10 Best Alternatives to a Gym for Fitness Freaks in Mumbai

If gruelling workouts in the gym are breaking your spirit (and your back), it”s time you make the switch. Gym rats who thought that skipping and roller skating were child’s play, the tables have now turned.

We present to you 10 ways to break free from your exhausting gym session and engage in a fun workout.

1. Zumba

Whoever said workouts had to be boring? Do away with pumping weights and reckless crunches; make way for the queen of all workouts – zumba! An hour of zumba and you’ll already have burned a whopping 800 calories! The peppy music is a fun addition to this engaging workout. Try it out with Cleartrip

2. Power Yoga

Yes, we’ve all heard about Yoga, but if you’re looking for a rigorous workout to shed those excess kilos, then power Yoga is the ultimate. It combines different Yoga poses to provide an effective workout. The efficacy in this form lies in the fact that you are not required to rest between exercises; this helps to burn more calories. Being a high-energy workout, you’ll marvel at the endurance your body develops with time.

3. Aerobics

This high-intensity workout will not only keep you in top shape, but also leave you feeling great. The constant surge of oxygen into your blood during this regimen is what makes it a successful workout. Now if you’re wondering, aerobics is no rocket science, the activity combines effective stretching techniques and strength training in a rhythmic pattern.. So regardless of your age, we encourage you to try this one out.

4. Skipping

Remember the joy of skipping rope gleefully when we were little? This fun activity is actually more beneficial than you would imagine. With the ability to improve your cardio-respiratory functioning while also burning calories, skipping is a great alternative to other run-of-the mill exercise options available in Mumbai. Try interesting variations like the Jack Jump, Hop Jump, Skip Jump and Jog Jump to amp up the fun factor.

5. Swimming

Making a splash in the pool is so much fun! Now, you have yet another reason to hit the water – swimming is excellent exercise! What sets it apart from the rest is the resistance provided by water – 44 times that of air. Weight loss, mood boost, muscle strengthening; need we mention any more benefits? Don’t think further, just take the plunge!

6. Outdoor games like badminton

Smash and drop is all part of this game. For those in a competitive mood, a session of badminton is perfect to give you a sporty high. Besides the regular host of health benefits, this sport is sure to improve your reflexes. Get set to give your regular workout schedule a miss for this fun yet high-intensity game.

7. Brisk Walking

Walking is the simplest and most inexpensive activity you could do to win back your good health. A walk down Mumbai’s promenades and beaches is a great way to enjoy the cityscape while treating your body to a good cardiovascular workout. Going on nature treks with friends could also lend a unique twist to this activity. Get a best walks experiences in Mumbai!

8. Hula Hoop

Twirl your hips to fun and fitness! In fact, get your family on board, too! Torch the excess calories with this enjoyable yet effective outdoor activity. With all the components needed for a comprehensive workout, a hula hoop session beats your everyday boring gym workout.

9. Kick boxing

Putting your coordination, flexibility and balance to test, kick-boxing burns calories and provides a holistic workout. The workout combines kicks, punches and knee strikes and helps build stamina. Look forward to learning some great moves like shadow box, jump rope and forward kicks. It is indeed a great switch from the boring gym routine.

10. Roller skating

If watching your favorite cartoon character zipping around on roller skates made you want to try it, too, then this high-adrenaline sport is the thing for you. The thrill of rushing against the wind on wheels is unparalleled. Reap the full benefits of a workout session by roller skating. Besides being fun, it is also less impactful on your joints when compared to other activities like running. Invite your friends and participate in an enthralling session organized by Cleartrip .

These fun and unconventional workouts are definitely a class apart from your regular gym routines. You can now combine fun with fitness through these great alternatives.