How to Book Cheap Flights: Methods 101

Amongst the three modes of transport, air travel is the fastest and the most comfortable that also saves you a lot of time. It also serves as one of the quickest emergency transport services. The best part of travelling by air these days is that you get to save a significant amount of money on your flight booking if you book smartly.

Whether you fly once a year or every two months, knowing about your travel schedule ahead of the actual travel date comes quite handy. Last minute bookings are most likely to burn a hole in your pocket. However, proper planning and timing is essential to book the tickets at cheaper prices. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to book the cheapest flight tickets.

It’s all about strategic planning!

Airlines prices differ considerably according to seasonal demands. Also, a ticket worth INR 2500 may cost INR 3500 within a span of a mere 5 minutes. These prices may even get doubled, tripled or much more by the end of the day and also vary from airline to airline.

Sometimes people booking two tickets on the same flight may end up paying different prices for each ticket. Hence to avoid confusion and complications, there is a need for strategic planning. The tips discussed here will help you avoid paying more due to time of booking and poor planning. Know how to save significantly on a single booking.

Strategy 1- Look for cheaper options

Below are some of the methods that you can use to look for cheaper flight options:

  • Look for accurate and fair travel search engines. Majority of the travel booking portals are operated by the airlines themselves and hence they might provide biased choices. Hence, opting for search engines would provide unbiased quotations for both long and short-duration flights.
  • One can search for cheap flights from airports nearby your city. In some cases, flights from the home airport charge higher whereas the same flight from a nearby airport would cost lesser. Hence one can opt for the latter option and use any economical public transport like a bus or train to reach the closest airport.
  • Instead of searching on third-party websites, one can visit the official website of the airlines to book flight tickets. This is because sometimes they provide exclusive coupons to those who book directly from their website. Again, this is not always the case. At times travel sites offer better deals due to their partnership with the airlines. So, check both before booking.
  • Following the flight brand on social media is a great way to stay updated with the latest flight offers announced by various airlines from time to time.
  • Searching for a flight at the right time, like mid-afternoon is another way of getting cheaper tickets. During this time slot, the airlines release discount coupons and hence availing them at the earliest will prove beneficial.
  • Student discounts and concessions are often provided to travelling students and hence they must avail these to enjoy economical air travel.
  • Booking flights and hotels together, on a single platform has often proved to be a better choice rather than booking both separately.
  • Another key tip for searching cheap flights is to delete browser cookies. Find on Google how to delete cookies on Chrome, Firefox or Safari, depending on the browser you use. Never ignore this step as the price will keep on increasing the more you check.

Strategy 2- Adjusting travel preferences

Following are some of the methods by which you can change your travel preferences to get the best flight tickets deal.

  • Adjusting your travel timings and preferences is the best way to find the economical flight options easily. For example, choosing a mid-weekday as the travel day for a weekend holiday is much cheaper than boarding the same flight on the weekend.
  • The time of travel on the scheduled day also acts as an important parameter, since early morning and late-night flights have cheaper prices in comparison to flights flying at other times of the day.
  • Travelling by the economy class is the cheapest option rather than going for the business class. The former might be lacking in some facilities when compared to the latter, but this can help you save significantly.
  • Planning the duration of stay also helps in choosing the best flights. For example, choosing a Saturday night for the return flight is much better than returning on a Sunday when the air traffic as well as the ticket prices would be at their peak.
  • Taking connecting flights rather than direct ones is a better choice because although the former involves more time and hassle, it helps to save money.

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