Famous places to visit in old Goa

Goa is a world-famous holiday destination that draws thousands of travellers every year. It boasts of a multitude of beaches and plenty of places to visit in north Goa, south Goa and old Goa. It lures visitors of every kind– solo, family, friends or couples. Here is a mini-guide about visiting Goa before discussing places to visit in Old Goa.

Best time to visit Goa

The best time to visit Goa is during the winters when the temperatures are mild and pleasant. One should avoid the hot and humid summer months when the temperatures are higher. November to March is considered the ideal time.

Reach Goa by Air, Road or Train

It is very easy to reach Goa as it is well connected by road, air, and rail. Dabolim International Airport in Goa is well-connected with all major international cities as well as domestic airports. So, no matter which part of the world are you from, you can easily get a connecting flight to Goa. Fly directly to Goa from Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. You can travel by road to Goa as it is well-linked to the country via several national highways. Goa is connected by broad gauge railway and you can book a train to Vasco Da Gama railway station in Goa. Other two stations in Goa are Madgaon railway station or Thivim railway station.

Best cafes in Goa

Goa enjoys visitors from almost every part of the world and in all seasons. Thus, it is no surprise to see the state catering to every possible taste as well as serving different cuisines. You will come across some of the most excellent cafes in the city such as Blue Planet Café, Susse Café, Cafe Chocolatti, and many more. Enjoy the warmth of these cafes that cater to the varied tastes and serve delicious breakfast. But do not forget to their signature dishes such as Pork Vindaloo, Sanna, Goan Red Rice, Poee, Kingfish and Feni.

Choose the Best Hotels in Goa

Goa boasts of a considerable number of great hotels that are well known for nice interiors, fantastic

food, and professional services. One can avail of both budget and luxury options. Coco Shambala is a high-end resort that is set in the middle of a garden and

features garden, a well-stocked kitchen, and private jet pool. Some other great resorts including The

Avenue Calangute, La Gulls Court, and Red Fox Hotel and Satyr in Goa can provide you luxurious accommodation at

affordable prices.

Shopping places in Goa

Shopping in Goa means having the best shopping experience ever! The state is loaded with night bazaars, flea markets, and shopping malls. You can bargain at your best at those local markets or enjoy their street foods from the local shops situated near local shopping markets. Some popular shopping venues include Calangute Market Square, Anjuna Flea Market, and Mackie’s Night Bazaar. You can shop for jewellery, carpets, souvenirs, sea shells, beachwear, handicrafts and a lot more.

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Top Places to Visit in Old Goa

Although there are many sites and places to visit in old Goa, there are a few that are indeed must visit. There is a charm about Old Goa that is hard to resists, and the old Goa is completely designed with Portuguese styles. As there are many tourist places to visit in old Goa, one can explore the area in just a few hours or spend a couple of days, depending on what interests them. You can get to the Old Goa via a bus or can rent a bike or bicycle to explore the old Goa.

#9 famous places to visit in old Goa:

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus

The famous church is located at a peaceful location on a hilltop and holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. Built in 1594, Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the oldest churches in India that designed with baroque architecture.

2. Chapel of Our Lady

The construction of this chapel, which is dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary, started in 1510 CE under the orders of Afonso de Albuquerque, the Portuguese general. The chapel is considered to be one of the earliest chapels in Old Goa and is best known as the venue for Monte Music Festival.

3. Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral marks the conquest of the Portuguese, and there are eight chapels in the church. The Golden bell of the cathedral is believed to be the largest. The cathedral is devoted to Saint Catherine of Alexandria and was built in the 16th century to remember the victory of Portuguese.

4. Museum Of Christian Art

The Museum of Christian Art showcases some of the most artefacts of Indo-Portuguese Christian art that are precious too. Here you will get to see sculptures, paintings, rosaries and many items made of gold, silver, and rare stones.

5. St. Augustine Tower

The church almost lies in ruins and now you can find only a 46-meter-high tower in this location. St. Augustine Tower was abandoned and demolished because of the religious orders from Goa and the Portuguese government. If you want to capture some memories of old Goa and Portuguese architecture, then you must visit this place once.

6. Church of Our Lady

The Portuguese general, Afonso de Albuquerque, built the church as a sign of thanks to Our Lady of Victory Built in the mid-16th century. The church is placed on the Holy Hill, and shares the road to the Museum of Christian Art and features round towers and high-altitude windows.

7. Convent Of St. Cajetan

St. Cajetan is another of the popular places to visit in Old Goa. St. Cajetan was a Catholic priest came from Italy who enjoyed impressive patronage among workers, bankers, seekers, and gamblers. You can visit this place during their annual feast in August and you can explore the most expensive Italian architecture here.

8. Mount Mary Church

The church is located on a hilltop, and although not much visited, it is indeed a beautiful church. Visit the church to experience going back in time and at the same time, enjoy a lovely birds-eye view of the Old Goa.

9. Viceroy’s Arch

Going through the Viceroy’s Arch is perhaps the best way to enter Old Goa, and it is hard to miss the symbolic arched entrance to the city. This archway was made by Francisco da Gama who was the grandson of Vasco da Gama. The arch is adorned with the deer emblem on Vasco da Gama’s coat of arms. A statue of da Gama stands at the centre of the arch.

Apart from these above places, you can also visit other places in old Goa like the Museum of Christian Art, Tomb of St, Francis Xavier, The Archaeological Museum, Vicoroy’s Arch, St, Monica Church and Reis Mangos Fort.