8 Thrilling Crime and Mystery Games in Mumbai

Missing treasure, gruesome crime, and clever theft are perfect components of an action-packed thriller. Indeed, watching these complex plots unfold on screen or reading them in a fast-paced novel often leaves you craving to be a part of the action.
Well, Cleartrip Activities gives you the chance to experience such adventures in your own city. Here’s a list of 8 exciting games in Mumbai to fulfill your quest for mystery.

1. Go Kaboom! at Khar (West)

Ever dreamed of becoming a national hero by defusing a bomb? Here’s your chance to live that adventure! Play the role of the invincible Spylock and race against time to find and stop a bomb from going off. Get three friends on board and experience the thrill as a team.

2. Mr. Spylock’s Chamber at Khar

The adventures of Mr. Spylock, detective par excellence, do not end here. If reading an intriguing murder mystery inspires you to conjure up incredible theories of your own, Mr. Spylock’s Chamber is the perfect place for you. Playing Spylock once again, you and your clever team-mates are faced with a mind-boggling whodunit. Put on your thinking cap and put the culprit behind the bars.

3. Live Action Adventure at Kandivali

Hardly do we encounter adventure and action in our mundane routines. But you can still live this enthralling fantasy at ‘Live Action Adventure’. Decipher mind-boggling mysteries and complete exciting tasks to as you follow compelling plotline filled with twists and turns.

4. The Bank Job at Andheri

The precarious prospect of robbing a bank would seem appalling to a common man. But what if that was the price you had to pay for freeing your son from the clutches of kidnappers? Form your own dauntless team of four burglars and decode the complex hints to trick your way into the bank.

5. The Pirate Trap at Andheri – Survive a pirate attack

Pirates, with their rugged appearance and bounty of treasures have caught the fancy of millions. But encountering one at sea has even the bravest amongst us quaking with fear. Put your courage and brains to the test; devise a street-smart – or rather, a ‘sea-smart’ – plan to escape the ship and release your team from the pirates’ trap.

6. The Diamond Maze at Lower Parel

So, you think you have what it takes to track the thief and recover a royal jewel? Well, find out at the Diamond Maze. Play the part of the famed detective Mr. Spylock once again, as you wade through the maze-like hideout of the culprit, with your squad of intelligent accomplices.

7. The Lock-Up Mystery at Lower Parel

Here’s your chance to play the part of a benevolent and brave hero in yet another of Mr. Spylock’s escapades! In ‘The Lock-Up Mystery’ you are entrusted with the difficult task of proving the innocence of a professor who has been jailed under false charges. But with your team of trusted and deft aides, that should be a cakewalk, shouldn”t it? Spot the hidden clues and unmask the real culprit to free the professor.

8. The Stolen Painting at Lower Parel

It certainly takes an extraordinary criminal to outsmart the tight security at a museum and steal a valuable painting. But then, you are no ordinary detective either! Use your eye for detail and gang up with your friends to track down this intelligent thief and restore the beautiful work of art.

These mystery games are certainly exhilarating. Armed with your Cleartrip mobile app, finding them is no mystery at all. Now that you know the perfect way to add spice to your routine life, book your Cleartrip mystery game today.