttle and public transportation services are reliable, booking a private vehicle can be ideal, especially if you are carrying more than two pieces of luggage and want to travel comfortably.

Like every important hub around the world, Bangalore city is also creating fast, reliable routes to get to and from the airport. If you want to avoid taxi or shuttle costs, you can opt for public transportation, particularly if you are travelling light. However, you may want to give yourself plenty of time to get to and from the airport.

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