10 Fabulous Flea Markets in Bengaluru

If you ever want to learn about a city’s culture, character and history, just stroll through its markets. Whether you want to indulge in some retail therapy, talk to locals, bargain for fun or click pictures with your DSLR, markets are treasure chests of magical things. Look through our list of amazing flea markets for the best places to shop at, when you’re in Bengaluru next.

1. KR Market

City Market, also known as Krishna Rajendra Market, is Bengaluru’s largest wholesale bazaar. It is said that the market never shuts, with traders flocking to it at all odd hours of the day. Early in the mornings, flower vendors come out in full force and color the area with every hue possible. Learn about this market’s rich history by signing up for a guided tour on the Cleartrip app.

2. Avenue Road

This street is a bibliophile’s paradise. Walk through bookstore after bookstore, each having scores of books on offer. What’s better than that, unbeatable bargains! Apart from bagging those beloved paperbacks or hardbound books, you can also indulge in some bauble shopping at the various jewelry stores lining the street.

3. Brigade Road

A market of contrasts, Brigade Road houses high street branded stores and street stalls with equal aplomb. Youngsters flock to this market to shop for clothes, shoes and other trinkets because of the perfect mix in both branded and local shops. Its shops are usually more modern that other markets.

4. Gandhi Bazaar

Step into Gandhi Market to get a taste of vintage Bengaluru. This market offers everything from vegetables, food and flowers to pots and pans, silk and souvenirs. It also boasts of some great jewelry shops. Visitors will instantly notice modern buildings cozying up to the older ones, making the market more attractive not just to shoppers, but also to architecture-lovers. The hours spent exploring can make you hungry, so don’t forget to sample some kadalepuri (puffed rice) while walking through the bustling by-lanes of the market.

5. Commercial Street

Commercial Street, as its name suggests, is always buzzing and busy with great bargains waiting to be grabbed. Visit the area to buy fashion accessories, silver jewelry, kolhapuri chappals, and antique curios. College students abound here – so rest assured that the wares of this market are always up to date.

6. Jayanagar 4th Block Shopping Complex

This is a large indoor market spread across 15,000 square meters offering everything under the sun. It is one of the places in Bengaluru that has not changed through the years. Stationery supplies, vegetables, fruits and other knick-knacks – whatever be your need, you are sure to find it at Jayanagar 4th block market.

7. Chickpet

Chickpet is a must-visit market for women. Ladies buying colorful saris and all kinds of fabric for salwar kameezes throng its lanes. The market is slightly congested due to traffic (read: vehicles, animals and people) move in all directions all at once, it can be slightly cumbersome to maneuver your way through these lanes. Of course, obstacles like these are not even remotely daunting to a woman who has laid her eyes on a fine piece of jewelry or the things that catch their attention.

8. Sunday Soul Santhe

Never those to shy away from trying something new, the people of Bengaluru are always open to different forms of entertainment. This led to the launch of several hip flea markets across the city. They come for a short duration spanning weeks, a couple of days or just a weekend and have managed to gain quite a fan following in a short while. Sunday Soul Santhe is one such flea market that not only has stalls selling kitschy products, but also hosts a variety of events like musical performances and fashion shows. The market shouldn’t be missed by those who consider themselves connoisseurs of cool.

9. Thippasandra Market

Located in C.V. Raman Nagar, Thippasandra Market offers the area’s residents a domestic bazaar where they feel at home. Although, very popular for items required for a puja, you can buy vegetables and other home wares here at great prices. In fact, locals are proud of the freshness and quality of the fruits and vegetables sold here. It is also a wonderful place to buy flower garlands of many varieties.

10. Madiwala Market

Situated bang in the center of Bengaluru’s IT corridor is Madiwala market. Needless to say, it is frequented by office-goers after work hours. That is why the market has everything one could need: groceries, stationery, trinkets, home ware, and lots more. It is also a strictly informal market and you will find some of the best quality local produce and wares here, as opposed to the overpriced branded goods sold at most stores.

The markets of Bengaluru are as diverse as its history. Missing a visit to at least one of these bazaars during a trip to the city would be a lost opportunity to learn how the old mingles with the new to create something beautiful.