10 Best Instagram-Worthy Spots At Singapore Airport

Situated 20 km northeast of Singapore”s central business district, the Changi Airport has four central terminals, while the fifth one is under construction. Repeatedly voted as the world”s best airport and having earned a handful of awards, it is a primary international gateway with daily flights to all corners of the world. Talking about the services and facilities, the airport has free WiFi, courtesy phones for local calls, currency-exchange booths, medical centers, hotels, well-being spas, showers, a gym, a bathing pool, and numerous branded stores. The airport is an attraction in itself. Here are a few sites at the Changi airport you may want to instantly Instagram to your followers.

1. Jewel Changi Airport – HSBC Rain Vortex

The Rain Vortex at Changi is the world”s tallest indoor waterfall at 40 metres. You will be treated to a mesmerising vision at all times. If you”re at the Singapore airport, be sure to make a stop at Jewel Changi to take a snap against this majestic structure. This picture will surely get a lot of attention from your followers. The waterfall is spectacular during the day when the mighty cascade will mesmerise you. It is stunning during the night when the sky darkens, and the continuous pour of the HSBC Rain Vortex is in its full glory. At night, the sheet of water becomes a screen on which a light-and-sound show is projected.

2. Shiseido Forest

Situated in the middle of Jewel Changi Airport, Shiseido Forest Valley is a world-class multi-dimensional lifestyle destination and one of Singapore”s most extensive indoor gardens. It measures approximately 22,000 square meters. Visitors feel various sensory experiences like calming scents, peaceful sounds, and alluring sights. You could take a stroll here to explore beautiful places inside the airport. Lush green gardens create the perfect backdrop for an Instagram picture.

3. Canopy Park

Canopy Park is a fun attraction with lush gardens, walking paths and restaurants. With a unique dome-shaped front made of glass and steel measuring around 134,000 square metres in size, it offers a range of facilities including terminal services, an indoor park and recreation attractions, all under one roof.

There are three major attractions – Sky-Nets, Canopy Mazes and Discovery Slides. Children particularly enjoy these bouncy rides and dig every bit of this place. Canopy Mazes has two concepts. The hedge maze has a high watchtower that allows a bird”s-eye view of the site. The second maze has mirror design details in which visitors face hurdles at every turn as they try to find their way out. Two uniquely created gardens Topiary Walk and Petal Garden are part of a huge canopy. Topiary Walk will amaze the guests with its animal-shaped cutouts and numerous winding walkways at every corner, while the Petal Garden has periodical floral arrangements that add to the overall green environment of Canopy Park. It is a fantastic place to take beautiful pictures.

4. Canopy Bridge

The 50m-long Canopy Bridge is a great photography spot and the perfect point to enjoy the magnificent 40m high Rain Vortex. The Canopy Bridge has glass-panelled floors in the middle section of the bridge, making it the perfect place to take selfies.

5. Viewing Mall

Do you love seeing planes flying by? If yes, then there is no better spot to relax and view planes take-off and land than the viewing galleries located in terminals 1 to 3. For enthusiastic Instagrammers out there, this is also the most fabulous place for “back-view” shots.

6. Sunflower Garden

If you want to take a picture midst the sunflowers of the Netherlands but are in Singapore, worry not. Away from the rush of the Transit Hall is the stunning Sunflower Garden with a sea of bright yellow flowers. Try locating runway and aircraft parking bays which are visible from here.

7. Orchid Garden

The Orchid Garden features more than seven hundred orchids of thirty varieties, grouped by various colours and shapes. It represents the four elements of nature: earth, water, fire and air. You can also feed the beautiful Koi fishes at ponds, every day at fixed timings.

8. Butterfly Garden

An abundance of plants, dense greenery and a six-metre grotto waterfall are a few things you may want to capture as soon as you enter the Butterfly Garden. Over 1,000 tropical butterflies flutter in this area, which is also renown as the world”s first indoor Butterfly Garden located in an airport.

Arriving from Chennai?

Singapore welcomes thousands of passengers daily from Chennai. There are many Chennai to Singapore flights available. The shortest Chennai to Singapore flights takes a little less than two hours. There are many other Chennai to Singapore flights which go via other countries, but we do not recommend them as they unnecessarily increase the overall journey time.

Given below are some major Chennai to Singapore flights which are direct:

We hope our guide makes it easier for you to have a memorable time at Changi International Airport.

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