10 Unique Activities to Experience in Coffee Shops

Coffee shops and eateries are a lot more than a place to grab an espresso or cappuccino; they are a part of the social life of a city. From entertainment centers, to cultural hubs, and dating platforms, coffee shops double up as these, and lots more. So, the next time you want an evening out, you don’t just have to make a reservation and enjoy your meals or coffee with inane conversation or awkward silence. Here are some great ideas for activities you can enjoy at your local coffee shop:

1. Board Game Gatherings

Board games are certainly making a resurgence and there’s no better way to get together with friends for some healthy fun. This is an entertaining activity for groups and there is a wide range of games to choose from. From Ludo and Snakes & Ladders, to Monopoly and Risk, the list of games is endless. Whether you are regular patrons at your neighborhood coffee shop or not, it’s unlikely that the patrons would mind; after all, board games can be so enticing that you will probably land up spending hours there. If you’re looking for something even more interactive or challenging, you should sign up for some of the mystery games hosted by Cleartrip Local in Mumbai.

2. Sports Fans Live Viewings

Indian sports-enthusiasts are just as passionate about their clubs and teams, as anyone else, so public screenings are always fun. Watching an Indo-Pak cricket match or Germany-Brazil football game is always a lot more enjoyable in a group because of the high energy levels. So, the next time you’re looking for some spirited and good natured rivalry, simply head to a joint that is streaming a live sporting event with your friends.

3. Impromptu Standup or Open Mic Nights

Not all eating joints and coffee shops will tolerate someone clowning around, but there’s only one way to find your inner comic! Group gatherings at coffee shops that permit open mic nights or impromptu standup acts can be great fun, even if you’re nervous about public-speaking. Such activities present a great way to come out of your shell in a friendly environment, while also have a much-needed good laugh.

4. Poetry Recitals

Poetry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those with more refined tastes, there can be scarcely a better way to spend time than at a poetry recital. Poetry recitals allow you to meet renowned poets, while also giving budding poets a chance to showcase their talents. This gives you wider exposure, helpful feedback, and plenty of friends. Such gatherings are also popular with most establishments, as they don’t require much space, are non-invasive, and bring in greater business.

5. Writers’ Meet-ups

Whether you are plagued by ‘writer’s block’, or simply need like-minded individuals to bounce your ideas off, a writers’ meet-up is always a great way to socialize. Copywriters, advertisers, content writers and journalists often come together to share ideas, brainstorm, or simply have a good time. With any gathering of creative minds you can be sure that there will be plenty of entertainment, as well as fun activities like relay-writing!

6. Word Games

Who says word games and vocabulary building exercises are only meant for students preparing for the TOEFL or CAT exams? Word games like crossword puzzles, Cryptograms, Word Ladder and Fill-Ins combine linguistic and logic skills, giving you the perfect mental stimulation. As sedate as this activity may seem, the atmosphere can be quite electric when you have a competitive bunch of friends trying to prove their prowess over the language.

7. Dumb Charades Night

Dumb charades has long been popular with movie buffs, but the game can be altered to suit any type of crowd. The idea is to act out the name of the movie and this can even work with book titles, and so on. The gestures and enactments are always hilarious, and the game can be enjoyed by any number of people, who can be divided into as many groups or teams as seen fit. This is the perfect coffee shop activity for any group gathering, no matter how big or small.

8. Speed Dating Events

Speed dating is the perfect activity for singles at coffee shops, as it saves on both time and money. You can organize a speed dating event for a gathering of singles, where individuals can meet new people or find dates. As in a game of musical chairs, but in a more organized manner, each couple spends a few minutes together before moving on to meet a potential new partner. This saves everyone the tedium of long-drawn dates spanning weeks or years; here, you can enjoy multiple dates in a single evening and have a better chance of finding someone a lot faster.

9. Karaoke Sing-Off

Karaoke nights are always enjoyable, especially when you have a big group of friends, but it can be get even more exciting if you throw in a challenge. The next time you want to plan a group gathering, organize a ‘sing-off’ at your neighborhood eatery. Any joint that has a karaoke machine will work; simply get those vocal cords tuned and prepare for an evening of entertainment.

10. Hobbyists Get-Together

Group activities and gatherings don’t always have to involve any kind of physical activity. Sometimes, it’s most relaxing to simply converse with like-minded individuals over a cup of fine brew. With little effort you can organize a meet-up for parents, photographers, painters, sculptors, or model train enthusiasts, at your local coffee shop. It doesn’t matter what the hobby is, what’s more important is that you have a common interest and now a platform to discuss your thoughts, exchange ideas, and develop your own skills.

With these unique group activities at coffee shops, your evenings should become a lot more fun and will also introduce to much wider circle of friends. There are few better ways to relax after a long day at work, or over the weekend, so plan an activity and head to your local coffee shop.