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Varanasi Hotels

Sat, 23 Sep - Sun, 24 Sep | 1 Room, 2 Guest

Ramada Plaza JHV

4.0 1462 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
4.0 1462 reviews

Hotel Madin

4.0 206 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
4.0 206 reviews

Hotel Clarks

3.5 434 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
3.5 434 reviews

Hotel Hindusthan International

3.0 468 reviews
No free cancellation eligable
3.0 468 reviews

Guleria Kothi

4.0 104 reviews
No free cancellation eligable
4.0 104 reviews

The Tree of Life Resort & Spa

4.5 77 reviews
No free cancellation eligable
4.5 77 reviews

Hotel City Inn

3.0 185 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
3.0 185 reviews

Hotel Zeeras

3.0 125 reviews
No free cancellation eligable
3.0 125 reviews

Hotel Vibhavharsh

4.0 134 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
4.0 134 reviews

Hotel Heritage inn

4.0 771 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
4.0 771 reviews

Hotel Banaras Haveli

4.0 213 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
4.0 213 reviews

The India Benares

4.0 41 reviews
No free cancellation eligable
4.0 41 reviews

Comfort Inn Benares

4.5 21 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
4.5 21 reviews

A Palace on River - Rashmi guest House

4.0 761 reviews
No free cancellation eligable
4.0 761 reviews

Hotel Alka

4.0 1386 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
4.0 1386 reviews

Hotel Ganges Grand

4.0 61 reviews
No free cancellation eligable
4.0 61 reviews

Pallavi International Hotel

3.5 89 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
3.5 89 reviews

New Hotel Broadway

3.5 90 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
3.5 90 reviews

Hotel Varanasi Inn

4.5 190 reviews
Free cancellation eligable
4.5 190 reviews

DS Residency

Free cancellation eligable
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Book Hotels in Varanasi

Varanasi is a popular Hindu pilgrimage city. Thousands of Hindus visit this city each year to take a holy dip and to visit the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Not just Hindus, but foreigners too come here to discover the culture of the place. If you are planning to visit the city, browse through hotels in Varanasi on Cleartrip and book in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

A pleasant and comfortable stay makes a trip a memorable one. Cleartrip lists a wide range of Varanasi hotels from low-budget stays to luxury hotels with high-end facilities. Check the details of hotels, compare them and book your hotel with Cleartrip. Some popular locations for booking hotel are Assi ghat, Bangali tola, Hanumaan ghat, Chetganj, Bhelupur, and more. If you are looking to save money, book in advance to avail discounts and great deals!  We have star hotels and budget hotels in Varanasi for people with varying budgets.

There are various hotels in Varanasi. People come here to find peace and positive vibrations. Choose a hotel at an appropriate location from where you can access the major attractions of the city. During the peak season, hotels in Varanasi are available at high price if booked at the last minute. So, it is recommended that whenever you plan a trip book a hotel room in advance via Cleartrip. There are many hotels which are near the Kashi Vishwanath temple, if you don’t want to miss morning and evening Aarti then choose a hotel room near the temple.

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Travelling To Varanasi: The City Of Light

There are four Hindu pilgrimage sites and Varanasi is one of them. Varanasi, commonly known as Banaras or Kashi is situated on the left bank of the river Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. There is also a firm belief that Lord Shiva resided here once with Goddess Parvati. Apart from Hinduism, the city has also important significance in Buddhism as well as Jainism. Not only Indian tourists but foreign tourists also flock to the city due to its religious importance. It is believed that Varanasi or Banaras is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Booking Hotels in Varanasi

There are many hotels in Varanasi as tourists visit the city in large numbers. So, if you are planning a trip to Varanasi, you can easily book your accommodation through Cleartrip. However, most people usually go for 2 star or 3 star hotels or dharamshalas for accommodation in Varanasi. A lot of people visit the city to find some peace and spend time in the remembrance of God. Hence they are not in the mindset of booking luxury hotels. Considering this factor you will not find too many luxurious hotels in Varanasi, though some are surely there. In budget hotels, you will find all types of basic amenities to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

Varanasi Hotel Booking Tips

  • Location:

    You have the option to choose from various locations while booking a hotel in Varanasi. You can choose a location as per your preference. If the visit to the Kashi-Vishwanath temple is the main aim of your visit, you must book a hotel in its close proximity.

