Best things to explore at Changi Airport

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There are a number of things to do at the amazing Changi Airport. All the attractions are spread over the three terminals which fortunately are well-connected via the Sky Train.

So, here’s a list of some awesome things to explore at Changi Airport:

Butterfly Garden

Located at the terminal three, this is a home to nearly thousands of colourful butterflies. Admission is free. Visitors can educate themselves on the lifecycle of the butterfly and take fantastic pictures, including the famous waterfall. It is a must to see if you are stepping on Changi Airport.

Orchid Garden By The Koi Pond

Located right in the centre of terminal two, you can witness over seven hundred orchids in various shapes and colours. The display depicts the four elements of nature being Water, Fire, Air and Earth. You would not even realise it is time to board in your flight while you stroll this beautiful garden.


Yes, this is not a scam. You can get a free massage at several points throughout the terminals. It is a blessing after a long flight and if this is not enough, there are even electric massage chairs installed. This fifteen-minute of foot and calf massage charges you just right for the next leg of your journey.

The Enchanted Garden

This interactive garden is located at terminal two. The magical garden has a beautiful wooden road. It gives you a sense of tranquillity while you stroll in the garden. It is like the feel of Alice in the Wonderland right inside the Changi Airport. For kids, it is one of their dreams come true.

See A Movie

Changi Airport also has something in store for movie lovers. At terminal 2 and 3, you can watch your favourite blockbusters with a bucket of popcorn. It is our personal favourite if you have children as they tend to sit for a few hours and you would not even realise how the time flew by.

Rooftop Swimming Pool

Although the pool is paid, it sees a lot of visitors. If you have extra cash in your pockets and some time to relax, head to the terminal 1 for this facility. There is a Jacuzzi there along with hot showers and all the necessary amenities. If you have a booking at the transit hotel, the pool is included in the rate.

Sunflower Garden

Located at terminal 1, this little garden reminds us about the Netherlands. An ideal picturesque, the garden is home to around five hundred sunflowers. If this is not enough, you can even catch the view of the planes taking off and landing. It surely is a place for some fantastic selfies dying to be posted on your social media.


You cannot leave Changi Airport without shopping. With more than three hundred and fifty branded stores, there is something for everyone in your family. These duty-free products are exclusively available only at the airport. And, if you have limited time, then don’t worry. You could shop online before your arrival and grab your shopping in the terminal.

Cactus Garden

For people who want to relax with a drink, head towards terminal 1. Sip in a cocktail or a cold glass of wine outside in the sunshine at the Cactus Garden. This is the perfect way to refresh before the next leg of your trip.

Entertainment Deck

Changi Airport has stuff for teenagers as well. Gamers need to head towards the terminal two at the Entertainment Deck. It has a range of gaming stations, including PlayStation 3 and Xbox Kinetic Room.


After all the above, your hunger is at the highest peak. With massive dining options, you will surely find the best burgers, pizza or any food you are craving to have. The food court is vast and pretty much accommodates all cuisines.


If none of the above has moved you, you can't deny the sleeping pods. The pods are located at all the terminals. These quiet spaces are just what you want after your long flight. The 90-degree chairs will make you cosy and give you much-needed sleep. They are also the perfect option for the transit hotel if you do not have enough cash to spend on them.

Arriving from Bangalore?

Singapore witnesses thousands of passengers daily from Bangalore. There are many Bangalore to Singapore flights available. The shortest Bangalore to Singapore flight takes around four and a half hours. There are many other

Bangalore to Singapore flights too, which go via other countries, but we do not recommend all as they unnecessarily increase the overall journey time.

Here is some major Bangalore to Singapore flights which are direct:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Air India
  • Indigo

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