Find Peace with Yourself with 5 Places for Meditation and Spiritual Retreat in India

Along with the several other names that India is known for, the land of spirituality is one of the most important. The country has a spiritual lineage like no other. People from around the globe come here to seek enlightenment and find a deeper meaning in their lives. India is where peaceful practices like yoga originated and there are a lot of places in the country that are dedicated to bringing people closer to their spiritual self. Read on to know about the top 5 places for meditation and spiritual retreat in India.

Best spiritual retreats in India:

1. Isha Yoga Center

Situated in Coimbatore at the bottom of Velliangiri Mountain, Isha Yoga Center is among the most spiritual places in the country. It was started by yogi Sadhguru back in 1992. Here, people can practice various forms of yoga and meditation and become one with nature and themselves. The compound is located in the in an area which is surrounded by a forest which adds to the already peaceful experience with sounds of birds chirping, trees rustling and the wind blowing. Visiting Isha Yoga Center Coimbatore has been a life changing experience for a huge number of people. They follow the practices and teachings of Sadhguru who had is first spiritual experience at the age of 23 on Chamundi Hill.

How to reach:
By road – Isha Yoga Center is well connected through busses and taxis.
By rail – Coimbatore Railway Station is about 31 km from Isha Yoga Center

Major Activities to do: The compound has a variety of yoga and meditation programs, crafts stall, cultural celebrations and a cafeteria that serves delicious foods.

Accommodations around: Tranquilandia, Celebrity Resort Coimbatore. There are accommodation options available inside the compound as well.

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2. Osho International Meditation Resort

Osho is a world famous Indian spiritual guru who brought a new type of philosophy and way of thinking for people. He believed in the importance and powers of meditation, love, courage, mindfulness, humor and creativity. At the Ashram located in Pune, people can take part in meditation and several recreational activities like yoga, swimming, playing tennis or relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Everyone who takes part in the meditations needs to be dressed in a certain attire that is available at the resort which gives a sense of equality and peace. There are several hotels near Osho international Meditation Resort as well.

How to reach:
By road – Osho International Meditation Resort is well connected through busses and taxis.
By rail – Pune Railway Station is about 3 km from Osho International Meditation Resort.

Major Activities to do: Meditations, swimming, playing tennis, yoga

Accommodations around: Conrad Pune Koregaon Park by Hilton, Oakwood Residence Naylor Road, Vivanta Blue Diamond

3. Tushita Meditation Centre

Tushita Meditation Centre is a Buddhist meditation center located in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. It was started by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Lama Thubten Yeshe in 1972. It is known for its meditations and group retreats. It is one of the best meditation camps in Dharamshala as well as in India. Here, people can learn inner peace through silence and self-reflection.

How to reach: By road – Tushitsa Meditation Centre can be reached by taxis or buses and rickshaws.

Major Activities to do: Meditation, group retreats, drop-in sessions, short courses, personal retreats

Accommodations around: Cloud Chat Hotel, Dharamkot Inn, The Lodge. Dorm-style accommodations are available at the meditation center as well.

4. Vipassana International Academy

Vipassana International Academy Dhamma Giri located in Igatpuri, Maharashtra was started in 1976 and has become one of the largest Vipassana meditation centers in the world. It is a full-fledged institute that offers a variety of courses that range from 2 day to 10-day courses. Dhamma Giri Vipassana International Academy Igatpuri, Maharashtra teaches the practice of self-observation leading to self-purification.

How to reach:
By road – Dhamma Giri is well connected by road through busses and taxis.
By rail – Vipassana International Academy is about 1.5 km from Igatpuri station.

Major Activities to do: Learn vipassana meditation, meet and interact with other students

Accommodations around: Mystic Valley Resort, Manas Lifestyle Resort, Rainforest Resort

5. The Art of Living Center, Bangalore

Founded in 1981 as a humanitarian NGO, The Art of Living foundation has changed the lives of a lot of people who have volunteered for it. The Art of Living International Center in Bangalore allows its patrons to participate in satsangs, meditative walks and various residential programs. Their objective is to help people achieve a higher state of consciousness. It is definitely one of the top 5 places for meditation and spiritual retreat in India.

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How to reach:
By road – The Art of Living Center is well connected by road through busses.
By rail – The Bangalore station is about 5 km from the center.
Major Activities to do: yoga, meditation, voluntary service, satsangs, meditative walks
Accommodations around: Guhantara, Club Magnolia


1. What kind of courses does the Vipassana International Academy offer?

The Vipassana International Academy offers courses ranging from 2 days to 10 days. There are beginner courses like OSC course and advance courses like the SPL course. There are also special courses for executives only.

2. Are there any programs for kids at The Art of Living International Center Bangalore?

The Art of Living International Center has a Colors of Joy program designed for children which includes breakfast, seva, yoga, satsang and dinner.

3. Is there a Tushita Meditation Centre branch in Delhi?

The Delhi branch of Tushita Medication Centre is located in Padmini Enclave, Hauz Khas, New Delhi.

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