  • Season:

    Just like every other city, hotels in Varanasi are also packed with tourists during the peak season. So if you are planning a trip in season, then book your hotel room in advance.

  • Budget:

    Cleartrip allows you find the hotels in your budget. So, while booking a hotel, you can always use the price filter option to find the hotel that fits your budget.

  • Luxury

    : If you are planning to experience luxury, then book a 4-star, 5-star or boutique hotels in Varanasi.

Best localities to book hotels

Hotels Near Ghats:

A lot of people like the happening and spiritual environment near the ghats of Varanasi. Hence they prefer to book rooms near the Ghats. Dashaswamedh Ghat and Assi Ghat are two popular ghats around which you can find many hotels.

Hotels Near Temples:

Pilgrims like to stay near the temple during their trip to Varanasi, so that they do not miss the morning and evening prayers.

Hotels Near Varanasi Railway station:

There are several hotels near the railway station which are quite comfortable and reasonable. You can choose the one as per your preference.

The price range of hotels in Varanasi

There are hundreds of hotels in the city to meet the demands of the visitors. As it is a holy city, most of the hotels do not charge much for accommodating the visitors, however; there are some high-end hotels that offer all the luxury amenities to their guests. The price of hotels starts from 236 INR and go up to 5663 INR, per night on an average. However, you can also find resorts, havelis and palaces at a price range between 15000 to 40000 per night.

How to reach to city?

Located at a distance of about 22 km from the city,

Varanasi has its own airport. Hence the city is connected with all the main cities of the country via air. Varanasi has two main railway stations namely Varanasi Junction and Varanasi City. Hence the city is well connected by the railway network to the different cities of India.

Varanasi has proper road network which connects it with the other parts of the country. One can travel here either through bus or a private vehicle without any hassle.

Dining Places

  • Baati Chokha

  • Bread of Life Bakery

  • Deena Chat Bhandar

  • Pizzeria Vaatika Cafe

  • The Great Kebab Factory

  • Aum Cafe

Places of Interest

Vishwanath Temple:

The temple is the house of one of the Shivlinga out of twelve Jyotirlingas in India. The temple is an important pilgrimage destination among the devotees of lord Shiva.


There are 100s of Ghats in Varanasi. Some of the names are Dashashwamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Jain Ghat, etc. All these Ghats are situated on the banks of river Ganga.

Ramnagar Fort:

Located near the Ganges River, the fort is the beautiful example of Mughal Architecture. The carves, intricate designs, balconies, etc. are a treat for the eyes of those who love architecture.


Located at a distance of just 10 km from the city, Sarnath is a holy place of Buddhists.

Chunnar Fort:

The fort has hundreds of years old history buried underneath.


It is also a Hindu pilgrimage place where people offer their prayers to Goddess Ganga.

Interesting facts about Varanasi


Varanasi offers a much diversified cultural values. Here things like literature, art, music, etc. have immense value among the people.


Being one of the holy places of the country, most of the shops here sell religious items. However the Banarasi sarees are quite famous throughout the country for their style and designs.


People like to taste the local and authentic food here. Some of the most famous dishes adored by people here include Choora Matar, Lassi, Tamatar Chaat, Baati Chokha, etc.

Places to visit near Varanasi


The birth place of Lord Rama is 200km from here.


Located 142 km away, this place was part of the Magadha Empire.


Located in Bihar, this place has a rich heritage and is 100 km away.


The city is the meeting point of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. The famous kumbh ka mela is organised here after every 12 years.


Varanasi experiences a humid subtropical climate. Summers here are very hot with dry winds, and winters are fog-filled. As it is situated on the banks of river Ganga, the city has a unique rotation in the climate.

The best time to book hotel in Varanasi



September to March

People visit the city throughout the year. However, at this time the city is packed with tourists. So, book your hotel before visiting.

