10 Indoor Activities for Pregnant Women to Do in New Delhi

Congratulations! This announcement may bring a glow to your face and more Facebook likes than your cool haircut ever got. But do you worry about how you’ll spend your time during these months? Apart from a lot of pampering, here’s a list of 10 fun activities you can do indoors, so you never get bored and your glow lasts forevermore!

1. Baking

Why not get prepared for when that late-night craving hits? For sweet-toothed expectant mothers, here’s your chance to finally learn how to bake the perfect chocolate muffin or pipe creamy red velvet cupcakes.

2. Book a spa session

Pregnancy comes with its own aches and pains. Book a spa session and embrace complete relaxation. Focus on your feet, which are prone to becoming more sensitive during this period. You cannot undergo any procedure that exposes your body to heat or requires you to lie on your back after about 16 weeks. So while booking an appointment, inform them of how many weeks along you are. Preferably, ask for a practitioner well-acquainted with pregnant women, and then put your feet up as the lotions begin to work their magic. Book a Spa Session today!

3. Kick back with a Mocktail Night

Whoever said that your days of having fun with your girlfriends are over clearly didn’t know what they were talking about! Set up your kitchen with a mixer, ice cubes, juices, soda, fresh fruit, and your best glassware. Breeze through the night laughing and trying to create the most refreshing mocktail. Bonus: No hangover headaches the next morning!

4. Prenatal Yoga Classes

Pregnancy is the perfect time to join the Yoga movement gripping the world. With a few restrictions and modifications, you should be able to safely practice it during your second trimester. Practitioners claim that Yoga helps pregnant women to say goodbye to nausea and hello to freshness. These exercises may also equip you to cope with backache, fight sluggishness, and help you stay healthy through your pregnancy. Plus, prenatal Yoga classes are the perfect place to meet other to-be moms and exchange motherhood tips and tricks!

5. Online Courses

There is no better time to get back to your hobbies, brush up on some skills or learn something new. A computer, an Internet connection and some free time – if you have all of this, don’t waste any more time. Sign up for an online course to develop skills you’ve been always wanted to. Grab the opportunity this time and turn those free hours into fully productive ones.

6. Parenting Classes

Gear up for your upcoming roles as parents by joining a class with your partner. Here, you will learn stress-relieving methods, birthing techniques, and other useful tips. Though there is no replacement for your grandma’s age-old ‘gyaan’, this is still highly recommended for first-time parents.

7. Body Art

Turn your body into a canvas. Recreate a favorite painting onto your belly, turn your calves into a scene from your favorite movie, or simply try new patterns on your palms. Invite a few friends over, arm yourselves with henna cones, and don’t forget to photograph it all – five years later, you’ll thank yourself.

8. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can work wonders to improve your mood and rejuvenate your senses. In your second and third trimester, the baby is a little more developed. This is why the use of oils like ylang ylang, lavender, and chamomile is often encouraged, as they relax the body, and help you enjoy a restful sleep. Take due care and avoid certain oils that may cause uterine contractions. Speak to the aromatherapist before your session, and also consult your family doctor for the go-ahead.

9. Quilling

Seen it feature on all sorts of DIY lists but never had the time to try it yourself? Well, this is your chance to become a quilling master! Whether you end up making cards for the baby shower, or decorating your home, quilling is a fun art which is rapidly gaining popularity in New Delhi. With an assortment of tools, paper types and techniques, quilling is an easy-to-learn and enjoyable craft you can practice during your pregnancy. Indulge in a session of creating some wonderful pieces of art by rolling paper, Book a session today with Cleartrip Local!

10. Decorate your baby’s room

Pretty soon, there’s going to be a baby in your house. While you’re still moving about, and have some time on your hands, set up your baby’s future room. Simple things like a crib, baby blankets, and a musical mobile can really breathe life into the room. If you’re one for more dramatic statements, consider creating a thematic experience. Turn the impersonal room into your baby’s haven.

While the months of pregnancy may seem slow and painful at times, soon you will bring home your baby. Along with all the relaxing, a little panicking, and a lot of ignoring unwanted advice, also take time out to have fun for yourself. Listen to the music you like, take a stroll in the garden, hone your skills, or invite all the kids in your building to gorge on the cupcakes you just baked. Make the most of your incredible journey.