Step-by-step tips for first timers at Bangalore airport

If you don’t miss the flight, air travel is super fun. But when it comes to the famed airport of Bangalore, you must keep this in mind even more. If you are a regular flyer to the city of gardens, you might be surprised to know that the airport is situated around thirty-four kilometres away from the city. Landing from a Mumbai to Bangalore flight may not require sparing much thought, but on your return journey, you can well miss the flight if you underestimate the distance.

Flying for the first time in a new city has its own challenges and if you are prepared, then it not only makes the travel worthwhile but also helps you enjoy the journey. So, if you are going at the Bangalore airport for the first time, then the following tips are all that you need for a happy and safe journey:

Reach the airport early

Due to the rather long distance of the Kempegowda International Airport from the main city, it’s always advisable that you start a couple of hours early as you have to reach the airport at least an hour before the flight.

Don’t worry about heavy luggage

Suppose you have just landed at the airport taking a Mumbai to Bangalore flight and are looking for a porter to help you with your luggage, you should know that he can’t charge you more than Rs. 200 as that’s the sanctioned rate. However, the rate is Rs. 300 for international flights arriving at the airport.

Relax at the lounges

There are three lounges inside Bangalore airport, including VIP Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge and Above Ground Level Lounge. These can be accessed by various credit card holders and also by passengers who can pay online and buy a ticket. The lounges are dotted with facilities such as spa, restaurants and resting places that promise you fulfilling leisure time.

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Make use of facilities

Like all major international airports, Bangalore airport too has a large array of facilities that add to its reputation as one of the best airports in the country. Free Wi-Fi facility is available in the entire terminal provided that the user registers and gets the password. Similarly, other services such as wheelchair assistance for elderly people and shopping sections are also in the vicinity. One of the important features of this airport is a large number of ATMs and money exchange kiosks which cater to passengers from all nationalities and serve as apt assistance for people in need of urgent cash at the airport.

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Find your ride

After landing from a Mumbai to Bangalore flight, if you are wondering where is the person who was supposed to pick you up, then you need not worry. You can simply walk over to the airport’s parking spot which has a capacity of holding around two thousand vehicles. Cars can be parked there at a nominal rate of Rs. 90 for four hours. You can also avail airport transport facilities such as prepaid taxis and the counters which are situated at the terminal exit.

Lodging is easy too

If you want to stay very close to the airport then you can also try the transit hotel which is a part of Bangalore airport. This is particularly useful if you are carrying luggage and have to return on the same day. For example, right after landing from a Mumbai to Bangalore flight, you can keep your luggage at the transit hotel, rest a bit, then go to the city to finish your work before coming back and boarding the flight back in the night.

Check the weather

This is another aspect that you need to keep in mind, especially if you are travelling early morning between the months of November to March. Around this time, Bangalore airport often sees a fog cover in the sky. Such weather conditions may not be conducive for flights and thus, they can be delayed.

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Bangalore airport is one of the best airports in India. Your travel to Bangalore becomes much easier if you know the airport beforehand. It will not only help you save your precious time but will also ensure that you get to utilise the various facilities that have been built inside the airport for creature comfort.

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