June – August

The city experiences moderate rainfall during this time. Tourists are less so hotels are cheap.

April – June

Summers are very hot and dry in Varanasi. Hence people avoid this season for visiting.

Festivals & Events in Varanasi

Maha- Shivratri:

Varanasi is the home of one of the Jyotirlingas of the country. Hence the festival of Maha Shivratri is celebrated on a very grand scale here. Pilgrims from all over the country and world visit the city during this time.

Ganga Mahotsava:

It is a five day musical festival, celebrated on the banks of river Ganga. During this festival pilgrims and other people float the lighted earthen lamps or diyas in the river.


Ramlila is the enactment of the story of the life of Lord Rama. It starts almost 10-15 days before Diwali.

Nag Nathaiya

: The occasion is celebrated to honor the victory of Lord Krishna over the serpent Kaaliya. The event is the enactment of the scene where Lord Krishna dances on the head of serpent and sends him away.

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Varanasi Hotels Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best time to visit Varanasi?

    Varanasi experiences a humid subtropical climate and thus, the best time to visit Varanasi is during winters from October to March. You can enjoy a pleasant stay in Varanasi during this time.

  2. Which are the top 5 must visit places in Varanasi?

    Assi Ghat, Dashashwamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, and Tulsi Manas Temple are the top 5 must-visit places in Varanasi.

  3. How can I get attractive discounts on hotels in in Varanasi?

    To avail the best deal, log on to Cleartrip app or website. Here you are sure to find a wide range of hotels from budget hotels and boutique hotels to 5-star hotels in Varanasi. While booking hotels in Varanasi you can simply click on deals/offers/coupon codes to avail attractive discounts and benefits.

  4. Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Varanasi?

    Yes, there are some hotels in Varanasi where unmarried couples are allowed to stay. Also, an original and valid identity proof must be carried during checking-in to avoid any issue. The hotel staff must be informed just in case there are some complications.

  5. How can I find hotels near Assi Ghat?

    With the help of the Cleartrip website, you can easily find hotels near Assi Ghat. Just enter the location in the Where field option on the Hotels Page. The lists of hotels near Assi Ghat will be displayed and you can choose the best hotel that suits your budget and need.

  6. How do I book hotels in Varanasi near Mansarover Ghat?

    Go to the Cleartrip website Hotels Page and search for "hotels near Mansarover Ghat, Varanasi" in the Where location filter. List of hotels near Mansarover Ghat will be displayed and you can choose from the listed ones as per your budget and requirement.

  7. Do Varanasi Hotels offer Wi-Fi access?

    Yes, there are many hotels which offer this facility. They may offer you free Wi-Fi access but there are some which provide this facility on chargeable basis. Therefore, it is best to confirm with the hotel on this matter before confirming the booking.

  8. What can I buy from Varanasi?

    Some of the things that one can buy from Varanasi are Banarasi Silk Saris, Gulabi Minakari, Wooden Toys, Lal Pedha, Shivalinga, Glass Beads, Flutes and many more.

  9. Can you tell which are the popular pubs in Varanasi?

    Some best places to enjoy the nightlife in Varanasi are Prinsep Bar, Windser, Gazal Bar, The Sol Bar, Tarang Bar, Energy Point, Trishna and many more.

  10. Can you list the top 5 shopping areas in Varanasi?

    The top 5 shopping places to visit in Varanasi are Urban Haat, Vishwanath Gali, Vishwanath lane, Thatheri bazaar and chowk, and Godowilia.

  11. What are the famous sightseeing spots in Varanasi?

    The holy City offers many spots to visit such as Manikarnika Ghat, Vishwanath Temple, Dashashwamedh Ghat, Assi Ghat, Harishchandra Ghat, Anandmayee Ghat and many more.

  12. What are some must do things in Varanasi?

    From cultural tours to food tours, heritage walks to excursions, there is something for everyone. Check out the best things to do in Varanasi on Cleartrip website.

