Tips to Find Varanasi Hotels for Those on a Tight Budget

Varanasi is one of the oldest inhabited cities of the world, which renders mythological, historical and spiritual prominence for Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains. While in Varanasi, it is almost impossible to miss out the spiritual essence of divinity, as the city is filled with sounds of conch bells, Arati hymns, the fragrance of burnt incense sticks and camphor, chants of salvation by pilgrims, and cremation mantras. While on one side, the fumes from the pyres of cremation curls and swirls in the air, on the other side, people do silent chants while taking a dip in the holy Ganges as per the common belief.

The concept of attaining purity of soul and Moksha from the bond of life attracts devotees and religious believers from all strata of society. Apart from indulging in the spiritual and religious aspects of the city, there are many things to do in Varanasi like enjoying a boat ride through the River Ganges, visiting Ramnagar Fort and Museum, etc. One of the prime businesses of the city revolves around the retail shops of puja items and hotels in Varanasi. On travel websites, you can easily find Varanasi hotels for those on a tight budget and also for those who can afford a luxurious stay.

Tips to Book a Budget Stay in Varanasi

There are numerous hotels in Varanasi for all types of visitors. Not only Indians, but even foreigners from distant lands take a deep interest in the spiritual and cultural activities of Varanasi. This also makes the hospitality industry to flourish in the city. Therefore, if you want to stay in a budget-friendly accommodation, you need to take heed of certain essential check points like:

  • Booking in advance if you are visiting during the peak season, which falls within October to March or during any of the popular festivals can help you to save a lot.
  • Staying near the city and most importantly, near the popular Ghats, can save you the transport cost.
  • The city is filled with winding streets where one can easily get lost and confused; yet in these winding streets, you can find cheaper accommodations.
  • Lodges and guesthouses sometimes happen to be cheaper as compared to hotels. You can also check out Dharamshalas and Temple authority accommodations in some areas.
  • Hotels in Varanasi for All

    This is not only a city where life and death merge to glorify the ultimate attainment of salvation, but also the one, which has eliminated the social barriers, linguistic differences, cultural beliefs, and status of people. Here, life and death are equally celebrated in a holy and pious way, and the Holy Ganges wash away the sins of the pilgrims without any distinction. Even the hotels in Varanasi are meant for pilgrims and visitors from all strata of society. Also, there are many Varanasi hotels for those on a tight budget. However, in order to find out the most suitable and budget-oriented stay in Varanasi, you can follow a few tips like those given below:

    Budget Stay near Transport Junction

    If you are looking for pocket-friendly hotels in Varanasi, one of the best ways is to look away from the city centre as the hotels here are in high demand and so can be comparatively expensive. Even though the heart of the city is packed with budget accommodation facilities, yet there are many low-cost stay options near the Varanasi railway Junction. If you are looking forward to a comfy stay, then you can consider Hotel Plaza Inn Varanasi, a well-reputed three-star hotel near the junction. Another high-end three-star accommodation is Hotel Surya Varanasi that is available at pocket- friendly prices near the Cantonment area. You can also opt for a stay near Manduadih (MUV), within the city limits. However, many visitors arrive Varanasi via Mughal Sarai Junction (MGS), which is approximately 20 km from the city. You can also choose a budget-friendly and comfortable stay nearby, but you need to count on the travel expenses to the city each time. Popular three-star hotels like Hotel Vaibhav Varanasi are at a stone’s throw distance from the Varanasi railway junction.

    Book a Stay near the Ghats

    People visit Varanasi primarily due to the attraction of the magnificent Ghats by the Ganges. This is the reason why the best and the most budget-friendly accommodations are found around the popular Ghats in Varanasi. Dashashwamedh Ghat, the busiest Ghat that attracts the maximum number of visitors, has many accommodation options around it. While you can find luxury at star hotels like Hotel Varuna Varanasi, there are cheap lodges, guesthouses, and dharamshalas as well for those with budget restraints. You can also opt for four-star accommodations like Hotel Grapevine Varanasi near Assi Ghat, which is yet another popular Ghat in the city.

    In general, you can have an enjoyable trip to Varanasi if you plan in advance and book the accommodation as per your budgetary constraints.