Facilities for Disabled at Bangalore Airport

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For all sectors, accessible tourism is playing a significant role in its evolving nature. We can refer to the example of airlines who are striving to fulfil the needs of a disabled person or a passenger with special needs. There can be several times where you require assistance while travelling. There might times when you tripped a day or two before the journey and walking through the terminal is extremely painful, or maybe you are recovering from a surgery or poor health condition which makes the terminal tour impossible by yourself. At those times, you need support.

This is especially true if we consider long flights, say, for instance, Kolkata to Bangalore flights, or even longer ones – the people with special needs require certain amenities at the airport to make the already difficult journey a bit easy.

The Bangalore Airport, also known as the Kempegowda Airport, provides its passengers with the facility of wheelchair assistance. This has been done keeping in mind their needs and requirements.

There are several processes of how you can ask for the assistance of disabled:

Before Your Departure Date

During high traffic times like summer vacation or festivals, getting assistance can be very difficult as the attendants are pre-booked by other passengers to avoid discomfort. The things you can do to shun the situation include the following:

While you are making reservations, get access to the largest aeroplane available. Flights carrying 60 or more passengers have two or more aisles and more seating and restroom facilities.

The airlines would like for you to request a wheelchair facility before 48 hours or more. Keep the call on priority, if possible. The representative of the particular airline would attach a note saying 'requires special assistance' on your record and inform the arrival and departure department to transport you with the facility.

Also, keep in mind that airlines like Air China only allows a certain number of passengers onboard with assistance for the disabled.

Manage your meals before you leave home for the trip. The attendants are not expected to take you to the food court. You may not get a chance to buy food in between or before flights.

At Your Departure Airport

If you are planning to travel during the holiday period, try to arrive early. It may take time to complete the whole process of your check-in, security and baggage check. You are not allowed to get any privileges at the check-point. Plan and give the authorities some extra time to take care of the situation.

Let your wheelchair assistant know about the things which you are not allowed to do before the security screening. If you can stand and move, you need to walk through the screening booth by yourself. Otherwise, you will have to ask for a pat-down service in which your wheelchair will be examined too.

You can use your wheelchair until you reach the boarding gate. The airlines do not allow passengers to use a personal wheelchair on the flight. You can bring the instructions for disassembling your chair.

State all your needs and disabilities to the attendant beforehand, so that they can take care of you in the best possible way. According to the situation, you will board the flight much earlier than other passengers.

Between Flights

While you have reached your destination, wait for the passengers to get off the plane. Your attendant would be there on time to take you to the exit area or your next flight.

You can ask your attendant to stop at a restroom on the way of your departure.

Escort Passes

Many airlines offer an escort pass to the passengers, which looks like a boarding pass. Escort pass gives you the privilege to take your companion with you to the departure section or wait for you at the arrival area. Not all the airlines allow you an escort pass. In such a case, make sure you book wheelchair assistance before you make to the Airport.

How to resolve a wheelchair problem?

The airlines have conducted a few measures to avoid the situation of being bluffed by the passengers. Many people try to use the assistance to have an early check-in or to avoid lines. Give yourself enough time before the check-in to avoid such situations. It may take a while, but you will be able to go through a cleaner process.

Always remember to keep a phone with essential numbers with you. In case, if you are not able to see your attendant, you can call your friends and family to help you out.

So, these are facilities provided by the Kempegowda (Bangalore Airport) to the disabled. You can call on the helpline number-1800 180 00 33 (toll-free) to book your assistance earlier.

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