What to Expect at the Bangalore Airport Lounge?

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The Kempe Gowda International Airport at Bengaluru is one of the busiest airports in the country, with a burgeoning IT sector it serves as a heartthrob of commercial activity in the silicon city of India. It is named after Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bengaluru and was developed as an alternative to the congested HAL airport. It is a fully solar-powered airport a feat rarely heard of in the world. The airport is spread across 4,000 acres of land. The airport is managed by a public-private partnership entity which goes by the name Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL).

Lounge Facilities at the Bangalore International Airport

There are a variety of options for lounges at the Kempe Gowda Bangalore International Airport. Lounges are the best part of any air travel (yeah even better than the free meals), and they need to be experienced if you have time. Let us have a look at the various options available at the Bangalore international airport.

1. VIP Lounge

The Kempe Gowda International Airport’s VIP lounge is on level 1 of the international terminal, and it is specially made for dignitaries like the head of states, union as well as state ministers, ambassadors and businessmen. The VIP lounge ensures that its guests have a smooth ride right from the moment they set foot on the airport till they board their flight, taking with them the fond memories of Bangalore. The VIP lounge is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi (a basic necessity I would say in an IT city), plasma led screens and flight information display systems keeping them up-to-date with the schedule of their flights. The lounge is available 24x7, 365 days a year and has a capacity of 20 people at a time.

Bangalore has quickly grown as an IT hub, catering to a large number of international clients. It is a darling of companies wishing to outsource their process. This makes sure that there are a large number of business honchos visiting the city on a regular basis. The first impression that a foreign visitor conceives of your country is from the airport. A world-class airport has world class lounges. The VIP lounge of the Kempe Gowda International Airport lives up to the reputation of Bangalore and reinforces its image as the city of the future.

2. Plaza Premium Lounge

Another lounge that the Bangalore airport can boast of is the Plaza Premium Lounge, operated by one of the world’s best lounge operators. The Plaza Premium Lounge will provide you with all the amenities which you can expect in an international airport’s lounge. The plaza premium operates not one but two lounges in the Kempe Gowda Bangalore International airport. The Plaza Premium is the first ever pay in lounge to be available at the Bangalore International Airport.

These two lounges will further the reputation of Bangalore as a world-class business as well as a leisure travel destination. The lounges have food and beverage counters dishing out international cuisines like the Continental, Chinese, Thai, European as well as local Indian dishes. Finest wines of the world are also served here; you can celebrate that business deal with a red wine or champagne or just sip your favorite filter coffee reading the latest Sidney Sheldon novel, depending upon your choice.

You can even customize your food options and the restaurants here will not disappoint you. The bar here is also classy and you will get your taste of Jack Daniel's or Black label easily. No worries if you do not want to take the entire bottle at the duty-free shops just have a sip with your co-traveler. Contemplate life gush down with warm single malt whiskey and experience the good part of the life. The lounge also provides you hot as well as cold showers, it has a great facility complete with all the essentials you need in a shower. So just relax and let the warm water wash away all your tensions.

They even have an interactive live food counter wherein you can order your delicacy yourself. Any lounge in an international airport is incomplete without a good business centre; the Plaza Premium will not disappoint you. They have a world-class business centre complete with high-speed wi-fi connection so that you will not miss that video call with your family on your way back home. The Plaza Premium Lounge offers the facility of body massage from an experienced practitioner so as to provide a complete relaxation to your tiring body.

The Plaza Premium Lounge can be accessed at rate of 1200+ taxes for domestic departure and 1800+ taxes for international departure.

3. Above Ground Level Lounge

Another variant of the lounges available at the airport is the above ground level lounges. These are budget-friendly options for those guests who do not want the luxury of the above two class of lounges and just want to have some quiet time with themselves. The design of the lounge is modern but is firmly rooted in the traditional Indian architecture. You can view eye soothing green landscapes from the sitting area of the above ground level. The domestic lounge of the above ground level has a fully equipped business centre facility which with high-speed wi-fi. You can visit the above ground level if you have a Priority Pass Card, Master Card Club member or a Diners Club Card.

The above ground level offers to you a full course breakfast lunch and dinner with buffet option which will suit your taste buds with continental Asian and Indian dishes on offer. You are guaranteed to find an option which suits your taste.

The above ground level offers you an assortment of tea, coffee and soft drinks with iced tea, cold coffee and diet cola version with sugar-free options as is the case with these lounges you are spoilt for choice. They also have phone and laptop battery charging sockets at every seating point.

They have wide led TVs showing you the popular news channels, and you will not miss your football or cricket match while waiting at the lounge waiting for your flight.

They also have a printer and copier facilities which will help you scan, print or take photocopies of those important documents.

The above ground level has a wide selection of Indian as well as international material at its disposal that will satiate your reading needs.

These lounges have been designed by the famous Aussie architect Mitchel Squires. He has created customizable seating so that guests can feel at home. His architecture revolves around the human experience and this is aptly reflected in his work at these lounges.

So next time you are at the Kempe Gowda Bangalore International airport, make sure you visit these lounges too.