Top 10 Monsoon Getaways for Couples from Bengaluru

The monsoons have arrived and, with them, come long romantic drives, piping hot tea and coffee breaks, and a completely cuddle-worthy atmosphere. Wait, this sounds like it’s a scene straight out of a movie or book, right? Isn’t it a far cry from your adventurous commute to work during which you brave your way through Bengaluru’s rainy streets hoping to reach office in a somewhat presentable manner? Stress not! Browse through this compilation of romantic, fun and relaxing monsoon getaways from Bengaluru that’ll not only make you enjoy the rains, but also keep the romance alive.

1. Go Paragliding at Nandi Hills, Karnataka

Paragliding in the serene Nandi Hills is just a short drive from the bustling city of Bengaluru. Once an important part of Emperor Tipu Sultan’s vast empire, its peaks offer wonderfully picturesque spots to explore—with amazing views of the forest and the Arkavathy River. If you’re a couple that loves adventure, be sure to try this out—here’s your chance to take some selfies up in the air! And who knows? You might just land in some secret passage used by the king to escape attacking armies!

2. Bathe under a Waterfall at Thottikallu Falls, Karnataka

The Thottikallu Falls truly come alive during the monsoons, when they flow with more gusto than any other time of the year. Make your way here with your special someone and enjoy the lush greenery that abounds. It is a great picnic spot which offers visitors lush trekking, hiking and biking trails. Make your trip even more romantic by doing a fun photo session along the gushing falls!

3. Listen for Trumpets and Roars at Bandipur, Karnataka

Spend a weekend taking in the sights and sounds of the Bandipur National Park, which is an important biosphere reserve close to Bengaluru. The forest teems with life and, particularly during the monsoons, it’s a treasure trove! Put on your forest ranger hats and explore the jungle together—if you’re lucky, you may even spot the ever-elusive tiger! Other animals include the sambar and elephant. The area is dotted with many jungle lodges and retreats, so much so that you’ll be spoilt for choice!

4. Surf the Rapids at Dandeli, Karnataka

Dandeli is an outdoor-lover’s paradise—and many of the experiences here are best enjoyed in the company of your partner. The main activity here is white-water rafting amid gigantic rapids in the Kali River, which is a treat for any adrenaline-loving couple. What makes it even more exciting is that there is a high chance of spotting crocodiles here. If you are a couple who prefers a serene atmosphere, opt to go boating. Other options include camping, eco-tourism walks and bird-watching, activities best enjoyed while staying at one of the numerous lodges in Dandeli.

5. Experience Scotland at Madikeri, Coorg

Madikeri is the quintessential romantic monsoon getaway. Away from the hustle and bustle of Bengaluru is this charming hill station that is utterly beautiful. Plan a trip with your better half if you’ve just had a fight—not only will you make up instantly, but you’ll also earn brownie points for the future! Madikeri is home to gorgeous waterfalls, the St. Marks Church, Madikeri Fort and the Omkareshwara Temple, among many other delightful spots. Walk around and explore your own little secret spots and don’t forget to enjoy the freshly-brewed coffee from the highlands. Book Hotels in Madikeri to experience the best monsoon!

6. Indulge your Sweet Tooth at Belgaum

Belgaum is a haven for food lovers. The seven-hour drive from Bengaluru will be absolutely worth it when you savor that first bite of a milky ‘kunda’. A sweet treat that draws hordes of tourists, it is made with heavy milk and sugar. Although ‘kunda’was first made by Rajasthani immigrants in Belgaum, it is now synonymous with the town. So eat your way through the weekend and in between the bites, enjoy Belgaum’s many waterfalls and Jain temples that are so much more stunning in the rains. After all, you do need to burn those extra calories, don’t you? Get best deals on Belgaum hotels only at Cleartrip.

7. Laze on the Beach in Gokarna, Karnataka

Lazing on the sands of Gokarna’s pristine and virgin beaches is an ideal way to spend the weekend. There are no touristy traps here. If you are looking for some rest and rejuvenation with your sweetheart and you are both beach junkies, then this is the right choice for you. Om beach (named so because of its shape), Nirvana Beach and Paradise Beach offer relaxation, ferry rides, delicious coastal cuisine and sun-kissed tans in one of the most peaceful settings. Enjoy the Best of Gokarna, book your stay today.

8. Admire Architecture at Hassan, Karnataka

The architecture in Hassan offers much to be admired. If art and architecture is your thing, then the two of you must drive down to soak in this town built by the Hoysala dynasty, evidenced mainly in the Hasanamba Temple. Do also visit its coffee and pepper plantations and be treated to the rich, fragrant and spicy aromas (and of course, enjoy that cup of coffee, too!).

9. Travel Back in Time by Visiting Hampi, Karnataka

IT’s easy to lose yourself and travel back in time in this UNESCO World Heritage Site that has so many wonders to offer. The six-hour drive from Bengaluru is especially scenic during the rains. Once you step into Hampi, you will instantly be transported to the era of the Vijaynagar dynasty where you will practically feel the presence of its massive army marching past. The Virupaksha Temple is a must-visit; it is a stellar remnant of the city’s glorious past. Walking past its lingas, mantapas, aqueducts and chariots, you’ll feel like a native of the vast Vijaynagar Empire. Book your stay at Hampi and enjoy!

10. Live the Royal Life at Mysore Palace, Mysuru, Karnataka

Feel like royalty at the Mysore Palace, home of the Wodeyar family. Walk through its various rooms—the durbars, courtyards and gardens, each offering a regal photo opportunity. The pattering rains make the days of yore come alive and you can live your own little fairytale in the majestic palace complex. It is also an amazing place to propose to your better half! Get amazing deals and discounts for Mysore Hotels here.

Adventurous, romantic, foodie or artsy, rest assured there is a monsoon getaway for you close to Bengaluru. So the next time it is pouring and you have a lazy weekend ahead of you, you know what to do. Don’t waste your time in front of the television—pack your bags, take off and have a blast with your better half!