IRCTC Indian Railways seat availability calendar

Note: Cleartrip IRCTC Train Calendar provides an indication of IRCTC seat availability for a range of dates across trains, so you can find the best date and train to travel. The Indian Railways seat availability you see here may have changed at the time you try and book.

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Railways Seat Availability Calendar - The Best Way to Find the Perfect Seats for You

A train journey through the scenic terrains of India holds the fancy of most people. Coupled with affordable fares, trains are undoubtedly the prime choice of travel for the majority of Indian population. No wonder then that Indian Railways seat availability is always fraught with stress and confusion. Thankfully, with the advanced reservations of railway tickets for trains opening at least 4 months prior to the journey, most people can now plan their trips well in advance and reserve the best seats in good time.

In such a scenario, searching for train seat availability at the last minute is a remote chance in spite of the Tatkal option in place. So, what does one do then? According to the experts, checking the IRCTC train calendar early on is what will help you get a seat on the train of your choice. You could do this or visit that simplifies the whole process of understanding the train seat availability calendar. Here's how.

Chances are rife that one look at the IRCTC seat availability calendar may leave you overwhelmed. With wide varieties of seats offered on Indian trains, picking the right one might seem like a task. Not knowing the difference between these is sure to leave you confused when making enquiries at the railway enquiry point and while booking the tickets. So, let's first take a look at the types of seats offered by Indian Railways.

  • 1A: Known as First Class AC, the fares of these seats are at par with airline tickets and offer berths and beddings. Not all trains have First AC coaches and the train seat availability for this class is limited.
  • 2A: Also known as Second Class AC, the fare is slightly lesser than 1A. With just 48 passengers allowed in each 2A coach, make sure to check the Indian Railways seat availability chart in advance.
  • 3A: Termed as Third Class AC, these have three bunk berths on each side. With beddings being included in the fare, these coaches are perfect for 64 passengers.
  • SL: The most popular choice among the majority of Indians, this is the non-air-conditioned sleeper coach but with bunks for passengers to sleep in. It is designed for 72 passengers. According to train enquiry seat availability, these tickets usually sell out quite quickly.
  • CC: Known as Chair Cars, these are fully air-conditioned and comprise of comfortable chairs that recline.
  • 2S: These offer bench type seats for the passengers and are non-air-conditioned coaches.

Checking the IRCTC train calendar will give you an idea of the types of seats offered by each train.

The kiosk for train enquiry and seat availability comes handy only for people who make a plan at the last minute. For all others, it is recommended to use the train seat availability calendar. Here's why it is a good idea to use this chart:

  • Quick Insight into Seat Availability: By using an IRCTC seat availability calendar, you can quickly get an idea of whether or not there are seats available on certain trains on specific dates.
  • Looking for Seats on Different Dates made Easy: When planning a journey in advance, you may want to keep some options open on the dates of travel. Finding the Indian Railway seat availability on all these days becomes quite convenient when using this seat availability calendar.
  • Option to Check for Specific Seats: Do you prefer to travel in a specific coach or a certain type of seat? Well, use a train seat availability calendar to see on which dates you can get a seat of your choice on the preferred train. helps you to check the Indian Railways seat availability with its seat availability calendar. You can use it by first entering the name or code of the starting station> from where you intend to begin the journey. Next, write the name of the destination station. Select the type of seat you are looking for from the drop-down menu. You'll see a drop-down menu from which you can now select the date range during which you intend to travel. Once you enter all the details, click on "Get Availability". You will be presented with a list of trains that will be operating during the selected date range along with the details of IRCTC seat availability.

Booking tickets on Indian trains is a feat in itself. However, if you are well aware of the seat availability chart, you can easily plan your journey. Let be a super trusty partner in your Indian sojourn. Use our seat availability calendar and look forward to planning a journey without any worries.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. How early can I reserve a ticket on a train?
    The advance reservation period for a train ticket is 120 days.
  2. How to use the Railway Seat Availability Calendar?
    • Enter the name of the starting station and the ending station
    • Select the seat of your choice from the drop-down list
    • Choose the date range during which you intend to make the journey and click on Get Availability
  3. Do I need to remember the station code when using the seat availability calendar?
    No, as soon as you start entering the station name, a drop-down box will appear with all the relevant station names and codes. Just select the station name of your choice from this list.
  4. Does the Railway Seat Availability Calendar give me details of all the seat types available on the train or just the higher priced ones?
    Except for the general compartment, you can get details of all seat types available on all trains.
  5. I can't find the seat/class of my choice on a particular train. What does this mean?
    This means that the trains operating on this route do not offer this seat/class type. Try with a different seat type to get results.