Visit Lucknow and Enjoy Various Local Experiences

Lucknow is popular amongst tourists from all over the world because of its rich history, culture, as well as food. This beautiful city is well-known for its monuments and historical significance. To get a close glimpse of Lucknow, start with a visit to the dhobi ghat where you can see washer men beating clothes in a rhythm. They do this work on the rocks of the banks of river Gomti. This is a part of the local sightseeing in Lucknow. The best part is that you find the washermen singing the local folk songs. You can enjoy this scene with a ‘kulhad’ (earthern glass) of chilled lassi or thandai in your hand.

Local tours of Lucknow

  • On the local tours, you will be taken to places in the city where you can feel its true essence. One of the favourite pass time of the locals in Lucknow is kite flying. If you opt for a tour that includes having a glimpse of kit flying in Lucknow, you will be taken to a rooftop from where you can try your hand at kite flying and learn some useful tips. Kite-flying enthusiasts gather at one place where they will amuse you with the old anecdotes about kite flying. This is an unusual picture of the city, which the tourists enjoy thoroughly. Tourists are also served traditional beverages. This unforgettable experience will be carved in your memory for a lifetime.
  • A visit to Chikankari and zardozi workshops is something that any tourist will cherish. These are two world-renowned forms of embroidery work. The city of Lucknow is well-known for this work all over the world. The tour guide will take you to view those places that will show you the artisan’s magic of hand weaving. They do the entire work with just needle and thread without the use of any machines.
  • The most known tale of the city is of La Martiniere, which was established by Major General Claude Martin. It was his marshal deeds that actually transformed this place into a prestigious school. This is a piece of magnificent architecture located on the banks of the Gomti River. It is a prestigious school with a rich history of various achievements.

What to eat in Lucknow?

  • Lucknow is the city of nawabs and it is popular for its centuries-old Awadhi cuisine. This type of cuisine is influenced highly by the Mughal era. You will find that the traditional Indian food has also been incorporated into Lucknowi cuisine. This city is a paradise of kebabs, chaats and paans (betel leaf). One of the unique things that tourists would love to taste in Lucknow is the Biryani, a rice dish that Lucknow is famous for. This is highly influenced by Awadhi cuisine during the time of nawabs.
  • The galawati Kebab is the highlight of the trip or a food tour. This recipe was first made for the Nawabs when they wanted to eat something new that would melt in the mouth. This particular recipe is made from ground meat and actually just melts in the mouth. This is also known as Tunday kebab and has the unique flavour of around 100 spices.
  • The Tokri chaat is also a must-try dish in Lucknow. It is generally an Indian street food and Tokri chat is a speciality of Lucknow. Also, no food tour will be incomplete if you have not tasted Sheermal, which is a sweet bread. This is an addition to your palate with the contrasting flavours of a spicy curry. The kulfi of Lucknow cannot be missed when you are there. Lucknow is a foodie’s paradise, and you will need a few days there to try all the amazing delicacies.
  • Lucknow is known for its lovely culture and well-mannered people. It is a city of royalty and people who give importance to behaviour and politeness and manners. This city offers some unique experiences. You can get an opportunity to meet one of the royals over afternoon tea. You can chat with them about the changing times over the years. You can also come to know about their family, experiences, history, mannerisms, and the etiquettes and their lovely speech. This experience is unbelievable and a delightful treat for any tourist. These people know a lot about the city since they have inhabited it for centuries. They can give you an insight into its history like nobody else can.

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  • If you need to book cheap air tickets to Lucknow on any of the routes, such as Mumbai to Lucknow flights or New Delhi to Lucknow flight, then you must choose a reliable travel site for booking flights at discounted rates. Best of luck and enjoy a nice trip!