  13. Suggest a few top party places in Varanasi?

    Get the most out of your time in Varanasai with the nighlife events organized in some renowned pubs & bars of Varanasi. Some best bars for nightlife in Varanasi are Toxic Bar And Lounge, Energy Point, Trishna and many more.

  14. What activities and experiences can I enjoy in Varanasi?

    One can go for adventurous activities like boating, cycling, walking, etc. Apart from this, you can opt for various tours to explore the city of Varanasi.

  15. How to book a hotel for international guests near Varanasi Airport?

    Visit the Cleartrip website and go to hotels in Varanasi option, and select hotels near Airport, Varanasi from the landmark dropdown. You can view a list of hotels located near the specified locality and choose the one that is best suited for international guests

  16. Can you tell me about some heritage hotels in Varanasi?

    You can check out heritage hotels in Varanasi like Brijrama Palace, A Heritage Hotel where the royal hospitality and personalized services are offered to its guests.

  17. Can you name some budget hotels in Varanasi?

    Palace on Steps, Hotel Natraj Varanasi, Hotel Atithi Satkaar, Hotel Ganesha Varanasi, and Hotel R B International are some budget hotels where one can stay in Varanasi.

  18. Can you name some of the best hotels in Varanasi?

    Some of the best hotels in Varanasi are Hotel Buddha Varanasi, Hotel Zeeras, Hotel Varanasi Inn, , Hotel Varuna and Hotel SGT Plaza.

  19. What are the best 5 star hotels at Varanasi?

    Some of the best five star hotels in Varanasi are Radisson Hotel Varanasi, Hotel Madin, Brij Rama Palace – A Heritage Hotel, Hotel Clarks Varanasi and many more. For more options, click the 5-star hotels in Varanasi.

  20. Name some of the budget hotels in Varanasi?

    Some of the budget hotels in Varanasi are Hotel Park Inn, Hotel Alka and Hotel City Inn. To avail discounts and grab other benefits, book a hotel through Cleartrip.

  21. Can you list the best chain properties in Varanasi?

    Looking for the best chain properties in Varanasi? If so, you can choose from Carlson Hotels, Taj Group of Hotels, Treebo Hotels, WelcomHeritage, and Wyndham Hotels.

  22. Do Varanasi hotels offer pool facility?

    Yes, there are many hotels in Varanasi which have pool facility. For more options, log on to Cleartrip website and click on hotels with pool facility in Varanasi.

  23. Where can I experience best boating in Varanasi?

    Experience the best boating in Varanasi across the River Ganga. Apart from boating, you can also enjoy other activities such as rickshaw ride.

  24. What are some must do things in Varanasi?

    While, on the ghats of Varanasi you must walk around or sit on the stairs of ghats to enjoy the serene and pure atmosphere. You can also walk through the narrow lanes of Varanasi and enjoy shopping at the small shops or relish the street food. One Visit Cleartrip to get more details on the things to do in Varanasi .

  25. Can you tell me about some homestays in Varanasi?

    You can go for homestays in Varanasi like Sheetal homestay, Varanasi Homestay, and Hotel Aashray for a comfortable stay.

  26. How is the nightlife in Varanasi?

    When it comes to nightlife in Varanasi, the city has still a long way to go. A few nightclubs is all the city has got in the name of nightlife. Some of them are Prinsep Bar, Windser, Gazal Bar, The Sol Bar, Tarang Bar, etc.

  27. Is alcohol facility available at Varanasi Hotels?

    Varanasi is a religious city. Because of the sacredness attached to it, alcohol is available or served in a few limited places only. Click the hotels with bar in Varanasi at Cleartrip.

  28. Is non vegetarian food available at Varanasi hotels?

    Varanasi is a sacred city and thus, non-vegetarian dishes are not easily available. You can ask the hotel staff if they serve non-vegetarian food before confirming the booking.

  29. Do Varanasi hotels have parking facility?

    Yes, there are many hotels in Varanasi that offer this facility. It is however; best to consult a hotel representative to confirm the same before going ahead with the booking.

*All prices displayed here are indicative, prices will vary based on your dates of travel.